Bonita Chick-a-lita Celeste!


Today I am going to start a new story.  This story is about the younger years of Celeste and how she grew up. Hope you like it! 😉

As far as the little golden hair girl was concerned,life couldn't 
get any better at the age of nine years old; stretching her body 
from-the nights rest the tall,lanky little girl got up in the early
morning dawn. Every morning she had to help milk the cows, and feed 
the farm critters that were on the large farm she resided in Ohio. On 
the large farm they had pigs, chickens, mules, horses, goats, cats 
and dogs. She would feed and talk to all the animals like they were 
her best friends before she headed off to school.

Doing daily ranch chores taught her how to be tough, have 
responsibility, and discipline. Celeste was a different kind 
of child she was not your usual little girl. She loved learning 
about nature, herbs, and life. she very rarely watched TV, and 
hardly played with toys as most children would do. When her mother 
asked her to help outwith the house work, she would hide outside
till her mother forgot. 

Realizing that she was running late with her chores, she quickly 
completed them in a half ass fashion, and ran to the farm house to 
change her clothes for school. The bus will be here soon she thought,
if I don't get moving I'm going to be in trouble again. Before she
completed her thought, a pack of coon hound puppies pounded her with 
play.  She tried to kick them off her legs while she ran to the safety 
of the house. Each puppy trying to attack her pant legs to take her 
down to the ground. Giggling with delight, she tried not to let the 
pups make her fall on her face before she reached the farm house porch. 
Each pup found the fight with Celeste too fun to let go.  In the end 
they finally sent their friend to the ground, while her face barely 
missed the porch. The pups attacked with glee, ripping her pants,
pulling her hair out. Tugging and pulling the puppies tore her up.  
She tried to protect her face from the licks and bites with her arms, 
but was becoming futile attempts.

"Stop it.... haha...Stop".....Celeste giggled, but had enough of 
their rough play.  She growled like their canine mother in anger. 
It didn't faze the pups whatsoever; they were not going to be fooled 
into leaving their friend alone. Until, Celeste's mother came out of 
the house with a broom, shooing them away.

"Get...get's you dang pups!" Celeste's mother said with anger, while 
she shewed them away with her broom. "What is a matter with you, 
Celeste? Letting them hounds tare you up like that? I swear I'm 
going to get rid of them we have too many animals on this farm.  
I am getting sick, and tired of cleaning up after them!"  

"NO, they are my friends’ mama; don't get rid of them, please!" 
Celeste pleaded. "Darn it, Celeste, I can't keep mending 
your clothes all the time. And before you know it, you 
will have no clothes left to wear by summer, if these 
pups have anything to do with it!"

As Celeste stood up brushing her dirty pants off, while 
trying to move her wild hair off her face she declared, "Well 
then, I will make my own clothes, mama!" "Don't you snap back 
at me, girl? I am getting sick of this garbage." They both 
stood in defiance at each other, Celeste knew she lost the battle. 
She was taught never to disrespect her elders, so she took the
tongue lashing her mother gave her till both of them heard the 
school bus blow its horn.
"Now, look here young lady you have missed your bus again; because, 
of these damn dogs." "Oh…no worries mama, I can catch it when it comes 
back around." Celeste lightly stated. "You are not going to school 
looking like that. Did you get all your chores done?" She asked 
Celeste. "Yes, mama, I did."  "Well go get dress on the double, 
and you better hope to god you make it this time," her mother 
snapped. Celeste kicked herself into gear running into the house. 
Quickly changing her pants and shirt, she hustled down the stairs 
heading for the kitchen table to get her lunch. As she scurried 
out the door she kissed her mother goodbye, and then ran to catch 
the bus.  She was half way down the long driveway; when the bus drove 
pass her. Defeated, but not for long; she decided to walk to school. 

While walking a distance on the side of the road, a car beeped 
his horn behind her. Catching Celeste's attention, she recognized 
her friend, Dale.  He was an extra hand for her family’s farm. She 
stopped in her tracks, waited for the car to pull over. He rolled 
down the window, told her to get in the car with a smile.  She 
gladly accepted. "Well little one, why are you walking on the road?" 
He asked her. "I missed my bus again Dale. Them dang pups tore 
me up, and made me miss it!" "Well I see, they made a mess of your 
hair too. Here take this comb, try to fix it, while I take you to 
school this once. I don't want you to get into any more trouble 
with your mom,buckle up."
"Thanks Dale." Celeste said softly.
It didn't take Dale long to drop Celeste off at school. As she 
got out of the car she pleaded with Dale. "See you later, don't 
tell mama that you took me to school. I might get another yellin' 
from her okay?" "It would help if your mom knew how to drive 
Celeste, but no worries I won't tell." Shutting the car door 
Celeste heard the school bell ring for all students to enter 
the building. She ran like the wind to the entrance 
of the school arriving in her classroom just in time before the 
second and final bell rang.

picture by:,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHNnhB3Yl8fOnMB6Be4BKHmtQBabA&ust=1386871359105588


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