“Faithful companion to Hialeah Elena you love her so much, huh boy? Know this beast, you will never be separated from your love, until death do you part!” Wolf howled at Lilly.


Lilly and Celeste looked at each other for a short period of time before Lilly spoke up.  She put her tea cup down and was going to begin when Celeste interrupted her.  Celeste was feeling uneasy and needed to clear the air before Lilly began.  “I hope your not a crack pot, because I don’t have the time for this.” Lilly smiled and choose her words carefully.

“Amazing young lady, you have no clue that you are favored by Mother Earth and the light of existence.  I have seen your story Celeste, and been waiting to meet you for a very long time.  You are strong in heart and faithful to Mother Earth.  So innocent and naive you were when you began your journey with her in your childhood days.  You have a spirit of a little child at play Celeste.  The beautiful part about you is you’ve stayed humble, loving, and giving!  Most people change with the coming years with so much pain, confusion, anger in their life, but not you.” Celeste watched the lovely lady ponder on her thoughts then fiddled with her tea cup’s handle.  Lilly too began to let her tears fall. “You have had a very hard life my dear, and I have seen imagines of your wild life as you have endured them with a loving, patient soul.”  Celeste stayed quiet.

“Your lost mother that gave birth to you has passed many years ago, and your father has followed her.” Celeste didn’t know how to feel, she stayed silent and let Lilly complete her reading.  “Also, your first love who wronged you passed when you left Ohio to start a new life for yourself.  He was on a race against time to find you, only to meet his death in a very bad car accident.” Celeste’s reaction was more stunned that Lilly would know this about her.

“You are now running from a marriage that has been going no where. He will never change and will die of alcohol. Have no fear little one, he will never find you!  Mother Earth has taken care of your safety, along with your grandfather who you loved more than life itself. Your Cherokee grandmother warned you a long time ago about your gift, but she was unable to tell you everything.  Which you still to this day carry her letter in the cedar chest you hold dear to your heart.  But there is a price to pay Celeste, and I wouldn’t call it a price of payment,  I would look at it as a reward.  Funny thing about you little one, is who you will become in a few months that will be amazing and really bizarre.  Just recently, you have met up with another person from your pass that you have loved; however, you will not stay with him and he knows it.  He is in your life now to let you know that you are unforgettable and were truly loved, but you have one more person who is your equal in human form to see.   He is your soul-mate.”

Lilly wanted to hug Celeste, she could feel her heart breaking with the news she presented to her.  She needed to finish her reading before she broke down and cried for the wild spitfire’s history of life.  “Your so beautiful and truly the last of your breed lovely Hialeah Elena! Fear not and stay strong child; because, you will be granted the gift of eternal life in the wild, along with your faithful companion Wolf! Jack has named you in his culture correctly, you will be stunning and powerful in the next few months. Also, the tree that grows on your back is proof you are bound for greater things!  One more piece of information that I must pass on to you spiritual Hialeah.  Remember  this, It is your road, and yours alone.  Other’s may walk with you, but no one can walk it for you! ”

Lilly was extremely exhausted when she finished her speech to Celeste.  The two sat silently looking out at the bay when the men walked into the sun room.  Jack gave Lilly a dirty look when he took note that Celeste was in a daze and very upset.  “What did you say to her woman?” Jack barked out.

James came to his wife’s defense.  “I will not have you talk to my wife like that Jack.  She only does what comes natural to her.  So if you don’t mind I would like for you to show her respect even if you think she is a witch.”  Celeste got up from her chair and hugged Jack while whispering into his ear.  “It’s okay my man, she did not harm me, but gave me answers that I have sought out for many years.”

The odd group smiled at each other when they heard the cry of the wolf who was in the mud room waiting for his family to return.  Lilly asked James to bring the beast into the room.  He left and in a few seconds Wolf entered the room and went straight to Celeste whining.  Lilly was shocked to see how huge the wolf was.  She did not fear him, to her it was just amazing to see a wolf this large and in love with a human.  Wolf when satisfied Celeste was okay, he walked over to Lilly sat down by her feet and stared at her.

“Faithful companion to Hialeah Elena you love her so much, huh boy?  Know this beast, you will never be separated from your love, until death do you part!”  Wolf howled at Lilly.   She slightly reached her hand out and softly patted the Canine Lupus’s head with love.  Unable to speak another word to her company, she let her tears of sorrow fall.


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