“YAHOO…Oh Yeah Baby! Mama has a new pair of shoes!”


When Celeste pulled onto the main road out of her valley, she had to pull the truck over and balled her heart out.  Wolf howled and whined adding to both their sorrow.  What a pair these two were, crying out their breaking hearts inside the truck.  All Celeste could think of is the lost of her daughters.  She had to contact them to say farewell.  “I will be damned, if I do not let them know what I must do!  I will not do what my parents did to me.  Even if I will never see them again, I must explain myself!  Oh my lord in heaven guide me to be strong!” she bellowed out.  No answers came to her as she slowly got herself together.

She started the engine again and went to her bank to pull out all the money she had stashed away in case of an emergency.  What a smart woman she was…She had saved twenty dollars a week faithfully into a savings that no one knew about for over thirty years.

As she walked into the bank, the nearest open cashier offered her assistance.  In the end she was shocked to see the amount that she had saved over the years.  Breathing a sign of relief, she decided to give each of her daughters ten thousand dollars apiece.  When she finished her business she left the bank in better spirits knowing she had enough to live on comfortably without using a credit card for many years.  Thank goodness she was not a City Slicker.  Knowing how to survive in the wild and not needing the materials or conveniences to the modern day human, her success rate climbed high in her favor.

Wolf was happy to see Celeste return, she fired up the truck quickly and got the hell out of Dodge!  On her route to get to the closest part of the mountains to get Jack, she turned on her cell phone and began to call her daughters.

The conversations were heart retching as she spilled the beans to her babies.  Breathing a sign of relief, she was happy to hear they understood her plight.  They both encouraged her to do what she must do. Knowing full well that their mother was spiritual and on a path for freedom.  They promised her never to tell their father about her plans. However, Celeste did not tell her daughters about Jack, that part she kept a secret.

When she finished her last call to her youngest daughter she shut the phone off and threw it out the window.  The only numbers she needed to remember is her daughters. She would write them down later, and keep them safe.

Celeste’s sorrow minimized when her and Wolf began some serious off road work with her massive Dodge truck. With glee and giggles Celeste ripped out her joy when she straddled the big truck on a dangerous off road path, “YAHOO…Oh Yeah Baby! Mama has a new pair of shoes!” Wolf took it in stride while trying not to lose his seat.  It was three pm in the afternoon when she shut the truck off deep into the mountains.  “Wolf, I need you to find Jack, I will track behind you as fast as I can.  You must stay alert for hunters. Do you understand me boy?”  Wolf licked her face confirming he understood his friend. When she opened the truck’s door, Wolf jumped out and headed deep into the wilderness.

It took Celeste a matter of fifteen minutes to change into winter clothing.  Grabbing her backpack she loaded a few belongings and took off into the woods.  This would be the first time Celeste enter a forest without her bow and arrows.

The energy that coursed throughout her body allowed her to move through the colorful forest with speed.   Lucky she did not meet up with anyone when the evening time began to set.  She stopped and made a small camp with a fire, and waited the night out thinking of all her life memories.  It was four in the morning when she heard Wolf howl. Returning his reply, she doused the fire with a bottle water and dirt to ensure the fire would not start up again.  Gathering her things she began her journey to meet up with her friends.


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