“Quad, my son, my love, I am sorry!” Wolf joined her cry, Jack stood stunned with the news, knowing it was her paint horse who just died, and her heart was breaking in two for the loss.


Flying into the bay of the Noatak River, the small air strip scared the crap out of Celeste.  She closed her eyes and thanked god that Jack didn’t see the snowy landing like she did.  Because if he did, she was sure he would piss his pants.  With ease, the pilot made it seem like it was easier than learning how to ice skate.  Celeste opened her eyes when they landed and belted out.  “Dude, that was frigging brilliant!  I know I couldn’t watch the whole thing, but felt it was a bitchin’ landing!”  The pilot chuckled as he brought his plane to a gentle stop to let the crew unload the plane’s contents.

“You’re welcome young lady, your a kick in the pant’s.  I have to get going back before the weather changes, so watch your step as you get out, and I will have the honor in seeing you again in a month, right?”  Celeste hugged him and nodded her head yes. “Adios amigo, and may your wings be strong and sure during your flight home!”

When Celeste and Wolf stepped out of the private aircraft and walked many steps away from the plane, a stabbing spiritual pain consumed her heart.  She quickly stopped to let her mind wonder freely in the bitter cold of Noatak, Alaska.  She opened her eyes wide and looked down at wolf.  Tears formed into her eyes as Jack walked up quietly to her.  His reassuring hand on her arm caused her to look at him with sorrow. “Nujalik, what is it?”  “Jack, oh Jack,”  is all she could say to him with intense anguish. Wolf began to howl.

Jack knew something really bad had happened, as he watched her tears pour down upon her icy face.  Celeste walked away from the plane with Jack in tow, then when she could not stand to walk no more, she dropped her belongings on the snow while staring out to the Noatak bay. Jack’s heart began to break as he felt her deep rutted pain spring forth.  He could do nothing to relieve the pain but let her vent it out.  Suddenly, Celeste screamed her frustration out to wind, while kicking up the snow with her hairy boots. Some would say she was throwing a tantrum the way she was acting, but that was not the case with the spitfire.

Wolf walked over to Celeste when she finally stopped and dropped to her knee’s.  He rubbed against his companion for support, as she covered her face with her furry mittens.  She began to mumble her sorrow out loud like a mad woman, and with love rise her arms up to the heavens.  “Quad, my son, my love, I am sorry!”  Wolf joined her cry with his.  Jack stood stunned with the news, knowing it was her paint horse who just died, and her heart was breaking in two for the loss.

Several Inuit people came out to help with the situation that suddenly occurred on the air strip. Jack immediately blocked their approach, while barking out in his native language to let her be. They watched the spitfire get up off her knees and began to chant in Cherokee a farewell melody.  Time passed slowly for Celeste with her chanting and memories of her beloved stallion to the wind.  Jack finally approached her when she finished her chant and softly said, “Come my daughter, we must leave this strip. Then we will celebrate his life together alone in the forest.”

Celeste didn’t know who was who anymore when she looked up into a man’s face.  Hearing the voice of Jack, allowed her to snap out of her grief long enough to think she must be making a spectacle of herself.  “Yes, you are right Jack, I am sorry for my outburst, forgive me.  Please let us leave.” She walked over to her belongings and put them on her back, and headed to the safety inside the airport.  Wolf and Jack followed her while the airport crew gathered their cargo.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=QgaHcaZhdeMX9M&tbnid=P4mIt-z9ANFaEM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Finspiring-gifts.blogspot.com%2F2012%2F08%2Fwall-clocks-just-for-horse-lovers.html&ei=w36OUv_iPIex2AXT44HgBg&bvm=bv.56988011,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHCBZux91L19HS82gBss-d779iy1A&ust=1385156600800534


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