She Wouldn’t Be Gone!

It was three in the afternoon when Celeste woke up to a empty bed.  Stretching her long body to work the kinks out, she smiled to know that she had finally slept.  As she stared out the window at the bay, she remembered Gary; however, her thoughts were interrupted by wolf flying in the air and jumping on the bed next to her.  “Wolf, you know better what the heck you on the bed for?”  Wolf licked her face, she giggle like a little girl with glee and started to wrestle with the wolf.

“Well, this is a nice site!” They both stopped playing on the king size bed when Gary walked into the room with a tray of fruit and coffee.  Celeste smiled heavenly at Gary with a messy bed head while wolf jumped off the bed and she covered her body with the covers.  Gary couldn’t stop looking at her.  She was even more breath taking to look at when she woke up.  He had slept a few hours, but woke up earlier because he didn’t want to miss a moment to look upon the sleeping Celeste.  Too many years had passed not seeing her, and he was not going to miss this opportunity.

“For me?”  Celeste cheerily asked.  “Yes, my queen!”  Gary commented back.  Celeste glowed with love, and sat up while propping the pillows against the headboard. She immediately thought of Jack and asked in a concerned tone.  “Jack?  Where is Jack, Gary?”

“Right here girl!  It’s about time you finally had slept.”  Jack walked into her bedroom and sat down on one of the chairs by the fireplace.  Gary raised his eyebrows at the man.  Celeste didn’t blink an eye when she sat up nude in the bed covered up by the covers while all her men joined her.   She chuckled at Gary silently and his unsettling feelings that everyone was in her room.

Celeste didn’t wait, she quickly made the situation smooth and cool by asking Gary a question.  “So, you have met my Jack?”  Gary sat down next to her in bed and answered.  “Yes, I have and it’s a pleasure to met an interesting person more than yourself wild one.”  Jack looked at Celeste in question.  “Jack, Gary and I have known each other since I was eighteen years old.”

“I know it girl, he filled me in about the whole story of you two.”  Celeste looked at Gary with concern.  “I had too Celeste, he was going to cut my balls off.”  Celeste busted out in laughter. She tried to stop laughing but could only imagine how Jack would have cut Gary’s jingle bells if he didn’t protect himself.  “I am assuming you both settled in the middle.”  The men said in unison “We have!”

“Nujalik, since you have slept your day away what are our plans for the rest of the day?”  Jack lightly spoke. “Well I didn’t expect to sleep, but I have a few things to do in town.  Plus I will have to take Gary back to his hotel because he has a busy night ahead of him. I hope Gary, you were able to sleep a little?”  Gary glowed, “Indeed I did.”  She looked at Jack and asked, “We have only tonight to be in this house Jack, then we leave first thing in the morning.  Is there something you would like to do my darlin’?”  Jack shook his head no silently.

Gary immediately said, “How about the two of you come to my show tonight?”  Jack gave Gary a scrunched up muddle look.  “Jack, Gary is a Musician and a thumping good one too!”  Celeste softly said to Jack.   “I am sorry my darlin’ Gary, we have a lot to get ready before we leave.  I thank you for the offer, but I think Jack will not be able to handle tons of people who are going to a concert.”   Gary didn’t say anything until Celeste broke the silence.  “How about Gary, you singing me that song in acapella?  I didn’t really get to hear it, plus I think it’s pretty groovy to be serenade in bed. Besides, I think you must sing for payment for sleeping in bed with me.”  She gave Gary a daring wink with a smirk, Gary smiled.

As he began to sing in his rich beautiful voice, Wolf immediately perked up to the tone Gary was singing in.  His ears piped up as he twisted his handsome big head to and fro.  Celeste’s eyes were only for Gary as he warbled the beautiful song out.  Until, wolf decide to give Gary some back up singing.  They all smiled with joy as Wolf howled in tune to Gary’s melody.  She couldn’t concentrate on the words any longer.  She began to crack up with laughter, while Jack did the same.  Nevertheless, being the show man Gary was, he didn’t miss a lick to the song and kept on singing while trying to contain his laughter.

What an odd group to say the least, but everyone was comfortable with each other.  It took about a half an hour when Gary said good-bye to Jack and Wolf.  Celeste took him back to his hotel, and when it came time for the pair to say their farewells, Gary asked her a question while rain drops fell upon her window. “Celeste, will I see you again if I leave you now?”

In reality she knew it was her last time to see him, but part of her wanted to spend one more time with the gentle man and shag him rotten since they did not make love.  She sat quietly pondering his catechism. He felt her deliberating his inquest to a heavy degree. “Okay, girl if you don’t mind, may I come back to the house after I get done with my show?”  She beamed and said yes with gaiety.

Before Gary got out of the monster truck, he kissed the shit out of her, leaving her weak in the knees.  She drove out of the hotel parking lot and headed to a dealership.  She was going to trade her truck in for another and use her maiden last name to register it.  She knew she needed to get rid of her last item that was in her married name to hide her tracks from her husband.  It would take her husband a while to find her, because she didn’t use credit cards and didn’t work.  She had no clue what he was thinking or doing at this time, nor did she care. She had to prepare herself to go into hiding, and getting rid of her truck, was the last link.

As she watched the rain suddenly come down in buckets when she pulled into the Dodge dealership, she felt the heavens were crying for her and the last link to her past.  She sat inside the truck for a few moments trying to get her composure together listening to a Blake Shelton tune. She thought strong and sure as she listened to the truth of his words “She Wouldn’t Be Gone.”  When the song was almost over she was interrupted by a smiling lady sales person holding an umbrella and knocking on her window.

Little did she know, her husband was doing actually what the song was saying as she sat in the dealership ready to get rid of her truck…


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