Don’t make me bitch slap you dog! Get the hell out of my way!” Jack didn’t blink an eye nor waited for response from Wolf.


Wolf began to whine and laid down beside Celeste to comfort her battles with the bear spirit she had digested.  Again she roared out like a pissed off bear out to the freezing winds.   She looked at the mess she puked up, and watched the little chunk of meat glow a faintly green, then slowly died out.

Exhausted in body strength, she laid her body down on the icy ground and closed her eyes passing out. Wolf stayed close to her body as he licked her face.  He growled at the men who decide to help the spitfire out when they took a step towards her.  Akna, left her men to figure out the situation of the truth to help Celeste out.  Wolf growled, “You stop that dog! I am here to help.”  Wolf stopped and watched the old woman with vigilante stance. The old woman bent down on the ground and touched Celeste’s forehead. Celeste calmed down with her soft touch.

“I need help to take this girl into my home, please who will help?”  Jack immediately cut through the circle of people who was watching the collapsed half-breed shake uncontrollably.  “No one touch her, except for me!” Akna’s eyes soften on the man she has loved all her life.  She recognized the deep family bond these two have with each other, and allowed him to slowly walk up to the beast and woman.  

“Wolf, move!”  He gently told the canine.  “Grrrrrrr”…..Wolf bared his teeth.  “Don’t make me bitch slap you dog! Get the hell out of my way!”  Jack didn’t blink an eye nor waited for response from Wolf.  He picked her up like a sack of potatoes with ease and threw her over his shoulder, and headed towards Akna’s home.  Akna picked up the bear piece of meat and her and wolf followed Jack, leaving the clan people alone to wonder what the hell just happen, and what did bitch slap mean?

Jack lightly put her body to rest on the warm floor by the fire inside Akna’s home.  Akna immediately threw the piece of bear meat into the open fire and watched the meat burst into a deep red flame then disappeared. “She swallowed part of the spirit of that bear, Aklaq when you two killed it.  She grows more powerful by the day my love, and does not know what is happening to her.  This woman is full of knowledge, wisdom, loyalty and love, yet I smell hints of innocence, naive in human’s life lessons. She is a half-breed Indian isn’t she, and daughter to Mother Earth?”  Jack took his eye off Celeste long enough to answer his spiritual Akna.  “Yes, she is Cherokee and Scottish. She is truly different and Mother Earth is her maker.”  Jack lightly spoke out.  “She knew we decided not to tell our son the truth.  That is why she went crazy on us.” Akna began to make tea while pondering on Jack’s words, when her front door opened up.

Wolf was laying down by Celeste when Aklaq Jr walked into room.  Aklaq looked into the calm eyes of the wolf then at the still form of Celeste.  His father was softly wiping her brow from sweat with a rag when Aklaq stood beside his father and said. “Welcome home my father.  My heart is full of joy to know that you live!”  

Jack smiled at his son, “I am sorry I did not know that I created a fine son such as yourself. I am a deserter of war and don’t deserve your respect.  I do ask for you’re forgiveness in me for not being here for all these years?”  Akna let her tears fall for both of her men that have come together in an odd way.  “I have told our son the truth my love, so there should be no forgiving. We are happy you have returned to us.”  Jack stood up and hugged his son warmly, then quickly grabbed his beautiful love and made them all hug each other. 

“Humm….I love to see group family hugs. It brings joy to one’s soul!”  Celeste had woken up when she felt the power of love invade her soul.  The family quit their hugging and smiled upon Celeste.  “She lives!”  Jack softly said.  “Humm…indeed but my mouth feels very dry and taste like spoiled fish.”  Wolf quickly licked her lips.  She placed a loving arm upon the furry beast face and kissed his muzzle and wet tongue.  “Yuck, Wolf, your breath is no better.”  She wiped her back of her hand across her wet lips with a smile, while the group of loved ones chuckled with laughter.


picture by:,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGzHXVZxna0JYys8kd6Sp6zBcG6-g&ust=1385995278918356




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  1. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after checking through some of the post
    I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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