“Jack my love, your home at last!”


They arrived at the air strip ready to take their flight.  She had learned that Noatak didn’t have any roads to enter Jack’s village.  They had to either pick up ATV’s, snowmobiles, dog sledding, or a boat. She decided to wait till she got there to know what was the best transportation. Jack was nervous as all hell, he kept pacing back and forth till she finally spoke up.  “Jesus dude, your going to make your own air strip if you don’t stop pacing my darlin’.  Besides, Wolf keeps following you back and forth, and you both are driving me crazy with your nervous energy.”  Jack didn’t listen to her, he was too deep in thought to hear her words.  

She walked over to him, stopping his movement and hugged him tightly. “Easy my friend, do I have to get you a tranquilizer to stop you?”  He soften to her touch and smiled.  “I have never been this crazy in my life Nujalik.  I am so worried what will happen.” Celeste didn’t have time to reply when a man approached her.  “I am your pilot for the day are you my passengers?” He asked in a professional manner.  “Yes we are sir.” She responded.  “Well I have all your belongings loaded in the plane if you are ready to leave. Let me say we need to leave soon, there is a storm brewing and Noatak got hit with a lot of snow last night.  Noatak has a gravel air strip and it might be a bitch to land on snow.”  “Did my packages come from the bakery sir?” She kindly asked him.  He nodded yes as he checked out Wolf.

Jack was puzzled why she had packages from the bakery. “I ordered a bunch of those delicious chocolate goodies to take with us.  I know your tribe has limited shopping, and thought to bring peace offerings for everyone.” Jack smiled at his girl.  “Well let’s get loaded because you can never trust Alaska and her weather.” They followed their pilot and began their journey.

Celeste sat in the front with the pilot as Jack and Wolf sat in the back with their supplies.  She smiled at herself in remembering the first time she flew in a private plane with Gary.  The sights of the terrain just left her in awe.  She tried to absorb the winter land as she looked below. To her, Alaska was gorgeous! She had never seen a state so beautiful yet extremely wild in her life time. Even though she hated snow and the cold, she fell in love with the beauty of the land. 

Their pilot was excellent, he flew them across the mountains with skill.  He soared over a river knowing that it would be full of bears this time of year.  “Holy shit Jack, I see a ton of Grizzly bears eating fish. Oh man look at those moose’s down there too. Jack, Jack you got to see this.”  The pilot loved her energy, he could not stop his smiling at the spitfire’s happiness.  Jack didn’t want to see anything, he was nervous flying over the mountains for the first time since he enlisted into the service.  Wolf behaved himself and had fallen fast asleep.

Celeste was so excited that she laugh out loud when Jack didn’t answer her. “What’s a matter Jack, you turn chicken shit on me?” The pilot cackled.  So instead of listening to nothing, she began to ask questions to her pilot.  She wanted to learn everything she could about the Noatak territory.  

“Well young lady you will be 63 miles from the Arctic Circle.  The village is the only settlement in those parts too. Noatak is on the west bank of the Noatak river, and  lies on the western bounty of a  6.6 million acres of the Noatak National Preserve.  The Noatak National Preserve protects almost the entirety of the largest untouched river basin in America, that of the Noatak River.  All of the preserve, except for about 700,000 acres (280,000 ha) east of the village of Noatak, has been designated Wilderness. The wilderness is the fourth-largest in the United States.  The Eskimo’s use kayak’s to fish and hunt mostly.  Their main source of food is Walrus, Seal, Caribou, Moose, Brown and Black Bear, Polar Bears, Wolves and Salmon.  It depends the time of year what they can hunt.  It’s a very poor village, but they are very nice.” Celeste became worried when he said wolves.  She would be dipped in shit if she let them eat her friend.   

Before she knew it, they began to descend and landed safely on the air strip of Noatak.  Celeste looked back at Jack and noticed he no longer had dark color skin, he was pale white. She wanted to laugh at him but could not in his darkest hour. Softly she touched his arm and spoke out. “Jack my love, your home at last!”


27 thoughts on ““Jack my love, your home at last!”

      1. Never tried “bighorn sheep”. Don’t even even know what it looks like ! Rams ?

        Talking about hunting, you’re a bit like Céleste : hunting ! I can’t hunt. Fear of God of fire-arms. Sheepish… Bighorn speaking ! 😛

        Been in the army but never felt comfortable with fire-arms.

        I know of the “respect” between hunter and pray. Sacred. Respect. But i just don’t get over the killing.

        I’m chicken ! LOL

        I do respect hunters because i know the intimate link and respect that prevades. And i like meat ! 😛

        1. Coco, Sheep is delicious. It’s almost like lamb, but leaner. I think I put a picture of a Bighorn Sheep in the mountains of the Sangre De Cristo’s where Celeste met Jack! Actually it was a cool hunt between Celeste and Wolf. Check it out.
          You know I agree, I do not like guns, but I have used bow and arrow. Also, I too can’t shoot them with guns, because of the beauty of the creature. But if it is for food and survive, then I am all for it. Now we just go in on cost with friends for game meat to be hunted. It’s not a chicken thing Coco…truly! It’s the respect that you behold when eye to eye contact is captured. Other hunters are sicking but that is another story. 😦 😉
          Hummm….Me Celeste? 😉

          1. I know what you’re refering at. I haves many hunter friends. Absolutely true about respect. And I’m not against hunting for the meat. One of my friends sometimes gives me deer steaks. Here, it’s a bit on the “boughs” side of taste…

            … But… Am I dreaming or you told you’re from/in Albuquerque ?

