“Wolf, I think our girl has just robbed a bank?” Jack whispered to the Canine Lupus.


The group left the cabin at Lake Tahoe and began their journey to San Francisco.  Celeste was antsy the whole way.  She tried to pop her music on to calm the savage beast in her that was ready to explode; however,  Jack hated her wild music, to keep the peace she put on classical tunes instead.  Jack kept looking at Celeste in an odd way.  He could feel her energy ready to detonate.  “You know Nujalik the scenery is beautiful I don’t remember the earth being this crowded.”  Celeste didn’t answer him, she had too many things to think about that was pounding inside her head.

Jack didn’t know what to do, for some reason, things had suddenly became bizarre with Celeste the day they left New Mexico.  He had figured out that there was a higher spiritual power driving the spitfire to complete her tasks.  Also, he could no longer invade her thoughts like he use too when they first met.  He felt her strong power permeate throughout her body, and with the change of her hair,eyes, younger appearance and no sleep, something else was brewing.  Celeste jogged Jack out of his thinking when she answered him out loud. “Jack, stop thinking about what’s happening to me.  I can’t explain it either.  Maybe I am so damn naive that I can’t figure it out, and for that I have learned all my life never to question, but go with the flow and live in the moment!”

Jack gave her a deep thought look and then softly spoke.  “Nujalik, I would like some day to thank your husband for letting you take me home.” Celeste didn’t know what to say when Jack said his statement.  She never told Jack that she left her husband, she became defensive and popped off in a bite y tone.  “My husband doesn’t “LET” me do anything Jack.  I don’t need his permission.  I do what I want, when I want for now on!  No man will ever control me again, or will I allow them all for the sake of LOVE or for some ridiculous selfish relationship!” He gave her a dirty inquisitive stare.  “Oh I see that the nasty Celeste is coming back to life.  Didn’t you grab some nice pills before you left home woman?”

Celeste turned her head to Jack, not viewing the busy road while she drove.  She stripped his soul with venom and said.  “Your lucky old man that we are driving…”   She didn’t finish her sentence when a loud horn beeped at her weaving truck, catching Celeste’s attention to correct her driving skills.  Jack raised his eyebrow at her and didn’t say another word.  The traffic was becoming wild and crazy, he sat quietly amazed at all the autos.  Celeste was thankful he just shut up.  She needed her noodles to attack the driving, while making sure she ended up at the right bank.

As Celeste pulled her large dodge truck into the parking lot of the bank, she told Jack to stay inside the truck with Wolf.  She opened the glove compartment box and took out her letter and put on her cowgirl hat.  She got out of the truck with a purpose, while being extremely nervous and heading for the doors of the San Francisco bank.

With some of the money she had saved, she was able to have the bank wire more money into her children’s account, setting them up for life. She had even set up an account for her adopted Haitian young man, named Pierre.  Each child was given a loving note explaining the path that she must take in life.  It killed Celeste’s last will to keep her cool together while writing her heart retching notes.  The bank personal watch the cowgirl silently cry, while she wrote her notes of goodbye.

It took her almost an hour when she walk out of the bank followed by security, because of the amount of bills she carried.  As Celeste was walking next to the security guards, an overwhelming of sadness enveloped her.  She felt sick in her gut.  In a soft quiet manner she thanked the guards when they stood next to her truck.  Jack looked at the very large bag she carried and her tear stained face.  His eye opened up in awe.  “Wolf, I think our girl has just robbed a bank?”  Jack whispered to the Canine Lupus.  Wolf growled at the strange officer’s standing next to Celeste.  Jack lightly stroked the fur on the lupus while whispering, “easy boy.”

picture by:https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=ZJsCRs1G0qB4OM&tbnid=cNKnAIKWbGU4IM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Ftheeveningclass.blogspot.com%2F2013_01_01_archive.html&ei=3-VzUu-QIaiN2gWF2oG4Bw&bvm=bv.55819444,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGSKmNn4cxjSMQFurdSKqLIXz35rg&ust=1383413548551327


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