“That’s right Baby! Get your motor running cause I’m Born to Be Wild!”

Back in New Mexico, Celeste’s husband was having a blow out search party for her. It had been almost four days that she had not return. It would’ve been easier for him to find her if she had friends like he did, but she did not. He knew he screwed up the night he came home smashed. The sad part was he couldn’t remember the evening at all. He woke up in Celeste’s slipper tub confused and feeling sick. After he spent the rest of the day in bed nursing his hangover, he sat up in bed pondering on Celeste. His eyes locked on one picture missing from their bedroom wall.

He instantly went around their home looking at things she might have taken. But he took note that all her belongings were still hanging in the closet and thought if she went back to the forest, there was no way of finding her. He knew his wife was a loner and could survive in the mountains without help. He immediately remembered the box she kept under lock and key in the storage shed. With speed he went to the outside garage and tried to look for her cedar chest, only it was gone. The horses began to whinny to him, but he paid them no attention.
He sat at the dinning room table on the third day holding his achy head when he quickly thought of his children. As he picked up the phone to call his daughters to see if Celeste was visiting with them, he felt nervous and shameful. After learning from both of his daughter’s they had not heard from their mother, he became worried that Celeste honored her words of warning and finally flew the coop, but where? “She didn’t have money nor did she take any of our savings, so she will return I am sure of it!” He felt confident.

While sitting at the table he heard the horses going crazy. He got up and went back outside to check on them thinking Celeste had returned. Only she did not, again he took note that all her horses were in their pens. Quad was prancing around tossing his head while whinnying out of control. “Where she go boy?” He asked the great stallion. When he spoke out the question, he realized Celeste didn’t go to the woods, because she would have never left without taking Quadrant.
He walked back inside his home and grabbed a beer in the refrigerator and downed the contents in the bottle. “She did it…she finally left me?” He reasoned out loud. With haste, a quick thought came to his mind, to call in a favor from his friend who was a Police Sergeant. After his friend ran a check on her truck, and came up empty handed. He also called the credit card company to see if she had used the card. Only she did not! Her path was cold and untraceable. He waited a few moments before yelling out with a cocky attitude. “Well I can wait, because I know she can’t live without me. She loves me! Besides she can’t go too far without the use of money!”

After that statement, he went to the living room, turned on the TV to watch football, and decided to get drunk once again. Only he could not focus on the game, and the spirits that drowned his thinking didn’t taste good anymore. As he sat thinking about his earthy wife an ugly feeling invaded his senses, making him realize without a shadow of doubt, she was gone for good. He looked around his quiet home and began to cry knowing he had lost the only woman he has ever loved.

Celeste walked out of the dealership with a heavy heart. Happy she grabbed the title to her truck and had full ownership, the transaction went off without a hitch. The rain was still coming down as she got into her used white Dodge truck. The truck was newer than her red one, adding more a plush feeling inside the cab and a smoother ride. She had paid a few thousand dollars to the cost of the newer truck. Making it to where she had paid the vehicle off and put it into her maiden name. She was lucky to have a female salesman. Celeste poured her heart out to her sales lady about leaving her husband and not wanting to be found. The woman worked diligently on the transaction for her safety. In the end she was handsomely reward with cash by Celeste, while making sure the truck would not be sold again for a month. Celeste paid the dealership the extra service to keep her truck safe from her husband once he releases the blood hounds on her. As she turned on some tunes to relieve her sorrow, The Hinders wailed out Born to be Wild. She jacked the radio up louder while yelling out “That’s right baby! Get your motor running, cause I’m Born to be Wild!” She knew that the song was from The Steppingwolf band, but the Hinder’s she thought brought it to the table!~
When the spitfire arrived back at the rental home, she was bound and determined to go walk in the rain down by the water shore. Jack and Wolf were happy to see their friend and was glad to join her in the rain. Happy for the rain drops that hid her tears, the three traveled down the muddy banks. Jack left her to her emotions, he could feel she had cut the last link to her marriage. His heart was breaking for her. She had given up so much for him to return safely home, yet he had a nagging feeling that Mother Earth also had a piece of her and was waiting for payment!

Video by: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqgM240GoU4


2 thoughts on ““That’s right Baby! Get your motor running cause I’m Born to Be Wild!”

    1. Mi Casa es su Casa! I am only happy to accommodate you, and am pleased you stopped by for some coffee…teehee Thank you so much for reading and I TOO loved your photos! I will visit your site more too!

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