“You’ve killed me softly with your song, thank you for everything.”

Celeste walked around the gorgeous smelling room deep in thought while Gary popped some bubbly. She could feel his nervous energy as he set the two up with their drinks. Celeste slowly walked over to the fountain on the table and dipped her finger into the chocolate. Tasting the yummy delight she picked up a strawberry and covered it with chocolate and then slowly took a bite of the delicious morsel. She began to stare at the twinkling lights on the ceiling while eating her goody. Gary interrupted her dream world when he handed her a glass of wine.

She looked at him with love, thanking him when she took her flute. When he saw her chocolate cover lips he wanted to laugh at the spitfire, but instead enfolded her body against his and licked her lips clean. “So tasty you are my pet,” he cooed. Her body hummed with excitement with his playful words and kiss. They both took a drink, but Celeste did not sip her’s, she downed it in one gulp. “You better go easy on that my beauty, or you will be smashed before we begin this dance of love making.”

“Sorry my darlin’, I think I am just about as nervous as you are at this moment. I must confess Gary, it has been a very long time since I held a man into my arms, so please forgive my gluttony. I will try to slow down, may I have some more please?” Gary filled her glass again to the rim.

“Come let’s sit down and enjoy this delightful table of goods, then we can relax and let things happen as they come.” She smile at him as he pulled her chair out to sit on. “Gary, the song you wrote about me is incredible. I will never forget this moment for the rest of my life. Not to mention, the banging time I had in that damn cage. Who came up with that idea anyways?” Gary laughed at her words then softly stated. “It originated in Los Angeles at a place called the Whiskey Go Go in the sixties. Celeste, after I watched you dance tonight, and it being your first time ever doing it, I do believe you would be a dynamite Go Go Dancer.” She could see the merriment in his eyes. “Stop that, I could never be a girly girl my love. I am just glad I didn’t mess up your show; but it was you who made me feel alive and soften the damn situation I got myself into.” They both laughed.

After having several glasses of champagne she started to relax as their conversation became hysterical. They both laughed about everything and anything until Gary got up and went over to the bed and picked up a small box and handed it to her. “Before I give this too you, I know our time together is short. Jack told me a lot about you when we talked in the morning while you slept for the first time in days. I know you have a task that will take you away from me. Part of me wants to beg you to stay with me, but I can’t ask that of you knowing now that some higher power has a hold on you. So I couldn’t pass this up today after you dropped me off. I hope you don’t mind my little foxy feline.” Celeste became giddy. She slowly opened the beautiful wrapped box and opened the container. Inside was a dazzling crafted necklace of the circle of life with an exquisite emerald stone at the end of the circle, she was blown away.

Teary eyed, Celeste couldn’t say a word when Gary asked her if he could put it on her. She stood up and felt the affects of the alcohol beginning to relax her body. “It reminded me of your eye color when you become sexually charged.” She lightly stroked the symbol. “It’s breath taking thank you!” She turned around to face him and that’s all she wrote.

The two lovers hungrily made love to each other throughout the evening and into the early morning hours. Clever Celeste astonished Gary by utilizing the chocolate fondue while they covered and licked their bodies clean. To her he felt fabulous an actually better than when they first made love a long time ago. She didn’t want the feeling to end but made sure Gary would never forget her. After they quenched their hunger for each other they were sedated with the aftermath and stayed embraced into each others arms.
When the time came for her to leave, they held each other tightly while Celeste cried. “I will love you always my music man. Today, tomorrow and forever. You have given me the gift of being loved, I am bless and humbled. Can you forgive me for not accepting your proposal a long time ago. What a young fool I was.” Gary softly kissed her lips again and said, “Never say sorry my love, you were so young and on a path of freedom. I could not take that away from you. I was just happy to have known you, and was delighted to see you once again.”

They made love one more time, while the intensity of their last union blew her away. She got up to get dressed when Gary took noticed the tree tattoo went further down her legs touching her calf’s. His heart broke for her. When she finished dressing she turned around and gazed upon Gary. The bed was a chocolate mess which made her light up with joy and then she looked around at the romantic room one more time and let her tears fall of happiness.
“Goodbye my love, I shall hope to see you again in another life time. I just want to say I don’t say I love you in a flamboyant way. When I say I love you I mean it! So I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you. I will love you forever my darlin’.”
Gary uncovered himself and got up from the chocolate bed to hold her tightly. “Indeed Cowgirl, until we meet again. Safe journey baby, and know I will always be waiting for you.” They kissed one more time passionately before Celeste walked out of the room, but before she did, she said her last words to him. “You’ve killed me softly with your song, thank you for everything.” She gave him a wink with her eye and closed the door with a broken heart.


17 thoughts on ““You’ve killed me softly with your song, thank you for everything.”

  1. Oh so beautiful Slingshot. Just truly fascinating to have been loved than never been loved before. You go girl what creativity you write with. I want a man like him,you melted my heart.

          1. Arggghhh ! Ha… Ha ha. Quite a jester, Wolf ! πŸ˜‰

            p.s. please tell Wolf that chocolate is dangerous to wolves and dogs alike. πŸ˜‰

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