“I believe we were meant to see each other for a reason. Humm…Perhaps your my Yin and I am your Yang.” Celeste’s eye lids were slowly closing.


For the first time in Celeste’s life, she was able to talk to Gary about some of her crazy life. Leaving out a few things, especially about her soul mate Valis; she told her wild adventure life in vivid details.  To her, it felt great being able to spill her confused soul out to one person she adored and trusted.  But when she spoke about her spiritual side and how she met Jack in the woods, Gary stayed quiet and listened to the wild kick-ass story.

When she finished her life story, Gary had many questions to ask.  “Celeste, why is your hair white with a black streak?  You look like you are about thirty-five years old, especially when I know you are in your fifties? You are a humble lady and would never get a nip and tuck done on your face.  And how did you’re eyes get to be this amazing green, and that tree tattoo on your back is out of this world?” Celeste’s eyes widen in surprise.  

“What a tree?  Are you serious, quit bull-shitting me dude?”  Gary realized she knew nothing about her artwork on her back. “Well my darlin’, check it out in the mirror for yourself.”  Celeste began to get out of the tub.  Gary watched her dumbfounded look as she went to stand in front of the mirror.  She turned her back side and was shocked.  

As she stood staring in the mirror, which had to be the longest time she looked at herself.  A tear slowly fell down her cheek.  Gary immediately felt her energy fill the bathroom with confusion. “What is happening to me?” She whispered into the mirror, then added.  “Why Mother Earth?  Please, tell this naive person why you are changing me?”

What Gary was witnessing was too bizarre; but then again, he remembered a time he had ease dropped on her spilling her childhood life out to the wild mustang.  He also had never forgotten the day they both released the wild equine.  He felt a strange unexplained power envelope Celeste the moment the stallion charged at her when he was free to go.  He heard the wind speak to the cowgirl as she spread her arms out to the charging stallion.  He was immobilized from the power alone as he heard the stallion thank the Indian girl for his freedom.   He never told her what he heard, because he had never experienced anything like this before.  Not to mention it was a very special day for him too.

It was the first time he made love to the wild cowgirl on the open prairie. A time he could never put to rest, because she was the best lay he had ever had. She was unforgettable!  The memory of when they completed their union, the magical aurora he saw that encased her body when the sunset rays kissed her naked body, was extraterrestrial.  He knew then she had an untamed soul, and a supernatural spiritual power that was unnameable laying dormant that she could not phantom.

As he watch her battling with changes she didn’t understand, his heart soften and got out of the tub.  He wrapped her body with a towel, then added one around his hips. “Come wild thing lets lay down and hold each other.  I think some hugging time is due?”  Celeste smiled in the mirror and softly spoke.  “I do not scare you Gary?”  He turned her around to face him, and softly caressed her face.  “I must confess to you, I remember feeling and seeing that power you speak of now.  You were so innocent and naive in the world, but I didn’t understand about this spiritual stuff myself.  All I know is you were a mysterious magical creature sent from the heavens, and I fell in love with you.” Gary softly touched her wet lips with his finger and said.  “My heart broke when I heard your lonely sad childhood story you told to that stallion.  That day I saw a ring of light around your body, and new you were someone special.  It is amazing how earth bound, forgiving, and kind spirited you stayed in personality. You darlin’ Celeste are a free spirit, and there is no one like you.  I think you are the last of your breed earth girl!  Now come and lets get some rest.  I am sure it is around six in the morning.”  

Celeste smiled at Gary, he made her feel it was the right choice to tell him everything without feeling loco in the head. She followed him to the bed as they both crawled in, and began to snuggle their bodies together.  “Thank you Gary, I am bless to have seen you tonight.  I am starting to believe we were meant to see each other for a reason. Humm…Perhaps your my Yin and I am your Yang.” Celeste’s eye lids were slowly closing. She felt beautiful and at peace wrapped into Gary’s arm and laying down upon his chest while he stroked her hair and body to sleep. 

“Don’t think anymore my beauty…just rest.  You can not change what is happening to you.  For the first time in your life my babe, I think you are being set on a course that might be your last path you travel on.”  Gary didn’t hear a response, except he felt her deep sleep breathing.  He smiled to himself how fabulous she felt next to his body, and he too drifted off so sleep.


picture by:  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=kXo4j_kAPDltzM&tbnid=_OUanvI6Y6V25M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sigis-art.com%2FYin_Yang_Anesh_and_Lara.html&ei=4xd9UrjICo_NkQeri4HYBQ&bvm=bv.56146854,d.eW0&psig=AFQjCNGiOACVvqPo0PlKkIet3O1EfTvxow&ust=1384016209358717  




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