            OK ! I checked on the Sangre De Cristo mountains. In NM indeed. 🙂

            Hmmmm… Celestial Dawn ? 😉

          2. I loved the hunting experience! At least I can say I didn’t cheat. Bow and arrow is harder…. But that is the way I learned.
            I am between Santa Fe, Espanola, Los Alamos. Nestled in the La Mesilla area. 😉 Cool on checking out the Mountains. They are gorgeous red in morning and evening a sight to see!

          3. Errrhhh.. Your place of paradise seems a bit on the desert side of NM.

            Been and addict to the Breaking Bad series… 😳

            Loved the landscape, anyway. 😛

          4. Indeed it is Coco..you have googled, smart man that you are! I love my desert life, especially when I came from a cold state. I am nestled at the beginning edge of the mountains. The northern part of New Mexico is awesome! Many old rock formations that are breathtaking, and I am surrounded by Indian tribes, so growth in land for others to buy is not available. I will check out the Breaking Bad series, but have a hard time watching TV, I prefer to read or listen to music!

          5. Well, the mountains look really great.

            Here it’s kind of “plain”. Saint-Lawrence valley is.

            One of my great-grandmothers was pure Innu (Naskapis).

            As for Breaking Bad, it’s a really f&#%-up serie… 😯

            I don’t watch that much TV… Only f&#%-up series ! 😛

            I do read a lot and of course music is always around. 🙂

          6. St. Lawrence Valley is in Quebec, yes? By the St. Lawrence seaway? OOOO Dang you get cold out there YIKES! Hahaha only screwed up series you have a thing for, that’s twisted, really twisted Coco. Now I can NEVER get enough of music and reading, it calms the savage beast in me at times, unless I am pumped up! 😉 As for granny I hope you will correct me if I am off base, but know it’s only fiction that makes me write. *wink*

          7. Yep quite cold… in winter (-4˚F) but hot in summer (80˚F).

            Errrhhh… Yep… a bit twisted on the edges ! 😛

            …Hmmm” that’s probably why I don’t write fiction : my granny really was an Innu ! LOL

          8. BURRR…. I hate cold weather and that being said you can keep it there! I would love to see the land though, but only if I become a polar bear. Hahah I do appreciate you Coco, thank you for reading. Hey I forgot to ask, what was cooking for dinner? 😉

          9. Frankly, i prefer winter to the severe tornadoes that hit your mid-west last week ! Same feeling : you can keep it. Don’t take it as a bad joke. That’s a gigantic catastrophe and i feel sorrow for the many victims. 😦

            Cooking… No caribou ! Hot home made bread, steak with greek salad ( tomato/onions/feta cheeze with olive oil/lemon/balsamic vinegar/ basil).

            With a beer of course ! 😀

          10. I am happy to say we in New Mexico don’t really get the tornadoes like Oklahoma and the mid west area. So I am please to be where I am, besides I came from Ohio, and I know all to well the destruction of those twisters. No thank you! But I would never be able to live in freezing temps. I think I am spoiled on tropical weather, and my bones prefer it! 🙂

            OH DEAR…DINNER sounds magnificent! It’s everything I love!~ A girl could get use to that kind of dinners with wonderful company to pass the time away~ Oh, of course I shall have a nice red wine! 😉

          11. LOL “I would never be able to live in freezing temps” The proof by “z” that Céleste is fiction ! 😉

            Red Wine. Syrah ? Madiran ? Saint-Chinian ? Those are wonderful wines to srve with steaks ! I love !

            p.s if I could move somewhere else I sure wouldn’t change for a freezing place.

            Bora Bora would be my first choice ! 😛

          12. Silly Celeste should have NEVER went to Alaska. I think she might freeze her chi chi’s off. haha
            I love Cabernet the drier the better. I do like all the other’s too but adore an oak flavor! Yummm
            P.s.s Now I know I really like you, Bora Bora is my favorite escape place!

          13. 😯 Holy S*** ! If “chi chis” are what i think, like on the beautiful frontal upper … euhhhh… “side” of anatomy, give her a call… Urgent call ! 😯 😉

            Yes on the “wine side” of things,the drier the better, specially with beef. Oak barrels are surely what give a “sublime” taste, wine speaking.

            Never been to Bora Bora. One of my lovely dreams. 😛 I’d like to play Gauguin… Amber skin downed on canvas… or a hammock.

            I’m a pervert ! 😳 Unrepentant 😛

            Seriously, you’ve been to Bora Bora ? What a paradise… Close friends went there…

            I’m sighing… Craving ! ROFL

          14. Yep indeed I do mean the upper…hahaha silly man!~ I agree on the wine side..yes siree a good oak taste..yummm
            As for Bora Bora, It too is my dream land, of all the places in the world I chose to go to Tahiti. I want to find a black pearl! 🙂 sip my drinks in a hammock and breathe relaxation. One day I will go, oh yes I will! I am with you on this one my friend…CRAVING!!!

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