“Have no fear my limping stick, I brought Henry if we need to get out of something that we can’t control!” Jack looked at Celeste and stopped in his tracks, while she kept walking slowly ahead of him.


Jack was waiting for Celeste to come out, he yelled for her to get into gear before he ate the Wolf. Ten minutes passed by when she finally came out of her room.  Jack whistled, “Nujalik you are beautiful!”  She wore a pair of black tailored jeans with cowgirl black lizard boots.  Topping it off with a lama hair black sweater that had beautiful white rabbit fur surrounding the deep plunging v-neck line, and a banging white rabbit fur coat.  She had put her hair up into a fashionable bun wisp’s of curly hair floated around her face, while allowing her black streak to be free accenting her striking green eyes.  For the first time in ages, Celeste even put a little make-up on.  “Stop gawking at me my man!  I don’t know what got into me to wear this outfit, but it’s been ages since I felt it against my skin.  I made the sweater and coat myself, and I think it’s hot and different?  But the pants and boots I had for a long time.  You know Jack your looking smashing tonight too in all your furry glory!” 

“Well lets go woman I am starved!” Jack said while limping towards the front door.  Celeste put Wolf into the garage with a bowl of water.  “You be good Wolf, we won’t be too long!  I will bring you home a special treat.”  Wolf wagged his tail and laid down on the heated floor.  

While the two were traveling into town, Jack had to ask how Celeste knew about the rentals. “Well the first one I found on internet, but this one was offered to me by the man in the bank who was helping me out. I asked him if he knew of a place close by that we could rent for a few days. His friends were out of town and he was watching the home.  He called them to see if it was okay for us to stay a few days.  So I paid him a sum, and I think it’s the best spot to stay in San Francisco, don’t you?  Besides most hotels will not take animals, remember we have Wolf to look out for.”  Jack agreed, he could not wait to get back to sit on the outside deck after they return from their dinner.

Celeste parked the truck into a parking lot and both got out into the chilly air and walked the boulevard.  She wanted to take Jack to a place call Fisherman’s Wharf, recommended by the bank personnel.   As they walked slowly seeing the sights through children’s eyes, they both were looked upon as out of sorts.  Instantly, Celeste could feel the thoughts and stares from the tourist or locals. Her mind became filled with everyone’s silent statements.  She smiled and try to block their thoughts from invaded her good mood.  “You feel it Nujalik?  Are we different than all the rest here?  I don’t think we are in a good place girl.  Something is off?” Jack asked in a worry tone.  Neither one thought about what they looked like to anyone.  Jack an Eskimo, with a long scar running down one side of his face.  One eye, toothless grin old man dressed in mink and otter boots. Young Celeste with her vibrant energy glowing with wisdom.  White hair with black streak and deep green eyes was a banging sight to behold in her white rabbit coat and black pants with cowboy boots.

“Have no fear my limping stick.  I brought Henry if we need to get out of something that we can’t control!” Jack looked at Celeste and stopped in his tracks, while she kept walking slowly ahead of him. “Well I am glad to hear that Nujalik, because I too brought mine.  Let’s hope we won’t need them.” Celeste stopped, turned around and smiled, then softly spoke.  “What a pair we are Jack. We will always be wild you know that Aqlak, my black bear.  Come, my grandfather let’s go eat in peace.”  Celeste stretched her hand out towards Jack to hold on too.  He limped up to her and held her hand.  She smiled with love and respect.  Jack was in a trance the beauty Celeste projected with her smile an emerald green eyes.  The pair finished their uneasy walk the minute they stepped into the Fisherman’s Wharf and had a marvelous fresh fish supper.

Several hours past when the pair left the eatery with full tummy’s with a huge doggie bag to go. “Let’s walk off this food a little bit, my stomach is bursting.” Celeste offered, Jack complied his was no better.  “It’s a been a long time Nujalik that I had raw fish. I am in heaven.”  The pair slowly walked the pier’s while looking at the wonderful shops and bistro’s.  

Jack suddenly stopped, Celeste did too when Jack spotted the same sex kissing passionately. Embraced and showing their affections in public, he was aghast to see them making out.  “Jack, don’t stare it’s acceptable in this day and age.”  Jack gave Celeste a discussed look and stayed quiet with his thoughts.  Celeste could hear him screaming out his dislike for seeing a sight. “Do not judge them, we are all not the same.  Who are we to judge what is right or wrong?  Or who are we to say how love comes to one’s sexual preference?  Treat them with respect, it is their choice not yours or mine.”  Jack began to walk, staying quiet until they both ended up at the end of a pier looking out into the cold night’s ocean.  


pictured by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=bvGRIq43hPzUGM&tbnid=KgfWMkyjAquzPM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fkptripathi%2F7755493020%2F&ei=tnh2UuP8B4TW2QWH1ICABA&bvm=bv.55819444,d.cWc&psig=AFQjCNHmFWZ8merSb_PwXy5ePTL4W6Byjw&ust=1383582205633957







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