Celeste felt everyone of her nerves pierce her heart with an electric charge of beautiful memories of her and Gary Daniels long ago. She picked up her martini and downed it in one gulp.


The evening was nippy and chilly, but the pair was toasty in their furry outfits standing at the end of the pier.  Several people join them while they pondered on the waterfront silently.  Celeste could feel the eyes and thoughts of the people all around her.  An elder couple approached the pier and stood next to Jack.  Jack moved closer to Celeste feeling shy and out of sorts.

“Come, Jack let’s go.  I will take you back home.  But I plan to return if you don’t mind,  I would like to hear some music one last time before we head into ice land.  Besides, I can feel your skin crawling, and I am sure Wolf is hungry.”  Jack nodded in agreement.  As Jack and Celeste turned to leave, the little old lady complimented Celeste on her stunning white rabbit coat.  “Where ever did you get that coat young lady?  It is absolutely gorgeous with your hair, body an striking green eyes!” Celeste blushed.  “I thank ya kindly mam, I made it myself.” The lady felt the need to touch the soft fur, she gently reached out and touched the coat.

Celeste raised her eyes, but allowed the woman to touch it.  “So soft, just simply exquisite.  The stitching is superb.” she said in awe.  Her husband chuckled and apologized to Celeste for his wife’s forwardness. “Mary, please your making the two uncomfortable.  I am sorry, my wife owns a clothing shop down the street.  She is forever looking at different designs.  But that is fur, and people around here don’t like using animal fur as a coat.  They use fake fur now.”

Jack stayed behind Celeste hiding from the couples chat.  “Thank you again my lady, may you both have a wonderful evening.” Celeste lightly took a hold of Jack’s hand, and began their walk back to the truck in peace.

When they reached their rental, she gave Jack the keys and Wolf’s dinner.  She made him promise her not to get into anything that would ruin the lovely home.  “Woman, all I am going to do is sleep outside on that deck.” She smiled and also told him not to wait up for her but leave the door unlock.  Since she did not sleep, she wanted to see everything in the city one last time before she headed into Alaska.

She parked her truck in a different location, and headed out to the boardwalk again in silence searching for a club with good music. Celeste walked the pier’s slowly watching with eagle eyes on the sites she witnessed.  Couples walking hand in hand sharing their love and giggles, made Celeste think about her husband.  She stopped and looked out into the peaceful water.  For over an hour she stood by the rail of the pier thinking of her crazy life.

Unable to phantom her plight, she turned around and started to look for a club to warm up and have a drink.  She walked into a nightclub where she heard jazz and blues being played.  The man at the door asked her for ID before he let her in.  She graciously gave him her identification. “Wow, your from New Mexico?   Well have a good time, we have a very special guest tonight.  Hope you enjoy the show.” Celeste smiled and nodded her head, then put her ID back in her pants pocket and entered the establishment.

The place was packed.  She was lucky to find a single seat by a warm blazing fire.  She took off her coat and hung it on the back of the chair. Sitting down, she could feel the people stare at her while whispering their words to each other about the fur covered girl.  She kept her eyes on the fire not bothering to look at the busy bodies. Immediately a pretty little waitress asked her what she would like to drink. “How about a dirty vodka martini?” she replied in a husky voice.

In a matter of moments the gal returned with Celeste’s drink.  She took out a twenty dollar bill to pay for her drink but was turned down.  “The man at the bar would like to pay for your drink.” Celeste’s eyes raised and looked into the direction the well dress man sat. He raised his glass of wine up in solute to her.   “No, thank you…please tell him I am honored, but I will pay for my own.” The waitress understood and didn’t hesitate to take her money with a hefty tip enclosed.

She didn’t bother to look at anyone in particular, she kept her eyes on the fire until a man approached the stage interrupting the loud chatter of the establishment. “Thank you one and all for coming out.  We are bless to have a surprise guest show up tonight.  You guys are in for a cool time tonight with this amazing artist.  Tomorrow he has a sold out show, and most of you know that his ticket’s sell fast.  So without due, I introduce to you the amazing and talented Gary Daniels!”

Celeste almost spit out her drink, while coughing to catch her breath.  The people around her stared at her rude behavior.  When Celeste looked up at the stage a tall handsome man stepped up and waved at the loud cheering crowd.  Hooping and hollering the crowd’s applause deafen Celeste’s ears.  He looked better than she remembered, only a slight glance of gray showing at his temples.

“Thank you San Francisco!  It feels great to be back here again. Hope to see you at my show tomorrow!” The crowd went crazy.  Wide eyed Celeste scanned the pub as Gary pick up his guitar.  “This is an old song I wrote a long time ago. I just never recorded it until now.  I will be singing it tomorrow night.  It’s about a girl named Celeste.  I met her a long time ago when we were younger. She was a wild spirit, mysterious, beautiful earthy woman with golden long hair and two different color of eyes. Believe it or not, she was a half-breed maiden that I fell in love with, who was humble in life beyond anyone of our imaginations.  Sadly, she was younger and needed to find her path in life, but i never forgot her wild untamed spirit and the special moments we shared together.  This lady taught me a lot about life in a short time and probably saved my life with a wild mustang.  She had a magical unconditional spirit that most men would dream of loving, but could never be tame.  I did not marry her but never forgot her.  Actually, my daughter is named after her.   Anyways, I will not tell you any more.  I will let the jazzy blues song explain it to you all.  Its called…Untamed Soul.”  The crowd went berserk.  Celeste felt everyone of her nerves pierce her heart with an electric charge of beautiful memories of her and Gary Daniels long ago.   She picked up her martini and downed it in one gulp.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=dHYm4C9-8c6NJM&tbnid=onNapaAwoq_7SM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fquillandtears.wordpress.com%2F2012%2F09%2F16%2Fto-the-lady-iii%2F&ei=k9B3Uv_WNuOv2wXj7oDQCA&bvm=bv.55819444,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNEV1r-LSLKlj2x94UD1mcSVFi3pMQ&ust=1383670114522249


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