“Who you are makes no different in life, it’s what you do that makes you a special person!”


Celeste had to open the large windows and take out the screens to push the bubbles outside. All evening and into the early morning she worked on wiping down the walls and floors.  When she finished she went into the kitchen and made a pot of coffee.  Quietly, she went into Jack’s room to see how he was doing.  He was sound to sleep and in a serious snoring mood.  She smiled softly and closed his door, then headed back to the kitchen for her cup of Joe.

She sat by the fire and put another log into the blaze.  As she looked around the cozy home her eyes stopped on her cedar chest. It had been ages since she last looked inside the contents of the large chest.  All her childhood memories were locked up inside the chest.  It was also the same chest she had found money in when her grandfather passed away a very long time ago.

Slowly she got up carrying her cup of coffee over to the beautiful crafted box.  Her hand slid over the gorgeous wood carving of two doves flying in the air with ribbons.  She opened the heavy lid and looked at her meager belongings.  “Someone was in this box, I am sure it was my husband. Why would he snoop into something that does not belong to him?”   She saw the picture of her grandfather and grandmother on her mother’s side.  Touching Henry’s face with her finger she whispered, “I miss you papa!  My life is getting too crazy and I don’t understand what is happening to me.  Wish you were here to help me out.  I think I have made a mess out of my life papa.  I abandon my marriage, I left my children behind, I am taking a wounded soldier home, and now I can’t sleep and have energy like there is no tomorrow.  My hair is white and black and I have this power inside me that I really don’t understand.”

Celeste covered her face with her hands, then spoke out lightly.  “Who am I?  Please someone tell me who I am?” For a few minutes she sat by the chest pondering on her life with tears in her eyes. She heard Wolf scratch on the back door.  She got up and went to let him inside the house. “Holy crud, it’s snowing!”  Wolf shook his wet body and quickly went to lay down by the toasty fire.

Celeste watched the massive down pour of snow drop to the ground.  “Oh shit, we have to leave, or we might be stuck here for another night.  We can’t stay here.  If that cops comes around again, I know without a shadow of doubt I am doomed.  Snap, there must be about a foot of snow already.” She closed the door and went back in the living room.  Wolf looked up at Celeste and wagged his tail.  Celeste sat on the floor with Wolf looking into the fire.  “Help me?  What should I do?”

An hour passed by Celeste while sitting in front of the fire for an answer.

“Child of the light, have no worries, the snow has stopped.  You must leave soon because your husband searches for you and the truck. Look inside the cedar chest and you will know what to do.  You must stay hidden for a month with Jack, then you have one more journey before you come home to Mother Earth.  Do you understand Hialeah?  Also, check your passport and driving license.  We are sure this will lesson your fears.”  Celeste nodded her head yes silently.

She got up off the floor and went to the chest.  Slowly she took out some of her belongings, when she saw a letter at the bottom of the chest, she smiled with glee.  She had forgotten the money she had stashed away in California before she met her husband.  She opened the letter and life couldn’t be any better for Celeste.  She had stored over $50,000.00 dollars in stocks and bonds for over 30 years. “I had forgotten about this money.  Why didn’t I think about it after all these years?” Celeste began to cry softly.  She quickly got into her suitcase and found her ID and passport.  When she saw the picture on the ID and passport she was static with happiness. “How is that possible? You are amazing Mother spirit for helping me!” Celeste giggled.  “Thank you heavens for protecting me.  I am so bless and do not deserve this!  I swear I am so stupid at times!” A soft voice spoke out.

“You are not stupid Hialeah, you are deserving for all the unconditional love you have given to people, earth and family.  You do not abuse the process of life child.  You are humble with a beautiful giving soul.  You are different than most people, never forget that!  Who you are makes no different in life, it’s what you do that makes you a special person!”

Before she was going to place all her belongings back into the cedar chest, she kissed the picture of her grandparents and quickly put all the stuff back into the box with her arrows Jack made her.  She picked up the letter planning to make a telephone call to the bank when they opened. Celeste had a new spring in her step, she was a happy camper as she went into the lovely kitchen and began to make them a huge breakfast.

picture by;  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=Q9RiMmieoubqnM&tbnid=QiX5WTbwf5zzEM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Freallifespirituality.com%2Fwho-am-i-ego-higher-self%2F&ei=WCNxUuKaN6iv2QXXroGgBg&bvm=bv.55617003,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNF5lb2LdMyA-k2NUy5NpM9k0UMBPA&ust=1383232645186895


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