“Okay fancy pants, time to get up and get this show on the road!” Jack slowly came out of his sleep.


Jack and Celeste left the bar filling full and a little tipsy.  They both locked each other’s arms and began to sing songs, while they tried to walk in a straight line down the walkway of Juneau Alaska. The way was clear for them except for a few by standers who watched and giggled at them.  Celeste sang Gary’s song, while Jack sang a song in his language.  The two couldn’t be more out of sync with their music as they held each other up.  

Safe and sound they arrived at their hotel.  Jack kept making Celeste giggle to no end as she had to push his rear up the stairs that lead to their room.  Wolf whined at the door and was happy to see his friends.  He tried to get out of their way as Celeste lead Jack to his bed and tried to disrobe him to tuck him into bed.  The minute Jack tumbled onto the bed he busted out with har-de-har.  She lovingly covered his body with covers and said softly.  ” Rest my man, for tomorrow morning we rise for our flight.  I must go back to my truck to pick up a few things I left in my cedar chest.  So I will take wolf with me and we will see you later.” Jack did not hear Celeste, he immediately began to snore, falling fast asleep.

The weather was chilly and windy as the two hike to get to her truck.  Celeste sobered up quickly and was ready to gather her things when they arrived.  With care, she pulled her chest out of the inside of the truck and started her task.  Grabbing her bow and the arrows Jack made her, she got excited to know she was going to soon try out the beautiful crafted objects. She started to make a pile of things she would take.  The bag of money would stay in the trunk until she returned, but she did take out thirty grand for her trip into the deep ice world. She smiled as she counted her stash.  She decided to give Jack $20,000.00, to start is new life.

After she got all that she thought to take, an envelope fell out of the back of her cab’s truck.  She picked it up off the floor and was about to throw it back into the truck when she saw the address.  “Who in their right mind would know me from Egypt?”  She had to blink twice at the name on the letter.  It was addressed from the Prince of Egypt.  “No way, a frigging prince?”  She ripped open the letter and began to read it out loud.

Dear American Cowgirl,

I am writing to you in hopes that you would visit our country. My desires are for you to meet my world winning horse trainer.  He has heard of you cowgirl to be the best wild horse breaker and horse breeder, and has recommended that I extend an open invitation to come to our country. Please, I would be honored if you would consider to come to Cairo Egypt. My home will be open to you if you decide to come out.  You may reply by letter or by cell phone.

Celeste whistled, “Holy shit Wolf, do you believe the Prince of Egypt would like to meet me? I wonder who in the hell knows me?  Well he would have to wait; because, we have bigger fish to fry right now.”  She put the letter in her back pocket of her jeans and finished her task.  

They returned to the hotel with all her goods to take on her trip.  They had two more hours before they left.  Unable to stand Jack’s snoring, she left the room with Wolf in tow and headed down to the docks.  She began to think of Gary and how he filled her with so much love.  And as she touched her necklace, she suddenly became overwhelmed with his sorrow. She could feel his lost, and heard clearly in her mind him calling out for her to return to him.  She shook her head out of the thoughts as Wolf and her watched the busy men prepare their boats too leave to fish on the ocean, until it was time to leave to wake Jack up.

“Okay fancy pants, time to get up and get this show on the road!”  Jack slowly came out of his sleep.  He sat up in bed as Celeste handed him a hot cup of coffee.  “Just think Jack, you will be meeting your family in a few more hours.”  Jack smiled but added.  “I am scared and nervous Nujalik.  What would happen if I am jailed by the US when I return.”  Celeste smiled and handed him a passport.  “This is your new identity my man.  Thank Mother Earth for her explainable gifts when you live out your life in freedom.”  Jack took the passport and was amazed that it was him, but with a different name.  “How is that possible Nujalik?”  Celeste spoke out.  “Jack I have learned never to question the crazy shit that happens.  I expect you do the same.  So get up and put your best shorty’s on, cause you are going to have the best night of your life tonight!”


picture by:  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=31F8SB1iDrixwM&tbnid=-li89VoCqvy3UM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Facertaincinema.com%2Fmedia-tags%2Ffancy-pants%2F&ei=26CKUurOK-bl2AWk5oG4Aw&bvm=bv.56643336,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGzjcqNfI_6V0VDAX1s2Q0aonw2pw&ust=1384903015037417



4 thoughts on ““Okay fancy pants, time to get up and get this show on the road!” Jack slowly came out of his sleep.

    1. I too like yours Phil. I must find some time to spend on your site. And I am bless to have a friendship with another wonderful author as yourself! Thank you so much for reading my posts!

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