“JACK I can’t see you? Where are you?” Jack giggled like a little kid.


Celeste walked into the men’s clothing store and felt out of place.  Her thoughts were still on the officer.  “Why didn’t he ask me further to see my license?  That was odd, because any good cop would be giving me a ticket for not having one?”  A thought quickly ran through her mind.  “He could run a check on my truck’s registration especially after I gave him my birthday.  I gotta get the hell out of here!  Oh, nuts I just hope to God my husband did not put a missing person on me and my truck.”   Celeste was approached by a young man asking if she needed assistance.

Telling the young man quickly what she needed he helped her pick out a beautiful mink fur man’s coat.  Several pairs of bib overalls lined with flannel, two turtle necks, eight pairs of thick socks and underwear.  When it came time to check out the boot department, she quickly grabbed a pair of costly furry otter snow boots and a pair of working boots.

Celeste took the garments to the counter and didn’t blink an eye of the cost.  She had the cash to spend so why not blow it!   He quickly rang up her purchases he was shock to see her pay cash and not use a credit card.  Celeste could feel the young mans nerves when she paid cash.  She quickly smiled at the man and said she struck it rich at the local casino.  The man smile and congratulated her.

She thanked the man again and quickly left the store.  While driving down the town’s road nervous as all hell; she made sure not to listen to loud music and did the posted speed.  When she pulled into the safety of her driveway she took a deep breath of relief.   Thankful for not seeing the officer out on the street, thoughts invaded her mind to leave the cozy home and get out of Reno quickly!

Arms loaded with her purchases she entered the warm home to Jack’s laughter.  His laughter made her smile instantly.  She put down the bags on the couch, and yelled out.  “Jack I am back, are you okay in there?”  “Come Nujalik, the tub has bubbles shooting out!” Jack answered out to Celeste.

As she got into the bags and cut the tags off of Jack’s new duds, again she heard his laughter. Celeste chuckled after his contagious laugh, she knew he must have found the button to start the Jacuzzi tub. She knocked on the bathroom door softly.  “Jack I got you some clothes can I come in and leave them on the counter so you can try them on?” Jack didn’t answer her but said, “Nujalik this incredible!  You must see this!”  Celeste looked down on the floor and saw bubbles trying to escape under the bathroom door.

She slowly opened the door to the medium size bathroom.  Her eyes opened wide with glee…. “JACK I can’t see you?  Where are you?” Jack giggled like a little kid.  “Right here see!” The bathroom was totally covered in bubbles to the height of Celeste’s shoulders. All she could see is nothing but bubbles.  She looked up to the ceiling, thankful they didn’t go up that high.  “Jack how much of my bubble bath liquid did you use?” Jack cackled back…”All of it woman!”  Celeste laughed so hard but then sobered up and thought of how she was going to clean it up.  “Well Jack I thought you didn’t want to take a bath? I gave you a bar of soap, not my bubble bath juice, dude!  Where is Wolf Jack?”

Wolf immediately cut a path through the thick heavy bubbles and walked up to Celeste.  She couldn’t hold on any longer.  She busted out with laughter looking at the bubbles that covered wolf.  Wolf quickly left the bathroom.   “Jack what the hell, you having a party in here and I wasn’t invited?” “Nujalik my body feels wonderful and this tub makes great bubbles.”

Celeste found a path through the bubbles and shut the jetted tub off.  “Play time is over I have to figure out how the hell I am going to get all these bubbles out of the room Jack.  Where are you old man?”  Jack stood up nude and reached his arm towards her.  “I am here…”  Celeste giggle some more.  “Okay buck I am  leaving your clothes outside, don’t slip on the floor and here is a towel.  I will be outside.”

Celeste left the bathroom door open and headed for the kitchen.  She remember seeing a bottle of red wine, and at this point it will be well deserved.  She had a long evening ahead of her with Jack being back in the real world.  She popped the cork on the wine and poured her a healthy doze of the substance.  Wolf came into the kitchen still covered with bubbles.  She left him outside in the gated backyard and watch him roll into the dirt.  She began to laugh uncontrollable of the silliness of Jack and Wolf in a mass of bubbles.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=s_jw1gLUZpMmaM&tbnid=SZnT037iOTfcnM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dogonews.com%2F2010%2F3%2F27%2Fwill-giant-bubble-baths-help-stop-global-warming&ei=YJZuUvy6A4XB2QWOuYGABQ&bvm=bv.55123115,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGYpnyZ-sYZGxarv7vOx9ALlIAs7A&ust=1383065558795184


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