Celeste’s body instantly stopped glowing as she dropped down on her fours onto the icy snow, and began to shake uncontrollably. In seconds, she found herself throwing up the bear heart she had eaten earlier.


“Easy Hialeah,” her spiritual voice softly spoke to her inside her head.  Celeste didn’t want to pay attention, she began to growl deeper with the encouragement of Wolf.  It only took one person to move to set her off. One of the young men who was learning to hunt with the harpoon spear for the first time this year, was shivering with fear.  Celeste locked onto his uneasiness. Her eyes glowed a mystical deep green, as she cast out a beware warning to the young hunter baring her teeth.

“Don’t do it boy!  Don’t make me get my getto out!”  Celeste hissed out.  She could see the fear in his eyes and knew he had made a terrible mistake showing his faintheartedness to the huntress. “Hialeah, control yourself.  They are friendly people who think Wolf was attacking you.”  Celeste couldn’t get her shit together.  She began to battle out her wild emotions inside her head. Why couldn’t she pull her crap together?  Her brain was screaming and taunting her to kill, rip apart, shred anything or anyone…this was not like her to be this deadly in nature.

The clan people silently felt the spitfire’s confusion, as they watched the American woman struggling to keep herself in check, but was failing miserably. The men lowered their spears except for the young man Celeste locked onto.  She roared out loud in wolf cry, while Wolf howled louder to join her confusion.

Inside the warm log cabin home Jack and Akna were interrupted by the screaming daughter-in-law who flew into the home.  He knew shit happened the minute she yelled out that there was a wild wolf in the village who was attacking the American woman.  He left the warmth of the home quickly knowing Celeste would cause a scene of destruction if he didn’t get out there fast enough to control her.

When he rounded the back end of the snow cat he heard her deadly growl.  Stopping in his tracks he saw his Nujalik become a wild and out of control beast.  He noticed her body was glowing with rays of color. Not thinking, he cut through the gathering tribes circle and tried to slowly approach her, while cooing, soothing  words out to her to drop her knife.  Wolf bared his teeth at Jack, Celeste was battling the thought to kill him or eat him.

For a split second Jack felt she was ready to explode with violence.  She cast her eyes upon Jack as a stranger. Baring her teeth again with a mean ass growl.  The only thing Jack could think of was to kill her. “Nujalik!”  Jack bellowed out as he withdrew his blade.  Celeste blinked her eyes trying to remember the familiar voice who barked out a command to her.  When she saw the men lower their spears and no longer threatening her and wolf, she began to reason out the situation that suddenly exploded out of control.  “Nujalik it is me, Aklaq!  Relax girl, easy…”  Jack didn’t realize he used his tribal name out loud for everyone to hear.

Aklaq Jr. was stunned.  He clearly heard Jack say his name.  “My father?”  he whispered inside his head. Celeste immediately took her eyes off Jack and narrowed into Aklaq Jr’s confused face.  “Yes he is!  Tell the truth human!” Celeste ripped out in anger to Jack, then roared out like a bear.  Jack quickly looked at Aklaq Jr, who was standing behind him.  Neither could speak until Akna came out yelling.  She quickly walked up to Celeste and Wolf and began to scold the rebels.  “You two control your bear energy, now! This is not the time or place girl to lose it!”  Celeste’s heated body temp suddenly ebbed away the hate she felt towards all the people an allowed her thoughts to come back to peaceful reason.

Silence was heard when Akna slowly turned to face her son and confirmed Jack was indeed his father.  Members of the clan began to whisper the news to each other.  Celeste’s body instantly stopped glowing as she dropped down on her fours onto the icy snow, and began to shake uncontrollably.  In seconds, she found herself throwing up the bear heart she had eaten earlier.


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