“Girl you were a penguin gliding with speed under this machine.”


Jack and Celeste worked perfectly together as they prepped the bear to be hauled behind their Snow Cat.  “Jack, this beast must be around 1500 lbs and stands around 10 ft high on his hind legs. He makes us look like a spec of dirt, dude.  I have never seen anything this HUGE!  Is he bigger than a polar bear?” Jack replied, “I have never caught or killed anything this big.  He is a monster girl, and damn good one too. But I believe the Kodiak Bear is bigger than a Polar Bear.”

Softly caressing the brown fuzzy fur she was completely speechless that she touched one of these massive creatures.  “Jack the thunder this dude created on the snow was very powerful, I almost couldn’t move.”

Celeste began to relieve the scene in her head, while Jack finished tying the beast to the Cat.  “You know Jack, isn’t it funny the stupid way our luck gets us into these innocent battles? And look at me?  I am changing by the day and have no bloody clue what the shit is happening to me but a bunch of ordain crap.  I mean come on! This shit is too damn funny, yet we live to laugh about it. I am a thinkin’ the Greek Gods still live up in Mount Olympus, and they are making us their pawns just so they can have a laugh at us three stooges.”

Jack laughed at Celeste, “Girl I think you think to much, sometimes to deep for me to phantom.  Come let’s get into the truck and talk some more, I am freezing.”  Celeste whistled for wolf who came immediately.  They all tumbled into the warm confinement of the cab, Wolf licked Celeste’s face.  “You dirty boy, causing so much trouble.  This makes the second time today you knocked into someone when they were pissing.”  Wolf whined and showered her with more licks to the face.  Jack roared with laughter.

“What, Wolf knocked you down too?” Wolf stopped licking Celeste’s face and started on Jack’s.  “Go away and lay down beast you caused enough trouble for the day.” Wolf listened and laid down on floor in the back of the cab giving Jack the sorry guilty look.  Celeste shot out with laughter.  “I think he is our cleaning rag Jack, we both have blood all over us.  I don’t think we will ever get the stains out of our clothing.  So sad too, I loved my white fox outfit. Thank heavens you’re wearing dark mink fur, you can’t see it that much.”

“Nujalik, it is an honor to hunt with you, even under the circumstances.  You are one tough girl and I’ve never in my life time seen your equal.  I know I was hidden away, but Nujalik you I think have two types of Greek Goddess in you.  Artemis and Athena the Gods have blessed you child.” Jack gave her wink with his one eye.  She smiled and said softly, “You’re full of shit Jack, but I love you more than you and I can explain. This will be our last time I think alone.  How about I make us some tea before we leave.  I saw a little pan and a heater in the back with our supplies that we can plug into this outlet.  How about it?” Jack looked at Celeste in a surprise fashion.  “You know one can live inside here comfortably.” Celeste snickered and started to make some tea. During tea time the two chuckled about their great big hunt. Celeste started the story off with funny details.

“Jack my pants were down close to my knees, I was peeing thinking my pee was going to turn into a ice sickle, when wolf knocked into me.  That Caca head sent my face and me standing on my fours with my ass sticking up for the world to see in the snow.  Then I saw this humongous head coming towards me and I couldn’t move until I heard you yelling!” She began to giggle while trying to tell her story.  “I couldn’t seem to get my pants up and run at the same time, so I think for now on I will piss in my pants before I drop them in the woods again.” Jack chuckled.  “Girl you were a penguin gliding with speed under this machine. And when you got back out of the cab and sliced his tendons on his legs he was defenseless and dropped like a wet noodle.” “No way dude, Jack you shot my arrows?  Did I loose any of them?” Celeste sobered up.  “Nope, I got them right here girl.” Jack brought out her arrows that Jack made her.  Everyone of them was in perfect condition.  “Wicked…Jack they are strong? Thank you for getting them.  Where is my bow?” Jack became serious. “I am sorry Nujalik the bow is broken. I had no more arrows and started to beat him with it on the head. He swiped it out of my hand and I thought I was dead when you saved the day and cut his legs.  That was good quick thinking girl.”

Jack slowly placed her childhood bow into her hands.  She looked at the bow with honor, no tears to shed when the bow had saved their lives many times.  “It’s okay Jack, I was honored by my grandfather who made this for me.  It has served me well for many years, so it is only right I lay it to rest.”  She looked at Jack and winked her eye.  He loved her so much, to him she will always be a very special human. It is he who is honored to be on a special quest with this Cowgirl the gods favored.

After tea Celeste tidied up and put the gear into play on the Snow Cat. In less than an hour they arrived in the village of the Napaaqtugmiut;; meaning “People of the Tree’s.” 

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=LytbfP5EJRSuBM&tbnid=fsm-06rR2Daz_M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fthewildlifeexperience.org%2Fcategory%2Funcategorized%2Fpage%2F6%2F&ei=Hs6UUoqxKafd2AXo3IHYCA&bvm=bv.57155469,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNE353ItHGMUM7RrClUgYP6YLFKZOg&ust=1385569551654307

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