“Honey, I’m home!”


For over an hour the group walked their way through the forest.  When she found a stump she lead her stallion to it and popped on his back. Screaming out in pain, Celeste’s back was on fire.  She sucked the pain up and plugged on wards.  For her scratch on her arm, she gathered moss from the pine tree’s and began to chew it.  Careful not to swallow the yucky substance, she placed it on her angry scratch.  Cooling the heat and fire that permeated throughout her body from the injury.   She then got into her backpack and pulled out the last piece of clothing shredding the material to cover her wound.

Evening was setting, the tired group had made the long trek safely on the outskirts of the mountains, tomorrow they would arrive home. Celeste slid off her horse’s back and began the preparation for a campsite.  Wolf never left her side, he followed her everywhere.  She had cut enough of the sheep’s meat to feed her and Wolf.  They both sat on the ground eating their dinner close to the warm fire.  

“Tomorrow we arrive home Wolf, I am still in a quandary how to approach this situation.  What will husband say?  How am I going to tell him?”  Wolf looked at his partner in crime, she stroked his fur while contemplating her thoughts.  As she petted her beast, she looked at Wolf’s injured ear.  “I am sorry my friend for taking you and Quad on this hunt. I have put both of you in danger many times.  I promise no more hunts!  This one almost cost us all our lives.  I could not bare it if I lost my fabulous beasts!  Well at least you found a cheek-a-lita to sow your oats with?”  Wolf didn’t say anything, he closed his eyes to rest while Celeste comforted him to sleep. 

Celeste didn’t sleep, the evening was to cold.  She shivered and added more logs onto the fire.  The rest of the evening she pondered on her situation until the early morning light. Tired to the bone, the companions began their homeward journey. 

Celeste let Quad’s movements drift her in and out of sleep for several hours.  She came awake when she felt the horse’s foot steps change into excitement.  Quad whinnied his greetings to his ladies of the stables, the mares returned their lover’s hello.  She smiled and patted the stallion’s neck, “Yes, my son we are home!”

Even-though she was weary, the first thing on her mind was to pamper her steed.  When finished her and wolf went inside her home. She took note the time, her husband should be home in an hour.

When she went into her bathroom she studied herself in the mirror. What she saw scared her…she looked horrible! This hunt had taken it’s toll on her.  Deep age lines, black rings around her eyes were visible.  Her hair changing to gray at the temples, gave proof she was aging.  Stripping her nasty clothing off and throwing them in the garbage, she unwrapped her arm then turned her back to the mirror.  Bruised, deep in many colors adored her neck down to her waist. “Oh my god! No wonder it was hard for me to breath and move.  Son of a BITCH!”  Celeste screamed out and began to cry looking at her ugly self in the mirror.

She drew hot water into her slipper tub allowing the warm water to pass through her finger tips for a few moments.  While adding eucalyptus salt beads into the tub, a thought came to her mind.  Going into the medicine cabinet she grabbed a pair of scissors, and whacked off the wild long waist length hair. Not wanting to look in the mirror anymore she put the scissors down and entered into the warm healing tub, with tears in her eyes.  Silence ticked by while Celeste soaked her bruised body.  She suddenly heard the front door close as her husband yelled out…”Honey, I’m home!”

Slowly she sank her head under the warm healing water… 



picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=ZF3i77IwrUaYxM&tbnid=_NgKTRbR-CoZbM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.playbillvault.com%2FExtras%2FProp-Playbills%2F22%2FHoney-Im-Home&ei=9hJcUuuECYbs2AXXnICgDA&bvm=bv.53899372,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFRhyolUyIwqJnmxKlze_S9KOyhsg&ust=1381852121768796









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