“Girl I swear you got a wild hare up your ass! What the hell has gotten into you?”


“I feel SO ALIVE!”  Celeste yelled out to the wilderness.  She was amazed to have this new kind of energy surge throughout her body.  No longer sore, tired or feeling old, Celeste was relishing in this experience.  As she trucked through the woods with ease her eye sight became strong an acute.  Aware of all her surroundings and sounds, she was able to pick up Wolf’s scent.

Celeste was one with the forest, nothing in her wildest imagination could give her this much joy in her life.  “I thank you Mother Earth and God for all these blessings you are bestowing upon me.  I am so honored!”  She howled out at the forest, Wolf returned her call.  “Their very close!”  Smiling with happiness she began to run like a little kid. Giggling with each step she took, her smile lit up the forest floor making her steps upon the earth surefooted for over a half an hour.

She stopped when she knew they were close.  Howling out again to Wolf, she watched Wolf fly through the forest with ease.  Wolf ran up to her, “Good boy Wolf! Where is our friend?”  “I am here Nujalik!”  Jack was out of breath and carrying a heavy load.  “Jack my man, long time no see!”  She bellowed out like a spunky little girl, while quickly running up to her friend giving him a warm heart felt hug.

“Woman what the hell has gotten into you?”  Jack took a step back and viewed his friend’s energy. “No time to tell you my buddy, give me your pack and I will carry it.  We have to get out of here and fast.”  Jack didn’t have a say in the matter.  Before he knew it Celeste stripped him of all his belongings except his backpack.  They both began their track back to the hidden truck.  “Slow the shit down girl, what the hell has gotten into you?”  Jack spit out.  “Jack I think I should wash your mouth out with soap.  You picked up a bad habit from me!  Cursing doesn’t become you old man!”  Jack chuckled and didn’t say a word he was simply happy to see her again.

It took them three hours to reach the truck.  Celeste was not tired, she quickly threw everything in the bed of the truck and unlocked the doors.  Jack watched his friend explode with glee.  “Girl I swear you got a wild hare up your ass!  What the hell has gotten into you?”  When Celeste took off her rabbit fur Elmer Fudd hat, Jack was shocked and stood staring at her.  “Dude, don’t stare it’s unbecoming of you!”  Celeste giggle and opened the door to the truck.  “Get in old man and make sure you wear your safety belt, because I am going to give you a ride of a life time!”

Jack approached the big truck, unsure what to do.  “Jack what the hell?  Get in!”  Celeste got in behind the wheel and started the engine.  It took her a few moments to feel his energy of fear. Then it came to her that Jack hasn’t been in an auto for many years.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=ZuZX1Na9ROqiZM&tbnid=1z5tSaFOM4cpvM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.seancamden.com%2Ftag%2Fmaptools%2F&ei=dTplUuP0EMGj2QWe5oDAAQ&bvm=bv.54934254,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNF6_2S_pZ55Ddwm–S6hM3K9eK5yg&ust=1382452018022203


5 thoughts on ““Girl I swear you got a wild hare up your ass! What the hell has gotten into you?”

    1. Beautiful Rose, I thank you for again stopping by for a read. To piece it together because I am not really savvy with computer but learning a lot in the process. You must following the tags in Wounded Soldier. Start from the beginning my first post on Wounded Soldier is 9/2/2013, so you can understand the character Celeste. I am creating this story on a daily basis to help educate my raw talent of creating a story. I agree my grammatical errors are left to be desire..hahaha I usually have someone else help me out on corrections. So with that said, I am just creating this story without editing it; because tell you the truth I think this raw story will be my next novel for Celeste’s new adventures, will be corrected later! I love the story an am tickled pink that you dig it too! Also, Slingshot is my very first story I began to learn how to blog. I decided in order to sell and get a novel noticed I want to hear more about the Character before engrossing myself with a read, so this blog is giving me the freedom to let people know about my Spitfire’s adventures. Slingshot blog is unspoken words that were not in my book of Slingshot, so I used this novel first to get the word out. But if you like this story, enjoy reading the beginning of Slingshot. It’s pretty cool too, you will understand the crazy road Celeste is traveling and parts of her character! Kiss Kiss Rose and I LOVED your comment! I hope I didn’t confuse you?

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