“Jack you beast! I never have seen this side of you before! Dude, your frigging banging my salsa spanking hombre!” Jack smiled from ear to ear.


Celeste screamed with glee as she embedded an angel imprint into the snow. Jack slowly looked outside her driver’s door to see where the spitfire fell.  Again, he barked out but couldn’t be angry at her, he smiled at the girl acting like a playful child in the snow. “Nujalik, please come back inside, this is not the time to play?  Seriously woman, this is dangerous territory!”

Celeste got up while trying not to ruin her masterpiece.  “Jack I gotta tinkle before I sprinkle in me britches.”  Jack chuckled and said, “Well get her done girl, and hurry back. You better call wolf back too, I can’t see him anywhere?”  Celeste looked around the winter land, lightly whistling calling her friend to return.  When she did not see him, she quickly headed for the trees in the distance to do her business.

“Shit so many layers of damn clothes.”  She commented to herself while trying to unbutton her furry pants.  The minute she pulled her pants down the freezing temps started to freeze her bottom.  “Man, I hope my pee doesn’t freeze into an ice sickle, holy cow!”  As the spitfire was releasing her urine, she heard a ruckus brewing in the woods.  She yelled out again to wolf while she peed, “Wolf get back here now!”

Celeste had almost finished peeing when Wolf flew out of the woods at a dead run towards her backside. He could not control his movement of speed when he knocked into her, sending Celeste forward in the snow with her pants down. “Mother of God, what the hell is the matter with…?”   She stopped her bellow when she heard a monstrous sound coming towards them.

“RUN…NUJALIK…RUN!”  Jack shriek.  Celeste didn’t know what the shit was happening, being caught with her pants down she turned her head into the woods where the sound was coming. She saw the brown beast’s head running into her direction, with speed she got up and ran for her life.  Since her pants were down around her thighs she tried to grab them pulling them up while running.

“RUN…GIRL…RUN!”  Jack screeched out.  The only thing that came into her head was how the hell these young guys who wear their crotch y pants down to their knees could run.  “Jack my bow!” She yowled in fear when she started to think in a huntress mode.  Celeste tripped and started to roll in the snow.  “Mother F*&^%!” she yipped out as she stopped rolling she heard the beast’s fast pace heart rate deafen her ear drums. He was close, so close to her when Wolf saved her sorry ass.

Wolf became a wild beast of the woods.  He furiously started to pick a fight with the Kodak Bear. Occupying the bear’s attention from killing her, and giving Celeste enough time to get up, pull her pants up, and run for the safety of the Snow Cat.  He kept his distance of the massive furry beast paws until he knew she was up and running again.

The bear lost interest in wolf and ran for the retreating Celeste.  She was running with all her might and was close to the Snow cab when Jack blared out. “You’re not going to make it Nujalik, SLIDE NOW!”

Slide she did, she was a little speeding bullet as she slid between the Snow Cat’s trackers like a penguin.  She could clearly hear Jack’s screaming at the bear, when she slid to the other side of the cat and quickly got up on her feet an opened the passenger side door with haste. Shocked at the site of seeing the hairy monster was standing up on his hind legs and was almost the height of Jack, she took note that he had several arrows embedded into his chest. Jack kept shooting the beast face to face with her bow and arrows outside the driver’s door with no fear.

She feared this was the end of Jack, who bravely stood against the angry beast if she didn’t do anything to help.  The bear spit out venom of anger as he bared his teeth at Jack.  He was ready to swipe the man off the step, when Celeste had to make a move.  She pulled out her knife and left the safety of the cab.  Crawling under the snow cat, and with all her might she slashed out at the bears legs then began to stab the bear’s feet with speed.

The bear dropped down and started to attack Celeste under the Snow Cat.  He roared his anger at Celeste who put the hurt on him.  She quickly made strong swiping movements through the air with her grandfathers Bowie knife to tried to keep her distance, and blocked the huge sharp claws that threaten to shred her to pieces.  The bear wailed loud when her knife stabbed his paws.  He was bleeding badly from his injuries and started to lose the fight when Celeste knew it was time to put an end to this stage act.

Nothing prepared for what she saw when Jack had jumped off the step of the machine, and landed on top of the bears back.  With skill and intense strength the wild eyed Jack picked up the massive head of the bear and sliced the throat cleanly, sending the beast dead to the bloody ground in seconds.

Celeste laid still panting heavily under the running machine while staring into the animals bloody face.  She took a deep breath letting it out slowly when the smell of the animal’s last foul breath invaded her nostrils.   The two connected eyes immediately.  Softly she reached out to touch his muzzle.  “Sleep my brother, you are honored today and always.”  Slowly the beast’s eyes become cloudy showing no more life under the snow cat.

Wolf howled, Jack sat still on top of the beast gathering his electrical energy of a perfectly killed Kodiak Bear.  He finally dipped his head under the machine to see if Celeste was okay.  They both began to giggle uncontrollable.  Jack slid down off the back of the bear and leaned himself against the huge beast sitting in the snow trying to catch his breath.

“Holy F*&%^ did that just happen?”  Celeste ripped out.  “Jack you beast!  I never have seen this side of you before!  Dude, your frigging banging my salsa spanking hombre!”  Jack smiled from ear to ear.  Her laughter was so contagious, but he needed to place blessing upon the bear and cut out his heart while it was still warm.

Celeste crawled out from underneath the cat and was greeted by wolf.  ” What the hell did you do boy to cause that bear to chase you?”  She softly ruffled his fur with love and hugged him close to her while taking notice he had a bloody face.

“He must of interrupted the bear’s feeding for a taste of what he killed.”  Celeste didn’t care what made wolf do what he did, at least all had survived the deadly encounter.  In fact, they were damn lucky to escape of one of the biggest and meanest bears in the world.

Celeste listened to Jack’s chanting for over fifteen minutes, she smiled and softly added her gratitude to mother earth for allowing them to be safe and to carrying the bear’s spirit to the heavens.  Jack boinked her out of her thoughts when he handed her a raw steamy heart to bite into.  She remembered he had done the same when they both killed the bear in the Sangre de Cristo’s together. She scrunched up her nose in distaste, but did not want to offend the great hunter the joy of sharing a moment of life and death.  She bit into the warm substance and quickly swallowed the meat without chewing it.  Jack laughed because he knew she did not like eating the raw meat.

“Okay my girl let’s quickly attach this animal and drag him.  We are almost home and will be needing the help of my tribal people.  This is a fine peace offering to my people Nujalik, and it will feed them for a while.”  Jack didn’t wait for her reply he jumped back into cab an took the rope off the hook and tossed it down to Celeste.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=gfyLJi6aBz0ifM&tbnid=bMI34N6FUmvWzM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bear.org%2Fwebsite%2Fbear-pages%2Fbrown-or-grizzly-bear%2F208-kodiak-bears-.html&ei=NVqTUt-yAcbh2wXfmoG4Cg&bvm=bv.56988011,d.cGU&psig=AFQjCNHM0bOyeKCymAmb9Ft37DP_vz_z2A&ust=1385474678461665


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