“What the hell is the matter with you old man? You can’t bring your knife to a brawl with the law!”


Jack was happy just sitting by the clear crisp lake of Tahoe.  Wolf laid by his side in silence, while he unraveled the fishing string with patience.  When he finished he attached the string to a sturdy stick, adding an insect on the hook.  It has been years since he fished, smiling happily he threw the line in the water.

In twenty minutes Jack had his first good bite.  Struggling to handle the man made poll before it broke, he quickly grabbed the transparent string and began to pull in his catch. Wolf became animated when he watch Jack get excited. “Wolf I got one!” Jack yelled out.  When Jack’s catch was close to the shore line he couldn’t believe his eyes.  A gorgeous 25 inch Sockeye Salmon was trapped on the hook.  Wolf was ready to pounce on his wiggling fish. “Stay back my brother I will share!” Right when he said that to Wolf the darn line snapped, causing him to lose his balance.  He flew backwards and landed on his rear on the sand.  “DAMN IT!” he bellowed out.  Wolf didn’t hesitate he jumped into the cold water and tried to catch the salmon.

Wolf got the salmon and gently laid the fish down on the ground by Jack, then shook his wet body fur in front of Jack.  “Good boy Wolf!  You sure are handy to have around!”  Jack clunked the salmon on the head with the handle of his knife and took to skinning it.  The lupus waited patently until Jack gave him some of the fresh fish. When Jack was about to put a fresh raw piece of the salmon in his mouth, wolf became alert and growled.

Jack looked into the direction Wolf was growling and took note a man in a police uniform was approaching him.  “Go get Nujalik Wolf, now!”  Wolf knew what he said, quickly he headed to the cozy cabin Celeste was in.

Celeste was dancing with excitement after her phone call.  She didn’t leak any information about Jack, but now she had a somewhat idea where his family lived, and what put the icing on the cake…Jack’s first love was still alive.

Bringing her down from the high, an overwhelming ugly feeling invaded her soul.  “Something is wrong?”  She stopped dancing and silently felt out the situation.  Her eyes flew open wide when she saw Wolf outside the window running towards her.  She took off like lightening outside and ran to the beach with Wolf by her side.

“Jack!” Celeste kept yelling out as she ran with all her might.  When she reached the lake’s shore she saw a large uniform man wrestle with Jack.  The man was trying to put hand cuffs on Jack, while Jack had his sharp blade waving it around and trying to strike the man if he got any closer to him.  “Jack you stop that!  Put that knife away right now!” She yelled out to him while catching the attention of the officer.  They both stopped and looked at Celeste who was quickly approaching.

“Don’t touch him sir, please!  I will deal with this matter!” The officer was stunned that she would tell him not to touch Jack. When in fact that was just what he was about to do.  Jack scowled at the young man then swung the Bowie blade through the air spitting out.  “You touch me youngster and I will cut your ass and make you two new assholes.”

“Shame on you Henry, you put that down right now!” Celeste barked out.  Jack raised his eyebrows at Celeste while keeping an eye out on the officer of the law.  Celeste caught the surprise look on the officer when he saw her, she smiled meekly to him.   When she approached the two men in confrontation she cooed to the police officer sweetly.

“Oh thank you sir for finding my uncle.  I seemed to have lost him but you have found him for me!”  The officer couldn’t say a word.  He was mesmerized by Celeste’s rare beauty.  She quickly began to scold Jack.  “How many times do I need to tell you that you can’t just wonder around Uncle.  You know your not right in the head these days!” Jack was shocked.  He stood with his mouth open.  The officer could only smile when Celeste walked up to Jack.

“What the hell woman are you talking about.  I am NOT crazy in the head?” Jack spit out.  Celeste quickly decided to pretend she was tripping.  She knocked into Jack hard causing him to go backwards, the officer quickly grabbed her arm saving her from a fall.

“Thank you sir, how clumsy I am.” She gathered herself and looked deeply into the officer’s sweet face.  “What seems to be the problem here?” The man was going to tell her but got interrupted by Jack’s venom.  “That young snapper told me I can’t fish here without a licenses. He was going to take my fish away, Nujalik!”  She smiled at Jack and gave him a wink.  “Uncle has a little of Alzheimer’s sir, I am sure he didn’t mean any harm.” Jack pulled up his pants and was going to dive into the conversation when Wolf stood by his side stopping him.

The officer did not see the huge animal because he was too busy taking in the beauty of Celeste. His eyes opened in fear as he looked into the yellow eyes of the wolf.  He slowly put his hand on his holster, when Celeste took a step up to him lightly touching his hand.  “Please, we mean no harm, I am sure we look like a odd group.  I agree we do, but this is my family sir don’t hurt them.” The officer relaxed as he watched her gorgeous green eyes rock him in a trance.

She could hear Jack lightly say, “Oh boy!” She quickly turned her eyes away from the handsome officer and gave Jack a dirty look.  “I have to give him a ticket Miss, he broke the law, but when I tried to give him one an asked him for his ID, he flew off the handle and started to fight me with that knife!” the officer said in a good tone.  Celeste quickly came to Jack’s defense.  “I will pay the fine sir if you need to give us a ticket.  I understand you have a job to do.  I should have been more careful with my Uncle’s illness.  I won’t make that mistake again.”

Jack was becoming mad when wolf bumped into him.  He looked at the Canine for a few moments and realized what she was doing. The officer looked at all three of them and said, “I will let it go this time since he is an Alzheimer.   Just know you can’t fish without a license!” Celeste glowed with delight and gracefully bowed.

With speed she thanked the man again and quickly grabbed Jack’s arm.  “I will make sure this doesn’t happen again sir, I thank you for laying pardon on us.” Celeste winked at the man and turned on her heels with Jack in tow. Whispering out to Jack as they walked away, “What the hell is the matter with you old man?  You can’t bring your knife to a brawl with the law!”  Jack chuckled with relief, as they got close to his fish he picked it up and smiled.  “Look Nujalik we got dinner!” Celeste quickly turned her head to see the retreating officer, she smiled and turned around.  “Okay you two let’s have a good dinner!  Boy, Jack that’s a nice size Sockeye Salmon you caught.  How did you do it?” Celeste stated.

As the group walked away from the shore Jack became loud and excited with his story.  She couldn’t shut him up for over an hour.  They all sat comfortably at the table for the first time eating their fish for dinner, laughing and joking.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=fyrTL3Ly2-gEHM&tbnid=QgDj9P6fyviUkM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fblogs.sfweekly.com%2Fthesnitch%2F2011%2F12%2Fbroken_heart_leads_to_knife_fi.php&ei=x5NqUrzUEpGlkQed6IF4&bvm=bv.55123115,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHiRYCs6fNfzNG36uWi29XCCvHE6Q&ust=1382802745625421


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