“You look hot my little kitty kitty.” Celeste busted out with laughter.


Celeste was beside herself as she felt what Lilly was experiencing.  “Please do not weep for me, I am bless to have you be the one who knows my shame and fate.  Please tell my parents I forgive them.  Jack I think it is time for us to go it is getting late.  Sir do you think our clothes are done?”  Celeste asked James.  “I am sure they are by now, I will go get them.”  James left the group as Celeste knee-led down on the floor by Lilly. She took her hand with grace and kissed it.

There was too many things to say and not enough time to get them out when James came back with their clothing.  “Jack go get dress, I just need a few moments with James and Lilly.  I will meet you in the mud room and please take Wolf with you.”  Jack did what he was asked to do and left Celeste to her task.  Lilly immediately started to cry harder.  “What a sad and lonely life you have lead dear child.  You were so young and brave through your trials.  You were wronged by the ones who loved you the most.”  Celeste swallowed her pride and said in a caring manner.  “I was not wronged my lady.  I was taught valuable lessons in my life; besides, without those teachings I would not be who I am today!  I am Hialeah Elena Nujalik of the Cherokee long hair clan.  I’m proud to be the grand-daughter of Henry from Scotland, and I have two beautiful daughters who are part of me. I am proud to be the daughter of Mother Earth and child of the light!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me see it.  I am sorry that I have drained the last bit of your energy.  Your ordain task is complete!  May the rest of your life be filled with joy, and beautiful flowers and don’t forget to laugh.  Remember Lilly, each petal of a flower is different than the next, If you watch them open up, you will see their glory, but it takes a very special person to behold the beauty inside the flower.  Thank you for your hospitality, may both of your paths always be lit by sunlight. Good night you beautiful people, may God bless you both always.”  She got up off her knees and hugged the two with all her might then left and headed to the mud room.

They left the home when the sun was setting and began to head back to their rental home, neither of them uttered a word.  “Okay hombre this is the plan.  I will make us something for dinner and then I planned to go see Gary play.  I will return later tonight so be ready to leave at the break of dawn.”  Jack nodded and began to tidy the home up while Celeste made a smashing delicious dinner for her family.

After dinner, Celeste was nervous as she got herself ready.  She looked in the mirror and noticed the tree on her back had covered her rear and was crawling down her back of thighs. Unable to do a thing about it, she quickly put on her evening wear.  When she walked out of her bedroom Jack tried to whistle but could not.  He looked at his Nujalik and thought she was the prettiest gal in town. “Holy gosh girl, you’re looking pretty good in those leather pants and jacket.”  Celeste smiled with joy, then quickly blushed.  “Thank you Jack, you don’t think it’s too much do you?” He answered in a shy way.  “I would not know about that Nujalik, but I do believe you would put a few ladies to shame with your beauty.  Besides, if you ask me I like you better as a wild woman, but that is my opinion.”  She hugged him tight and didn’t want to let go of him.  “Woman, your too strong your gonna squish the shit out of me!”  She gave him a peck on the cheek and left him and wolf.

Celeste pulled up to the concert hall and parked her truck.  She was running a little late and could hear a band playing.  Going to the ticket window she asked if they had anymore tickets available for the show.  “I am sorry we are sold out.”  The ticket man said.  “Shit what am I going to do now?  I should have told him I would go. Damn it, stupid me!”  She said as she walked away from the booth.

Luck shined on Celeste when she was walking back to her truck.  She watched a few catering people bring out trays laden with food.  They were heading backstage when Celeste had a brilliant idea.  She approached the people and stated her case.  In the end, she was so thankful to help the caters bring in the food. In reality the people thought she was with the band and smiled when she made up a story about meeting up with a lover.  Thanking them very much she had gained access to the back stage, she decided to join the crowd and not stay back stage with all the groupies.

She was amazed to see the place crowded.  Every seat in the house was taken except on the floor where people stood and rocked out to the opening band. She joined them and didn’t know who she was standing next too when the man smiled at her and said.  “Your the girl I saw last night at the bar.  Remember me?”  Celeste realized he was the same guy who asked her to dance.  “Indeed I do, sir.”  She yelled out to be heard over the loud music.  “You should be back stage Celeste, why are you here in this crowd.”  She smiled but didn’t answer him when the band finished playing their set.  “How about I buy you a drink and then we can return.  Gary’s band should be on pretty soon.”  She turned him down and stayed right where she was, explaining to him she would save his spot.

The man returned promptly and gave her a beer.  “Thank you it is very kind of you to buy me a drink.”  She smiled and took a drink of the liquid.  “So, your the girl Gary is in love with. How old are you by the way?”  Celeste blushed.  “Do you know it is rude to ask a lady her age?  But I will let you in on a secret…I am fifty three years old.”  The man was flabbergasted.  “NO WAY!”  He yelled out.  “You must have had plastic surgery done.  Is your tits real?”  Celeste scowled at the man.  She so wanted to punch him in the face for his rude comment.  Instead she took it with a grain of salt and said in a smart-ass tone.  “Want to feel them and see for yourself buckaroo?”

She could see in his eyes he so wanted too, but said instead.  “Hell if I touch them I might get the crap beat out of me; besides I think my friend Gary wouldn’t like it.”  Celeste became confused…”Your friend?  Is Gary your friend?”

“Indeed he is!  But not for long if he talks like that and quits acting like a man whore.”  Celeste quickly turned around and saw the anger in Gary’s face.  He was in disguised so no one knew who he was; however, Celeste knew it was him.  “This is my Que to go back stage and get ready.”  The man left the two standing silently looking at each other.

“I thought I saw you backstage but wasn’t sure, so I followed you here?”  Gary said to her while he checked her out from head to toe. “You look hot my little kitty kitty.”  Celeste busted out with laughter.  “Come back stage with me so I can keep an eye out on you. You don’t belong in this crowd.”  She reached for his hand thankfully and both proceeded to go back stage.

Picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=PgaYHwRQ-XxaNM&tbnid=x8m_pF5QTj1pAM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmegurobonin.deviantart.com%2Fart%2FHere-Kitty-Kitty-366264004&ei=BSeEUtiHBuml2AX_koDICA&bvm=bv.56343320,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGRZ9SqZ5NsEgOzMRVG8SpsnLasPg&ust=1384478797148651


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