“Oh hell no! This two face cheeka is sticking right here! I think I caused enough drama for one night.”


The daughter-in-law came out of her room without the baby when she heard laughter in the living room. She took note that Celeste and wolf were laying on the floor next to the fire, while the other three smiled at each other. “So you were not eaten by wolf I see?  He is your friend, American girl?” Celeste didn’t know what to say except apologize for both their wild manners.

Akna quickly came to Celeste’s defense.  “Kirima, all is safe, it was just a misunderstanding.  No one knew except my son that she had a wolf with her.” The old woman softly stated to Kirima.  “Come let’s drink some tea, and let this story flow out so all of us can live as one.”   Celeste started to get up off the floor.  Her gut felt like someone had punched her hard in her stomach.  “Ohhhh, damn Sam, Son of a Bitch!” she said in pain while grabbing her tummy.

The group gave Celeste an inquisitive look except for Jack.  He smiled from ear to ear.  “Nujalik I am warning you now about your potty mouth.  We don’t use words like that.  So hold your tongue girl or I will wash it out with a bar of soap.” Celeste turned a light shade of red and smiled.  Akna handed her a cup of hot tea, which she gladly excepted and began to sip it quietly.

Aklaq Jr. instantly wanted to ask Celeste a question.  “Does this bitchen word you used earlier mean the same thing as bitch slap?” Celeste roared with laughter.  She didn’t understand what he asked her since their language did not pronounce the sound of a B. Jack came to the rescue and spoke softly but shyly.

He looked at Celeste and explained what his son meant. “I think Nujalik your wild tongue is rubbing off on me. When I went to pick you up, good old Wolf was being a pisser.  So I told him I would bitch slap him.  I didn’t know what I said at the time, until now.” Celeste wanted to hug Jack with glee, knowing her language was truly one of a kind to speak.  “Well Jack, I hope you said it with a southern drawl!” She looked at Aklaq Jr who stood by his lovely wife.  “Bitch Slap means, I’m gonna open a can of whip ass, or knock some sense into you, or hit you silly, or….” She could see the confusion on their faces except for Jack’s.

Akna sobered the group up when she spoke out gently.  “Nujalik, do you remember what happened out there?” Celeste contemplated and said, “Not really, the only thing I remember is glowing with color and felt like ripping the shit out of all you humans.”  Jack translated her words in his language.  Akna thought about her words and came up with, “I think girl whatever you eat, you will hold their spirit and become the animal you eat.  You are a very unusual American Indian, I think you and I have a lot of work to do!”

Celeste sat quietly in thought to herself, while the others spoke softly in Inuit language. “What have I done?  They must think I am cuckoo?”  She quickly blurted out with concern.  “Did I hurt anyone Jack?” Jack nodded his head no, “I almost thought you would Nujalik.  There was one moment you almost made a young lad shit his pants.  I thought I would have to kill you, but I knew you were not yourself when I saw your eyes glow.  Nujalik, I think Akna and I created this scene because we pissed off Mother Earth. You see, we agreed together that I would leave and never tell anyone who I was.  Well you can see she use you and the bear spirit to muck that up; especially, when you roared at me like bear and told me to tell the truth.”  She smiled at Jack regarding how he smoothly used her  potty language to tell a story.

A soft knock on the door shushed the group up.  Kirima opened the door to her neighbor who told them food was ready to eat, and they could join the tribe if all was safe.  They all looked at Celeste wondering if she would be okay to join the festivities.  She could hear them decide what to do silently in their minds. “Oh hell no!  This two face cheeka is sticking right here with wolf!  I think I caused enough drama for one night.   Besides, I need to open a can of worms to someone special and I want answers this time.”   Jack knew actually what she meant.  She blow out a breath of air and turned her back on the group to sit in front of the warm fire, while holding and rubbing her circle of life pendant Gary gave her.  It was going to be a long night for her, but one thing she was positive about doing, is NEVER eat meat again if she was to become a spirit carrier for Mother Earth.

