“Please sit down child of the earth and light. We have much to talk about.” Lilly smiled at Celeste. Celeste obeyed and picked up her cup of tea while never taking her eyes off of the witch.


As the old man walked down his step to get to the beach with arms laden with towels, the group was about to leave when the old man approached them.  Wolf stayed close to her while Jack was still laughing. “I know this is odd, but my wife would like to have tea with you guys.  We have a mud room where you silly willy’s can get cleaned up if you care to join us?”  Celeste raised an dirty eyebrow at the man.  She could feel his need to have them join the older couple for tea. She quickly looked at the house where the man came from and saw the elder lady wrapped in a blanket waving at her.  She felt something odd with the figure but she was not threatening.

Jack immediately said no, but Celeste looked at her muddy group and decided they would be delighted to have a cup of warm tea.  Besides the rain had finally stopped and they couldn’t go back to the beautiful home they rented in a muddy mess.  So all three followed the old man up the stairs.

Celeste took Wolf inside the shower with her and cleaned both of themselves until they were presentable.  When she and wolf got out of the shower a clean robe was waiting for her.  She quickly rubbed the wolf down until he was almost dry.  Jack followed suit and in no time at all they were ready to meet the elder woman.   “Leave those dirty clothes there, I will rinse them out and throw them into the washer.” The man said to Celeste and Jack. Jack didn’t say a word he just followed suit.

“Wolf you stay here in this room, Jack and I will return.” Celeste kissed the wolf’s head and followed the man to meet his wife.  She took note that the home was rich and decorated in French decor.  She could smell the scent of lavender and chamomile when she walked into the beautiful sun room.  The minute Celeste’s eyes met the woman she felt a spiritual aura that was unexplained.

“Hello you silly people, thank you for joining us.  Please take a seat and have some tea.”  The lady offered in greeting.  Jack still didn’t say a word as the both of them found a seat to enjoy a cup of tea. Jack was staring out of the windows looking at the bay, while Celeste didn’t blink she and the woman were staring at each other.

Her husband broke the spell between his wife and Celeste when he came in to join them, and sat next to Jack.  They were quiet for a few moments when Celeste gathered her composure.  “I thank ya kindly for the invite and the hospitality.  Odd as it is, we are bless to have your company.” Celeste introduced herself and Jack to the couple, and they did the same.

“Your a half-breed?” Lilly asked Celeste.  Celeste wasn’t sure how to handle the woman.  She wreaked of spiritual power.  She looked at Jack and felt he too was experiencing the same thing she took note on.  “I am.” Celeste answered. Lilly looked at Jack and said, “So are you, and welcome home Wounded Soldier. Your secret is safe with us.” Jack and Celeste both looked at each other shocked that she would dare to say what she thought.

Her husband couldn’t believe her statement, but offered a comment to smooth the company’s minds. “My Lilly is a Tarot Reader but is retired, please forgive her it just comes naturally to her.”  Both her and Jack became uncomfortable until James soften the blow.  “I too am a surviving soldier of World War II.” Lilly watched the two with eagle eyes.  Her mind was being ripped to part with the two’s energy and their past lives.

“James how about you and Jack go into the kitchen for a few moments and bring some cookies and cheese and crackers, while I talk with this young lady.” Celeste didn’t want to be alone with her.  She got up and said, “Thank you so much for your kindness, but I think we need to leave.”  Jack stood up with Celeste and was ready to leave; however, Lilly spoke out with amusement in her eyes. “What you can’t handle the truth?  I double dog dare you to stick around, besides I have been waiting for you for many years; and not to mention your clothes are being washed right now, so you can’t leave until they are done.”

Lilly said the wrong thing to Celeste, she became defensive.  “Watch out woman, I take dares seriously! Just to let you know I will walk out of this house nude if I have too.  Clothes mean shit to me lady!”  Lilly chuckled at Celeste.  “James I have a feisty girl here who needs a reality check, so I have to trend lightly, please take Jack with you.” Jack was getting nervous and finally spoke out.  “Your a witch! Aren’t you?”

Lilly smiled at Jack and replied.  “I have been called worse Soldier, please I mean no harm.  So please appease me, and let me get this out!  Just to let you know I am not a witch but I am a Psychic Medium.” Celeste was confused yet wanted to hear what she had to say. She nodded to Jack then spoke quietly inside Jack’s mind. “Don’t think I can’t hear you two!” They both stopped their silent communication and stared at the determined Lilly.

James lightly stated while trying to clear the angry energy, “Come Jack let’s leave these ladies talk while we prep some munchies.”  Jack looked at Celeste with worry, she nodded as Jack followed James out of the sun room.

“Please sit down child of the earth and light.  We have much to talk about.” Lilly smiled at Celeste, Celeste obeyed and picked up her cup of tea while never taking her eyes off of the witch.

Picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=NWi51RjmcbHk6M&tbnid=Fuhp8OYhl0cPfM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fportelizabeth.olx.co.za%2Fpsychic-reader-medium-spiritual-healer-tarot-reader-iid-556016884&ei=106CUoWbFZK-2AWA84HQBA&bvm=bv.56146854,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHp3RZa-bqKvVCPVcWKWpoUs-CBIg&ust=1384354752715940


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