Let’s give an applause to our hot little kitty in the cage. Hope you enjoyed her show.”


Celeste watched as the crew assemble a cage on stage.  Gary left her in a safe spot so he could get ready for his show, but quickly added if anyone wanted her to move out of the way she was safe to do so.  She was amazed how quick the roadies prepared the stage.  In a matter of minutes they completed the cage and covered it with a red curtain. She could feel an electric charge going on as all the crew were working diligently to set up the stage.

A man approached her with haste and started to bark at her. “What you doing over here, you need to get in the cage because the show is about to start.  You look smashing in that leather outfit what a great idea, and thank you for replacing one of our girls.”   The man quickly stated to her.  Celeste didn’t understand, but followed him.  She thought it weird that they would hide her in a cage; nevertheless, she began to wonder how she was going to watch the show with the red curtain obscuring her view.

“How the heck am I going to watch the show, if I am locked up here?” She said to herself.  As she was getting ready to leave the cage, she heard the band entered the stage. The crowd went crazy, and the next thing she knew, the announcer introduce Gary and his band.   Celeste bent down on the floor of the cage and tried to lift the curtain up so she could see what was happening.

Unable to see a thing on stage due to many lights she recognized Gary’s legs.  She tried to call out to him but the crowd deafen her voice.  “Thank you all for coming we are excited to be here to entertain you cats.  We have lots of special things to show you, so without due let’s rock!”  Celeste had enough of waiting and got up off the floor.  When she was about to get out of the cage the curtain fell to the floor.

The crowd went berserk when Celeste had her back to the people.  Gary turned around and was going to introduce his cage dancer when he saw the shocked look on Celeste’s face.  He didn’t know what to do but cover their mistake.  He quickly went over to the stunned girl stating in a concerned voice.  “What the hell did you get yourself into girl?” She couldn’t hear a word he said because of the loud crowd.  She could only shake her head no and then turned to face Gary and took hold of the bars.

“Celeste you are going to have to dance for me, its too late to get you off the stage.” Gary wanted to laugh but could not.  He saw the confusion on her face. He stepped up and kissed her lips through the bars which made the crowd scream even louder.  “I don’t know if I can? I have never done this before!” As she finished her sentence the drummer began to beat his drums.  She looked around the stage at all the band members and notice Gary’s friend busting up with laughter.

She would be damn if she disappointed or embarrassed Gary so she nodded and said, “I will do my best!” Gary gave her wink and began to play. It was hard to say the least for Gary when his attention was on Celeste.  She began to move lightly and became more confident with each minute that passed by.  As she let the music sway her hips, she really started to let loose to the jazzy tune.

Gary smiled at her.  She kept her eyes on him when she danced seductively. In reality she was getting to like cage dancing, but to have a shit load of people watching her was another story.  She looked at Gary’s friend who played the steel guitar and stuck her tongue out at him.  His smile was priceless.

For over two hours Celeste danced, she became creative and rocked the floor with all kinds of cool moves. While Gary would go back and forth in front of her cage to serenade her with his incredible talent, they both smiled at each other with so much amusement.

As the show started to come to an end, Gary and his Lickety Lick band calmed the crowd down with their final song of the night.  Gary walked over to a man on the side of the stage and asked him to release Celeste from the cage and bring her over to him.

“This is the last song of the night.  Let’s give an applause to our hot little kitty in the cage.  Hope you enjoyed her show.” The crowds applause got louder when the shy Celeste was handed over to Gary.  A man brought out two stools for Celeste and Gary to sit on.  She didn’t know what to do but stayed focus on Gary’s energy.

“This last song means a lot to me, it is about this lovely lady sitting next to me!”  Celeste didn’t look out to the crowd she kept her eyes on Gary.  It was so quiet that she could hear a pin drop when Gary started to sing his beautiful melody to her.  Celeste was so nervous but fell in love with Gary’s rich voice and wicked smile.  She was able to really listen to the words of his song and loved everything about it.

Part of her wanted to stop him from singing and kiss him, but she sat still on the stool with tears falling down her cheeks until he finished.  The crowd went crazy as he bowed to his audience and turned and kissed the shit out of Celeste on stage in front of everyone.  When they came up for air she was breathless, speechless and extremely embarrassed, but managed to say thank you to him.  Gary whispered I love you, an at that moment Celeste truly felt love for the first time in her life. What a night, what a banging night for the spitfire!

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=UFK-LvVpIe47-M&tbnid=kJFSpLcE_b-JjM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.gossipguy.co.za%2F2010%2F02%2Fcelebrity-quick-bytes-grant-nash-q.html&ei=rtyEUuG7D6yK2QWOu4G4AQ&bvm=bv.56343320,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGp_odV8fP3lmZWoiFq0Og-X-ZFkg&ust=1384525133243600


6 thoughts on “Let’s give an applause to our hot little kitty in the cage. Hope you enjoyed her show.”

  1. OMG This post was awesome. Now they should have given Celeste a whip. Poor cowgirl she really does get herself into some funny situations. 😉

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