Stupid boy!


When Celeste entered her home, so many things were tumbling through her head. She only have about an hour to get the hell out of Dodge!  What to take, what to leave ran through her mind.  She peeked inside her bedroom to see if her husband went to bed.  Thankful he did not, she quickly grabbed some winter clothing and threw them into a suitcase.  The rest of her clothing she would leave, they would serve no purpose if she was laden down with the junk.

When she took as much as was needed, she began to dress and threw her P.J’s on the floor. Quickly wiggling into her jeans and boots and putting on a sweater, she was ready.  She looked around her bedroom hoping to find more things to take.  Her eyes captured the perfect picture of her daughters together riding Quad one summer day. Taking it off the wall she placed it with care in her suitcase and zipped it up.  As she went to pull her winter jacket out of the closet, she captured herself in the mirror.

“WHAT THE HEY HAPPENED?  Oh my god my hair?” Devastated, slowly she touched the two thick streaks of platinum blonde hair on one side of her head.  She wanted to chuckle but didn’t have the time. How funny she would have two different eyes and now her hair.

“Time to go, go Celeste!”  The voice inside her head demanded she leave now. Quickly putting her cowgirl hat on she left the bedroom with her suitcase in tow.  When she got into the kitchen she pulled a paper bag out and loaded it with all kinds of food.  She was moving so fast that she was afraid she would forget something.   As she stood still thinking what else to take, she saw the stack of mail and quickly went through it.

She came across a letter from someone in Egypt.  Looking at the letter with a questionable look, her voice inside her head yelled out.  “Move girl! Get out now!” She threw her mail into the paper bag and grabbed the truck keys along with her cell phone.  When she opened the front door ready to leave, she surveyed the home she had loved so much.  So many memories filled her breaking heart, she closed the door and whistled for Wolf.  Throwing everything she carried into the truck she started the engine when Wolf showed up.

Quad began to whinny causing a big scene.  The horses all began to cry out to her, she put the truck into gear and slowly drove around all the horses, tears streaming down her face.  Unable to handle it anymore she added gas to the truck her and wolf left the only home she had ever known.

Wolf sat in the front seat with Celeste, he began to whine.  “Don’t do that boy, I too will miss my home.  But we have another task we must focus on and time is of the essences.” She popped in her MP3 player and the first song that came on, broke her last thread.  The song couldn’t have come at a better time as she drove down her long driveway to enter the main road.

Sure and strong Celeste sang with the song with tears falling down.  She had heard this song on a show called the Voice.  She knew it was done by another brilliant artist, but she loved this female version.  For the first time while she listened to the tune she finally understood the meaning….Stupid Boy!

This post is in honor of October month Domestic Violence!

picture by:,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFw5Ix-Q3q1_dNx5tcs75t3XtniyQ&ust=1382193961445992


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