“I’m cuckoo for CoCo Puffs! Don’t eat the damn shit, or you might end up like me!”


Celeste got out behind the wheel of her truck and went over to Jack by the passenger door.  “Jack I will go easy on you.  I am sorry for not realizing it’s been ages since you been back in the real world.  Please we have to get out here so don’t be a puss!  If I have to old man, I will pick you up and throw you in the truck myself, so let’s move it!”  He gave Celeste a dirty look when she told him she was going to put him in the truck.  Slowly he put his foot onto the step up bar.  Celeste couldn’t wait she pushed him into the front seat of the truck.

“Damn you woman! Your too pushy, what is the hurry?”  She didn’t give him an answer.  Quickly she slammed the door on him and ran around the truck to get into the driver’s seat.  Wolf was in the back seat laying down.  “Jack, let me get us out of these mountains then I will tell you what has happened.  Put that seat belt on please!” He grabbed the strap but became confused how to work it.  With love and care she gently helped him.  Then put the truck into gear and began their decent down the mountain.

Celeste tried not to laugh at Jack, she could feel his fear when she straddled the dangerous rock formations. He finally closed his eyes after yelling at her several times to be careful. She was thankful too, because she needed her wits about her while attacking the dangerous terrain.

After a few hours of some off road work they made it back to the main highway.  Celeste took the truck out of 4-wheel drive and began their journey to Alaska.  Jack’s eyes were wide with new found experience.  Celeste smiled and new it must be a shock for him to be out of the woods and traveling onto a paved road.

She stayed quiet for about an hour when Jack finally spoke out.  “Nujalik, there is something different about you.  What happen to your hair? The one side of your head is white?” For several hours the two discussed what happened after she left him in the forest, and when she returned home.  She did not however, tell him she left her husband.  Jack stayed quiet for several moments after learning about her plight.  “I am sorry girl, I think I screwed your life up!”

Celeste smiled at Jack and said, “My life is always screwed up dude, have no worries my man. There is a reason why we met Jack, so there is no sorry’s allowed in this truck. What I would like to know Jack, is how you knew where I was going to pick you up?  I never told you when I was going to come back and get you?”   Celeste beeped her horn when they passed the border line into Nevada.  Jack replied, “You know I was visited by your grandfather again Nujalik.  He told me to hurry and leave everything.  He was my guide in the forest!”  Celeste let a tear fall, Jack watched her face change into a thoughtful mode. For over an hour they drove in silence.

Feeling hungry, she pulled the truck over into a rest area and got into her brown paper bag, and produced three burritos.  She left wolf out of the truck to do his business.  Jack slowly slid out of his seat.  Thankful to walk on the dirt again, he stretched his sore body while moving along the man made sidewalk.  Celeste had to stop Jack from whipping out his manhood and peeing in public.  “Jack your in public now, you can’t just whip it out and do your business anywhere.  See that little building over there, that’s where you must use the restroom.” Jack smiled weakly to Celeste and walked up to the building entering the men’s room. Celeste chuckled to herself and walked around until Jack returned then she too needed to use the John.

When she was finished and while she was washing her hands, she looked at herself in the mirror.  “Holy shit my hair!” Celeste’s hair on one side was now completely white. The other side was her natural blonde color.  “No wonder Jack asked me what the hell happened to me! I didn’t realize I turned this color on one side so quickly.   Whoa Joe!  My eyes are no longer two colors, they are green!” Celeste was stunned as she viewed her new self in the mirror.  She began to laugh uncontrollable as she looked at herself.  She quickly stopped when a lady entered the restroom giving Celeste an odd look and then stared at her hair.

Celeste didn’t like the feeling the young gal was projecting. With her sharp tongue she snapped out and acted like she was crazy in the head. “I’m cuckoo for CoCo Puffs!  Don’t eat the damn shit, or you might end up like me!”  The young lady took a step back and turned around and walked out quickly. Celeste bellowed out with laughter.  She splashed her face with clean water and looked one more time in the mirror when she heard her spirit speak to her.  “We are changing your appearance Hialeah, he looks for you.” She stopped looking at herself and got the hell out of the restroom.

She ran to the truck and was happy to see Jack and Wolf waiting.  “Get in now, we must go!” Celeste barked out at her companions.  She brought the engine to life again when she turned the key to start.  Jack watched her wondering what was going through her mind and why she was in a hurry.  He left it alone, knowing she had her reasons.

After they were on the road for a few, Celeste gave a burrito to Jack and Wolf.  She took a couple of bites relishing in the flavor of food.   It was the first time since she left home to eat.   She smiled when Jack cracked out.  “What are these?  It’s spicy with that green stuff and there is bacon in it.  I like it!  Oh my god that is HOT!” Jack spit out when he took another big bite of the burrito.  She giggled and gave him a bottle water.

“Boy Jack, you are like a kid in a candy shop.  Life is so new to you right now, so take it slow and we both can get through this with ease.” Jack didn’t say anything else he finished his food and feel asleep.  Celeste drove the night away with her new found energy.  She loved the fact that she has had no sleep to hinder her leaving.  If she kept this up they would make it to Alaska in two more days.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=4ipnE0rSqaZnTM&tbnid=8yEdw7J4ImJ_-M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fgoodandbaked.com%2Frecipes%2Fcannabis-cocoa-puff-cereal-cupcakes%2F&ei=k5NmUtjTEeSG2gWa_IGAAg&bvm=bv.55123115,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFEZw_kQLzs2nDswE_8TAf7KaEHIg&ust=1382540438840733


8 thoughts on ““I’m cuckoo for CoCo Puffs! Don’t eat the damn shit, or you might end up like me!”

      1. Are you saying i’m not edible ???!!! 😯

        After asking me if the waitress was tasty !!!

        A bridge ! I need a bridge ! Where’s the damn bridge ? Give a bridge so i can jump in the icy waters !!!

        …Bofff… Forget it ! I don’t swim ! LOL

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