“May your path always be lit by sunshine my sexy stud muffin, until we meet again!”


Celeste heard her husband enter their home, loud, bumping into things then cursing. When he weaved his way into the living room he saw his wife sitting by the fire with tears in her eyes.  He had to take a double look at Celeste.  Even though her hair was cut to shoulder length, in a matter of hours she had aged. Two wide strips of platinum hair ran down the length of her hair on one side.  He shook his head to clear his drunken vision.  “What the hell happen to you?” he slurred out.  Celeste slowly raised her eyes and looked into the man she once thought she loved and could never live without.

He didn’t wait for an answer she watched him head for the bathroom immediately.  She picked herself off the floor and was amazed her body did not hurt anymore.  Slowly she pulled her P.J. bottoms up above her ankle.  The ring was gone, and the gash in her arm was almost healed.  She stretched her body and knew her back was back to normal without feeling the pain. She smiled and thanked her spirit privately for loving her so much as to heal her wounds.

She whispered to wolf, “We must leave soon my friend, I will let you out but stick around.” Wolf followed her to the front door and quickly exit the warm home. She poured herself another cup of coffee.  It was 6:00 am when she looked at the kitchen clock.

She sat her cup down on the counter and quickly went into her bedroom.  Pulling out her top dresser draw she tried to find her key that would unlock the cedar chest.  The key was not in it’s usual spot in a little box.  With urgency she moved her underwear around and found the key.  Her skin began to crawl…someone was in her chest she kept hidden for so long.  As she grabbed the key and tucked it away in her P.J. pocket, she quickly shut the dresser draw and got the heck out of the room before her husband came to bed.

The house was quiet, she took a drink of her coffee and decided to make her last breakfast in the home that had her blood, sweat and tears.  By the time she made fried potatoes, green chili, bacon and eggs, and tortilla’s her husband had not come out of the bathroom.  She had made several burritos to take on her journey, she wrapped them up in wax paper then covered them again in tin foil then hid them out of site.

A nagging feeling warned her to check on hubby.  Tip toeing to the bathroom she lightly knocked on the door.  No answer, she put her ear against the door and could hear heavy breathing.  “Are you okay in there?” Celeste lightly offered.  When no reply came she turned the knob on the door and slowly opened it.

Her husband was stinking drunk and laid in her slipper bath tub fast asleep covered with only a towel.  She quietly closed the door, and began to do her thing.  With haste she went outside into the shed where her trunk was stored.  Indeed she was right, someone had opened the container and forgot to lock it. Not taking the time to go through the trunk, she dragged the container outside and quickly loaded it in the bed of her dodge pick-up truck.

She was sweating with nervous energy, so many things to do ran through her mind.  The horses whinnied their greeting to the caretaker.  Celeste quickly ran to feed the horses she was leaving behind.  When she threw the hay into their stalls, she looked at her prized paint mares in foal to Quad.  “I will love you till the end of time my girls, you will produce the best stock from Quad. They will flourish and gain nobility through their father’s name!”

Celeste began to cry…but nothing prepared her for when she stood next to her one and only son.  Quad nickered a greeting, she lovingly placed her palm against his warm furry face.  “I will see you again my man in heaven, I thank you for all that you have given me. My heart bleeds with pain to release you.  You are truly magnificent Tru Quadrant, and I am bless to have the honor to love you like no other unconditionally.  You have been my rock through thick and thin, but now it’s your time to walk down the path of the Great Horse spirit.  My beloved childhood horse Ghost will guide you my beast.  I love you my baby now and forever.  May your path always be lit by sunshine my sexy stud muffin. Until we meet again!”  Celeste was balling her eyes out, her heart was breaking to pieces. She hugged the neck of her beloved companion and took a deep breath of his scent. Embedding the scent forever into her soul, she released him and fed him his breakfast.

When she closed his gate to his pen, Quad began to buck and kick, while whining his heart out.  Shaking his head and thick wild mane he pranced up to his gate calling the retreating Celeste back.  She stopped in her tracks and dared to look back at her sexy stallion.  He stopped his call the minute they looked at each other.  Both stood speechless, when she could stand no more she was about to turn around when Quad reared up and whinnied goodbye.   She bowed at her stallion gracefully, when finished she turned her back on him and went into the house to quickly pack her clothes.

Picture by me:  Tru Quadrant:  1989-2011 R.I.P. my love!


2 thoughts on ““May your path always be lit by sunshine my sexy stud muffin, until we meet again!”

    1. Kiss Kiss Barbara, and THANK you for liking my story! This part is really kicking me britches, because of the lost of my stallion. I am writing this part because I know it is domestic violence month! Smart woman to recognize it!!!! Many love and blessings to you!

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