“He is my friend! So if anyone of you Injuns’ think your gonna eat him, you got another thing coming!”


Celeste had to shut the cab’s door to get warmed up.  The weather was becoming too cold for her to endure. “How the dickens am I going to handle this shitin’ cold temperatures? One must be nuts to live out here in ice land?”  She put the heater on full blast sending warm heat throughout the snow cat’s cab.  The windows were starting to defrost while Celeste’s teeth began to chatter. 

She sat in her seat watching the windows slowly defrost.  “What the hell?”  Impatient Celeste immediately wiped away the steamy substance to view the many twinkling rainbow colors in the sky through her windshield.  “Holy macaroni!”  As she sat in her driver’s seat dumbfounded from the brilliance of the lights, she took off her furry mitten’s to put her cold hands up against the blowing heater to warm.  Taking her eyes off the lights in the sky just to look at her tingling fingers, her eyes widen in surprise.  “Son of Bitch?  How is that possible?”  Celeste said to herself.  

Her hands were not tingling from the freezing cold, they were tingling with a glow of colorful dim lights. Slowly she examined her strong hands like they were foreign to her. Seconds ticked by as she observed her colorful hands when she was scared out of her thoughts with a knock on the cab.  With haste she put her gloves back on, and opened her door to Aklaq’s wife.  “I came to help you with boxes.”  She offered politely. Celeste noticed that the girl still had the baby on her back. “Girl, you take that baby back into the house.  It’s bloody ass freezing out here!”

The young lady, smiled at her and said, ” We are born for this weather American woman, you are not.”  Celeste understood, and didn’t add anything else as she began to crawl out of the protection of warmth into the cold.  The Eskimo gal suddenly became fearful and stepped away from Celeste in a hurry with a blood curdling scream.  Celeste didn’t have time to see what the woman screamed about when she was assaulted by wolf on her backside.

He knocked her down onto the icy snow then started to pull her hood off her head.  “Wolf what the hell dude!”  She barked out while trying to hold her hood from being pulled away with giggles.  She couldn’t hold on any longer when wolf ripped the hood off her head.  Wolf stopped his play immediately and began to growl out dangerously.  Celeste slowly lifted her head up and saw many spears ready to kill the wolf.

“NO, don’t any of you TOUCH HIM!”  She spit out.  Speedily she got up from the snow, withdrawing her Bowie knife from her boots she stood on the ground with a ferocious stance. Legs spit apart, white hair with black streak surrounding her face began to fly free in the bitter cold wind. Her green eyes glowed dangerously at the group of Eskimo men ready to kill her companion. 

“He is my friend! So if anyone of you Injuns’ think your gonna eat him, you got another thing coming!”  Celeste looked like the devil crawled inside her as wolf and her began to growl together.  The Clan people were more flabbergasted at the sight of seeing the American half-breed in action. Not to mention the color of her hair,eyes, and the aura of color that glowed around her, were enough to tell them that she was a powerful force to be reckon with, and not an ordinary American girl!


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=N0rIRSoEn9JL2M&tbnid=4ZzdkoJajM0zmM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fanybodythere.net%2Fcgi-bin%2Fparanormal-forums%2FYaBB.pl%3Fnum%3D1293761808%2F0&ei=JaqYUqaLB8P02gWr6oCIAQ&bvm=bv.57155469,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGFEaDzWHc_VpMzpkAwOfSSVDNv1Q&ust=1385823086834380


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