“Kiss her, kiss the girl Gary!” The large gathering crowd screamed out while watching the two battle their feelings for each other on the pier.


The crowd went crazy as Gary Daniels began his song.  Celeste didn’t know how to react.  Part of her was excited, yet part of her was lost in memory of meeting Gary when she was eighteen years old in Texas.  The waitress woke her up from her deep thoughts when she asked Celeste if she needed another martini.  “Yes please, can you bring me two instead of one?” 

Tears began to fall gently upon her cheeks.  She gazed at the fire, afraid to look at Gary, but listened to every single precious word in the song.  What were the chance of those two ever meeting up again?  “How could you do this to me?” She asked the fire softly. “I am sorry how could who do what to you?” The waitress asked while she put her drinks on the table.  Celeste looked at the waitress with confusion.  She took note that the waitress was staring into Celeste’s eyes with amazement.  “Nothing, thank you for the drinks.” 

Celeste immediately downed one, then downed the second drink.  She was shaken out of her crazy thoughts when a man asked her to dance.  Part of her would have jumped at the chance to dance, but she did not want to be around Gary in case he knew who she was.  A little voice in her head began to reason with her to do it.  “I have changed, he would not recognize me anyways.” She whispered out loud.  The man was persistent and the next thing she knew he touched her hand lightly.  Celeste under the influence gave in, and allowed him to escort her to the dance floor.

They began at the edge of the dance floor dancing hand in hand, with bodies touching each other.  Celeste was tall, but the man she danced with was taller than her.  She began to lightly weep when she heard the lyrics to the song.  “You okay beautiful lady?” He asked her with care.  “Yes I am just kind of emotional right now.  Sorry I think I am not the best partner to ask to dance.” Celeste softly spoke.  “What’s your name?” The gentle man asked.

Celeste didn’t realize she gave him her real name.  The man pulled away from her and looked into her moist eyes.   “Are you the one he is…?” He didn’t finish his sentence Celeste stopped his question when she shushed him up and said she would like to hear the song.  Closer and closer he danced her towards the stage.  She began to reminisce the last time she made love to Gary on the prairie in Texas after they both released the wild mustang back into the open land.  

“You smell wonderful Celeste, are you wearing sandalwood?” She lightly replied, “Yes, thank you.” The next thing she knew she was dancing with her partner in front of Gary.  His eyes locked on to her.  She felt him looking at her and when she raised her eyes up, she was doomed.  She quickly cast her eyes down upon the dance floor not wanting to look at him again.  Her heart dropped to the floor, her nervous energy gave her away.

Gary was still singing his awesome melody when he noticed the young girl with white hair and the black streak dancing with her partner close to him.  Her eyes captured him instantly.  He didn’t take his eyes off the couple until he closed the song off.  The crowd roared with appraisal. Celeste quickly thanked the man and had him walk her to her table.  The man wanted to stick around her, but she gave him no time of day.  She excused herself to the middle age man, asking him where she could find the restroom.  He pointed towards the back of the room where the sign said ladies.  She thanked him again for the lovely dance and grabbed her rabbit white coat heading to the bathroom in haste.

When she got into the ladies room she looked at herself in the mirror.  Shock to see that her eyes had changed back to two different colors, she became madder than a hornet and yelled at herself in the mirror in distress.  “How could you!  What have you done to me? This is not suppose to happen!” She questioned the mirror in terror.  Her walls felt like they were closing in on her. “I have to get out here I need some air!”  She replied to herself in the mirror and quickly left the bathroom in a hurry.   She walked out of the establishment not bothering to look to see if Gary was around.  As she hit the open fresh air, she breathed a sign of relief.  

“A song about me?  He has a daughter who he named after me?  What the F%&!” She bellowed out to herself.  She began to walk the pier slowly deep in her thoughts.  Her mind quickly remembered he saw her!  She turned on her heels ready to run to her truck and get the hell out of town, when she slammed into a man’s chest really hard.  

The man’s strong arms immediately circled her and brought her closer to his face.  Her eyes flew open in shock when she looked into Gary’s honey colored warm eyes. “Celeste?”  His rich amazing voice asked her softly.  She couldn’t speak, speechless and dumbfounded, Gary hugged her closer to his body,  “Are you Celeste?” A tear fell gently down her face when Gary softly touched her face and wiped it away.  “No,” she lightly said.  

For some reason Celeste’s body and cloudy mind became a rubber band. She molded more deeply into his fabulous body. Damn the alcohol!  “There is only one girl in my life who I have seen have two different color of eyes.” He slowly lifted her face to see his tender eyes. “Your eyes are the same color as hers.  Please are you Celeste?” He asked again.  Not saying a word, she tried to get it together, but the alcohol did not allow her.  

“Kiss her, kiss the girl Gary!” The large gathering crowd screamed out while watching the two battle their feelings for each other on the pier.  Neither one listened to the crowd until Gary dipped down and planted his luscious lips upon Celeste.


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=n01Sry3oKLDJuM&tbnid=a0iyZvbO9tDYMM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fbackground-pictures.feedio.net%2Fcamwow-retro-vintage-photo-booth-effects-live-on-camera-iappfind%2Fgallery.toursdepartingdaily.com*Disneyland-Resort*Photos*i-fRzKb6Q*0*L*Kiss-the-Girl-L.jpg%2F&ei=nhV5UvnqCMiN3AX4roCIBQ&bvm=bv.55980276,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNEMBGI1abo4a62DWM7OjGWYKxT3pw&ust=1383753438159675







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