“Hello darlin’, nice to see ya. It’s been a long time.” Celeste beamed with joy.


Gary held onto Celeste tighter the minute he tasted her lips.  He felt her refusal in the beginning but the more he held on to her, the stronger his embrace became upon her.  Her body began to melt like butter on a warm piece of toast in his arms.  While the kiss confirmed in Gary’s mind there was no doubt this was his half-breed cowgirl. 

Their kiss lingered as both held on to each other and sampled their affection in front of a huge encouraging crowd.  When the pair finally separated the crowd went crazy.  Gary in a sexy voice said to Celeste softly, “Hello darlin’, nice to see ya.  It’s been a long time.”  Celeste beamed with joy.  A woman yelled out, “Is this the girl Gary?  Is she Celeste?”  Only Gary did not hear anyone, he was wrapped up in the moment of finally seeing his missing cowgirl.  

The pair didn’t hear a man try and clear the situation in front of the pub, giving them time to get to know each other again in peace. The crowd said their boohoo’s and went on their merry way. While Gary and Celeste stayed locked into each others arms staring deeply into each other’s eyes.

For over twenty minutes the two stood on the pier quietly embracing each other while not saying a word.  Gary began to explore and touch her face softly.  He reached up to her bun and released the white hair from its restrictions.  Instantly, her long hair cascaded down from its binds and enveloped the two with pure whiteness.  Gary touched her hair, “So white my love?  You have not aged, yet your so stunning.” he whispered to her.  

Celeste for the first time in her life was wordless.  The feelings she was experiencing were beautiful, confusing and really turned on sexually.  She didn’t want to jinx it with words, so she stayed quiet and listened to his smooth voice rock her into heavens gateway.

“Tell me my beauty, are you Celeste?  Because, if you are not, you sure feel and taste like her?” he asked her again.  “I am not her anymore, Gary.  I am just a spirit of who once was.”  Gary didn’t expect her comment.  He gently touched her lips with his finger, not waiting any longer, he dipped down his head again to taste her moist lips with urgency.  

Wrong move on Gary’s part, Celeste was so turned on she was having a hard time controlling her thirst.  No longer did she have the voices her in mind, she let herself become free of all thoughts, and began to devour him.  

They danced on the pier embracing each other tightly.  Both demanding to eat each other up with need and lust right on the spot.  Celeste’s strength in body met Gary’s strong built.  She slammed him up against a light pole and started to rape his lips with greedy intentions.   Gary’s hands were everywhere feeling her incredible banging firm body.  The two were having a grand time displaying their play in front of innocence by standers who watched the couples intense reunion.  

Celeste was not thinking clearly and could careless who watched them.  She took off her coat letting it drop down on the pier’s wooden planks, allowing Gary’s skilled hands to touch her everywhere freely. Her body became a boiling pot of water due to the hot flashes and the heat between her legs.  She paid no mind to the chilly air as her thoughts quickly went into breeding mode.  She wanted him so bad, that she was ready to pay for her shameless actions in public. Even if it meant she would shag him rotten on the pier and go to jail for it!

When Celeste finally had to take a breather because she was becoming sexually out of control, she took a step back separating the heated bodies.  Purr she did like a cat in heat, the spitfire shook her white mane in the wind.  Gary gathered his composure as he spoke out with amusement.  “Oh god in heaven, you feel so yummy girl.  How is it possible that we would meet again, especially here in San Francisco?  Do you live here?  Are you married?” 

She didn’t answer him but attacked him again in full force.  They both were living in the moment when a police officer interrupted their play.  In the end they both held each other’s hand and began to cool down their body heat as they walked down the boulevard. 

“Will you answer me my dear, Celeste?  Are you married and do you live here?”  Celeste’s sound of her clicking boots hitting the wooden planks echoed out into the silence of the night.  She took a few more steps before she answered his questions. “No, I do not live here my darlin’.  As for being married, that I don’t know either, especially now.”  Gary stopped her and looked at her again.  

“Are you married Celeste.  It is a simple yes or no answer.”  He looked into her eyes knowing full well she would never answer him.  “Please, not now Gary.  I can’t explain my plight to you when I don’t even know myself.” she told him in a humble tone.  “Are you married yourself, Gary?” She questioned him.  “Not anymore, I was about six months ago.” She could hear the hurt in his voice.  “Your daughter, you named her after me?  Why?” 

Gary stopped their walk and snuggled Celeste into a tight embrace.  “I loved you the minute I spent time with you my wild girl.  My little one who is now twenty years old reminds me of your wild untamed soul the minute she was brought into this life.  Her hair is the color of the golden sunlight, long and beautiful like yours. She however has green eyes.” Gary smiled at Celeste and kissed her again. 

When the two came up for air, they couldn’t say a word.  They smiled at each other like two kids in a candy shop. “Where you staying my cowgirl?” he softly asked her.  “I have rented a home off the shore close to here.  Why, you want to go and get it on with me?”  Gary roared with laughter. “Still the same wild girl, you have not changed!  I have missed you spitfire!  Since it’s getting very late, I better walk you to your car.  I have a show tomorrow why don’t you come and join me?” 

Celeste smiled at Gary, “I don’t think I can Gary.  I have others I am bound too and must stay with them.  Thank you for asking, but we are only here one more day before we leave.” Gary didn’t want to lose her again after all these years wondering about the what if’s.  If he let her walk away again, he was sure he would never see her.  

She could hear his voice in her head trying to figure out what to do.  Instead, she took his hand and made him follow her to her truck.  “New Mexico, you live in New Mexico?” Gary asked her when he saw her license plates on the truck.  “Yes I did, but no more.  Come, sit inside my truck and let us get out of the cold.  But I am warning you, you might not get out alive?” Gary grabbed her into his arms and kissed her deeply again.  


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=sNkDL4KQs6ODxM&tbnid=nuztXQHp-YKK2M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.graphics99.com%2Fhello-darling-nice-to-see-you-glitter-scraps%2F&ei=QHd6Up2EIYfNkQezpIDYCw&bvm=bv.55980276,d.eW0&psig=AFQjCNG5vR7O1Sb3IYA3NPzgFadKuC83fA&ust=1383843995492677


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