“Who are you guys?”


Celeste watched with amazement how the clan members skillfully cured the bear in unison.  The smiles that she and Jack created were priceless to see.  The temps were beginning to decrease with the lack of light, but none showed they were cold but Celeste. Even in her white fox fur get-up the freezing temps permeated its way through her furry layers.  Wolf whined inside the cab wanting to be released and join the crowd.  Celeste gave him a look unsure if she wanted the trouble maker out of his box.  Instead, she turned her body to walk towards the snow cat and jump inside for warmth.

Aklaq Jr. walked behind Celeste with arms laden with skin and claws following her to the snow cat. He interrupted her when she was standing next to the trackers of the vehicle ready to jump inside her cab.  “As promised honored guest; but may I offer our tribes service to work with the hide before its ruin.” She smile at the young face of Jack’s replica and softly spoke out. “Yes I would like that, I know how important it is to work on hides, so it would be an honor.  Is there a way we could make my friend a bitchen bear coat and boots?”  Aklaq scowled his brow in thought.  “What is this word bitchen mean?”

She chuckled out freely,  Aklaq grinned while drinking in her rare beauty and contagious laughter. “It means groovy, nice, banging, out of this world, divine, hot, and and….”  Celeste’s eyes twinkled with mischievous while thinking of other words to describe what bitchen meant.

His curiosity was starting to get the best of him regarding how she looked under the fox fur hood.  All he could see was her striking almond shaped, emerald green eyes glow with wisdom and brilliance under the protection of the white furry hood. He took another step towards her and handed the bear claws into her furry bloody red cover mittens.  ” Yes I will see to it, we thank you for the bountiful hunt. Our bellies will be full of a good dinner tonight.”

Celeste nodded and began to jump around trying to warm herself. “I have another load of something really delicious inside the cab of my Snow Cat. I think it would go perfect with our dinner.”  Aklaq nodded his head yes, unable to suddenly speak to the beautiful stranger.

As he looked up a long the side of the big machinery he asked her why her windows were steamy inside.  “Can you give me a second I have a wolf inside here.  If I let him out, I promise you he will not harm anyone if they only share some of the meat with him.  He too has earned his share of this hunt, and it would behoove me if he doesn’t get a few morsels or a bone to chew on.”   The surprised Aklaq was a little fearful when she said wolf, quickly he recovered his fear an added in voice the wolf were their brothers and helpers when they hunt. She smiled and opened the cab’s door.

Out flew the excited Serbian wolf.  He jumped for joy with play around Celeste’s body and quickly surveyed the white land to find a place to pee.  He took off at a distance to do his business in peace.  Aklaq was speechless and took a step back in timidity when the beast jumped out of the machine.  Taking note the wolves he has seen in his life time, were nothing compared to seeing this gargantuan mystical canine.

Celeste turned her head back to the cab paying no mind to the shocked Eskimo man, and quickly disappeared into the warm cab.  In no time at all she was handing down boxes to Aklaq. “I think we should get some more help Aklaq, because we can not carry all that I have brought by ourselves.”

He left her by the cab alone unloading the many boxes she had brought from the bakery from Juneau Alaska. Immediately a nagging gritty feeling inside his gut made him think how or why these strange powerful people choose to come his town, and share so many riches with them. And who was the old man that came with her that sent an electrical charge throughout his soul when he shook hands with the man. He mumbled under his breath while he walked away from Celeste, “Who are you guys?”

Celeste yelled out to Aklaq, ” We are hope, love, and forgiveness, so stop thinking it will kill you’re brain.” Aklaq turned around and glared at the white bloody figure standing on the step of the snow cat with a box in her hand. Did he really speak that loud enough for her to hear him? He thought to himself.  He had to blink his eyes twice to clear his vision when he looked at the spitfire. Was he really seeing a faint glow of a light that was encasing her body? Or was it the colorful lights of the evening skies casting their beauty upon the American woman.

She could hear his thoughts clearly and loudly, instead she tried to take his mind off of what he saw.  “What day is it please?”  Celeste asked him.  ” It is the last Thursday in November.”  She giggled out loud causing him to smile at the silly woman.  “Well ain’t this Randy!  What a grand day to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, Aklaq!”

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=G19BYnuekJOwMM&tbnid=X8518-bRW6aWSM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fstuffpoint.com%2Fwolves3%2Fimage%2F103645%2F&ei=OmOXUqOGN8in2AX4rYHYAQ&bvm=bv.57155469,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHPIuAfOAUb0ShL2gkCxH90oh-y2g&ust=1385739377026256


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