Cartwheel heaven!~


After lunch, Celeste was minding her own business sitting behind her desk in school, when she felt an object hit the back of her head.  Her hand automatically reached for the spot while she listened to some of the boys chuckle.  With skill, her little fingers felt the gooey substance stuck in her hair. As she felt her face turn red from embarrassment, her blood began to boil with anger.

Little Celeste sat behind the class bully; she was sweet in nature, and was the only girl who didn’t complain when seated behind him.  She took his bullying without causing a scene most of the time; however, today was not a good day for Celeste to be bullied.

Poopy head Jimmy, was smaller in height than most usual nine year old’s.  He was a dwarf size person with little legs.  Chunky and round in body with dark brown short messy hair.  His beady blue eyes were accented by thick uni-brows connecting together. Celeste couldn’t decide at times what to look at upon the ugly little monster, be it his crooked teeth or his uni-brow. One thing was for sure, Jimmy knew how to back his bullying up with two good fists and a loud mouth.  

Celeste sat quietly trying to get the sticky stuff out of her hair.  She knew she was making it worse with fiddling with the gum. She blew out a deep breath and mumbled words under her breath how she would love to give him an ass whipping.

“What’s a matter half-breed?  Don’t like the gum I put into your rat’s nest?”  Celeste turned around in her seat and gave him a dangerous look.  For a few moments she just stared into Jimmy’s blues.  He got a little fidgety under her wild gaze; not blinking an eye, she quickly gave the other boys a nasty look who encouraged the scene of crime. Jimmy quickly recovered his nervous energy and blurted out.

“Turn around darkie!” Celeste’s eyes snapped back to the ugly boy and didn’t say a word. Jimmy could feel she was ready to explode when the teacher spoke out.  ” Celeste, turn around and stop talking to Jimmy.”  Celeste didn’t listen to her teacher, her focus was on how she was going to whip the tar out of this boy.  “Celeste I will ask you again to turn around in her seat. I will not have you disrupting the class with your chatter, so turn around now.”  Her teacher scolded her.

“Yeah, turn around crazy eyes,” Jimmy said to her with a smart ass grin.  Celeste turned around in her chair to face the teacher once more.  She couldn’t wait till school let out. There were two more days left before summer vacation.

Celeste tried one more time to get the gum out of her hair, while trying to listen to the teacher’s lecture on math problems. To no prevail, she decided to go to the restroom, and get it out. As she was getting up from her seat, Jimmy kicked her desk.  The desk hit her thigh hard making her lose balance.  She fell down between the school desks with a loud crash on the floor. 

Laughter roared throughout the classroom.  “Celeste are you okay?”  Her teacher questioned her with concern. “Yes mam’, sorry.  I must have tripped on my desk.  May I use the restroom Miss Hodge?”  Celeste then gave Jimmy a threatening look while picking herself off the floor. Miss Hodge replied with a yes.

Embarrassed while leaving her classroom, she quickly closed the door and headed for the bathroom.  Celeste loved the empty hallways, it allowed her good time to do a bunch of cartwheels.  When she arrived at her destination she tried to get the gum out again.

Only the gum was stuck in her hair even more after doing all those cartwheels.  Realizing she was not going to get it out, she shrugged her shoulders and then looked into the mirror with a grumpy face. “I ain’t gonna get it out so I might as well leave it till I get home.”  She stuck her tongue out at herself in the mirror and left the bathroom to do more cartwheels down the hallway and return to her classroom. 


Picture by:,d.eW0&psig=AFQjCNEqxuaQFJyPA6STEuRw0Y5G7qeF2w&ust=1386966168188202


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