Oh boohoo;  This now will conclude the story of Wounded Soldier on this blog.  I am thankful to all of my friends who have joined me and read this story of wild cowgirl Celeste on a daily basis.  I am now going to stop blogging for a few and work on finishing this story, then hopefully put it into production.  So if you guys really liked this story and want to know what happens to the Spitfire, keep your eyes peeled for the Wounded Soldier novel after Christmas! Celeste will miss you guys, so until then Adios Amigos!


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=Rq4RpVWLH9AcUM&tbnid=0fYAAogyJ9Z_EM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FFajFarkasokAJovoert&ei=YrmcUrjlJYPH2wWLwIHIAQ&bvm=bv.57155469,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFhL9QFMpjj0kiP4pDrFEyGriKjwA&ust=1386088851074471


16 thoughts on ““Oh hell no! This two face cheeka is sticking right here! I think I caused enough drama for one night.”

  1. Fantastic Slingshot! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I can say I have enjoyed this story more than Slingshot. Just because you gave us more of Celeste. She is a great character to write about. I await patiently,but will be sad cause I look forward to reading you blog daily. Plus I can not wait to read about you and your soul-mate’s reunion. P.S. you’re writing is fun to read.

    1. Cherri, I can never say enough thank you to you…I am just happy to know that you have enjoyed this story. I think I am going to go through withdrawal’s of writing on a blog. I have grown to love typing out my story on a day to day basis. Whatever pops in my head I write!…. Kiss Kiss

  2. It’s really a treat to read and visualize all the images color Caribbean nights in imaginary time and moment. Something in us and called emotions of love or whatever.
    I can,t wait to read the new story with the wild spirit of you to confirm yor mastery of playing with words and giving us smiles

    1. Purrr….Welcome my Wahya, I have been waiting for you for a long time! Indeed to visualize the colors of the Caribbean nights under a coconut tree, is more than a blessing. 😉 It will be my honor to share the Wounded Soldier with you SOON. But for now feel free to catch up on my postings and enjoy my mastery playful words. You know Wahya, I will know your smiles are for me when you read. Kiss Kiss

    1. Oh Coco…never fear Celeste will pop in here and there. It is also a good time for her to check on other’s creative sites and spread the love.
      You know I think I am going through withdrawals and found I really came to life writing this story on a daily basis…. Awe but if I proceeded with the earlier years of Celeste as a youngin, would you keep visiting me daily??? 😉 Because I do enjoy your sass dude and look forward to your comments!~

      1. I know your fellings. I worked in video production. We called it post-prod blues. So it was a tradition to have “wrap-parties” ( closing of all things prod) drunking ourselves to oblivion…

        Not necesserely wise but so good ! 😛

        And of course i’ll surely enjoy you telling stories.

        A kiss and a hug !

        1. Awe so that is why you love video’s and music…it explains your knowledge in video production. Darn tootin’ about throwing them parties even while getting liquored up 😉 Those are times to celebrate everyone’s talent who made it all come together! It is worthy. Thank you for the hugs and kisses…much appreciated

  3. Nice to find a part of my life somehow inside novel very nice fellings for all of us too!! 🙂 Wounded Soldier- playful words. wild Celeste, I will be back

    1. Darlin Cherri!!!
      When I was young and inexperienced in the field of love ,I did not understand the sentence elderly ,,pleasure dont have a price,, or ,,take and hold first of the opportunity you gave, , because who knows if it will ever happen again, ,
      That my darling may be called fate or whatever you want .. beyond the world we see there is a whole world that can,t see with eyes , is this other world is the world of energy powered with emotions love , jealousy , hatred ,
      then the internal energy that we dont see but it exists nonetheless and forces us to different things beautiful and ugly .
      It’s nice to find a personal energy … and …… leave for the second time some

      1. As celeste would say..holy crap! Slingshot is your story fiction or true? What have I stumbled on here? Valis OMG! Your words are deep in thought yet you speak of longing and desire for your cowgirl. Amazing you have a refreshing view of different types of energy,be it physical or spiritual. I agree to live for the moment to experience the connection that you and Celeste have is truly beauitful and forever bonding,and once in a life time to cherish. WOWOW… I am speechless.

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