“You must face the music of your actions and deal with them with your head lifted high; even if no one listens, at least you spoke your peace.”


“Why do I get myself in this kind of trouble every time I go to a new school?”  Celeste pondered on her question for a few moments when her thoughts triggered onto the students on the bus. She could hear every word spoken how she put the hurt on the school’s bully.  She sunk deeper in her bus seat trying not to be noticed.  The bus driver watched the little embarrassed Celeste slide down in her seat.  His heart went out to her, he knew she never bothered anyone. Always staying to herself and never causing a scene with anyone.  Yet he knew there was something different about her than all the other children when she first stepped onto his bus. “Okay, that’s enough chatter back there you bunch of birds.”  The bus driver bellowed out.

Celeste looked at her bus driver through the big mirror he used to keep an eye out of all the students who rode on the bus.  He winked at her and smile.  She stayed solemn and didn’t look at him again until he stopped the big bus in front of her driveway to let her out.

“Thank you,” she weakly stated to her bus driver and ran off the bus the minute the door opened up. She didn’t wait for a reply she high tailed it with speed straight for the barn.  As she by passed her home she threw her backpack on the ground and ran for the big milking barn that housed her only true friend.

Happy to see her friend waiting for her, she quickly ran to the white gelding horse and hugged him with all her might while she immediately began to pour out her achy heart to the equine. “I am in a heap of trouble boy.  Why do kids treat me like this?  Don’t they know Ghost I bleed and hurt just like them?”  The nine year old lifted her teary eyes to her friend’s muzzle and kissed the softness, and then quickly took a deep breath of his horse scent. “I’m a thinkin’ I’m going to get my butt whipped for this one boy; because, I really did a bad thing today to pissy butt Jimmy.”  Ghost nickered a response to the little girl and flipped his lip in the air making a funny noise.

“Silly boy, you sure do know how to make me smile and make all the bad things go away. I love ya’ Ghost.  Whatever will I ever do without ya’?”  Ghost curled his head and touched her body with his head when she hugged him deeply.  “I swear boy if I was a horse I would kick the shit out of them all and teach them some manners!”  

“Celeste!”  She heard her mother call out.  “Oh no Ghost hide me quick!”  Celeste’s was nervous and wide eyed when she spoke out to Ghost, the beast shook his mighty head no. “Damn horse, some friend you turned out to be!”  She couldn’t decide what to do, but knew she could not hide from her mother.  She had to deal with the consequences of her actions sooner or later, so why not now and get it over with.  “Wish me luck boy, cause I’m a thinkin’ mama is gonna use the belt on me this time!”  The horse didn’t say anything, Celeste threw him some hay to eat and walked out of the barn ready to deal with the situation like a big girl.

Celeste’s mother was standing with both hands on her hips, looking like a ferocious rooster ready to peck her eyes out, when her daughter came out of the barn.  As Celeste approached her mother with a guilty look upon her face, she placed her eyes on the ground until she was standing in front of her mom ready to listen to an ear full of I told you so’s.

Instead, her mother did not scold or yell at her. She enfolded her little daughter into her loving arms.  Celeste gladly needed and wanted the hug from her mother, but was surprised she didn’t yell at her. “Mama, I am sorry.  I didn’t mean to do those things in school.”  Her mother squeezed her tightly and said.  “Celeste it’s not like you to be cruel to other people.  I know you have a hard time going to many different school’s, and not to mention you are very different than most young kids.  But you were to stay after school today. Your teacher Miss Hodge called me on the phone and filled me in on what happened.” 

Celeste looked up at her mother while being hugged. “Mama I didn’t mean to do it, it happen by accident. Pissy ass Jimmy got what was coming to him, please believe me I didn’t mean to hurt him. I couldn’t stay after school either mama, how was I gonna get home if I stayed?  You don’t drive.  Anyways, I was so scared I got crazy thoughts in my head to run.  So I did!”  She hugged her mom tightly.  

“Celeste you must stop talking like that!  Your picking up your father’s nasty talk and it’s not lady like for you to speak in that kind of language. So curb your tongue little one or I will wash it out with soap.  You can not do things like this in school Celeste.  Come let’s go to the house and have some tea and cookies then we can talk about this drama together.”  

They both walked hand and hand towards the farm house.  Celeste quickly opened the door for her mother then she followed closing the door behind her.  “Sit here and I will get our goodies.” Celeste sat at the dinning room table waiting for her mother’s return.  She bowed her head at the table whispering words to herself about the situation she caused and how she was going to get out of it, when she heard her mother yell out.  

“What the heck?  Celeste you have a bald spot on top of your head!”  Celeste looked at her mother when she lightly placed the tray of tea and cookies on the table, and touched her bald spot with her hand. “That’s why mama I lost my head.  Jimmy put gum in my hair and then cut it when I couldn’t get it out.  All of a sudden mama I went cuckoo in the head and got madder than a hornet when he cut my hair.  The next thing I knew mom, I opened a can of whip ass on him.”

 “Celeste, I told you to mind your words young lady! Your teacher didn’t say anything about Jimmy cutting your hair.  She only told me that you bullied one of your peers today and did not stay after school.”  She softly poured her daughter some tea and added a few sugar cookies on her saucer.  Celeste picked up her cookie and began to nibble on it.  “I know you are not a mean spirited child daughter.  People can be so cruel at times. Sometimes it takes a bigger and better person to hold back their anger, and believe karma has it’s way of paying them back later in life. You know daughter you must learn to tell on the ones who are causing you pain, and stop taking all the blame for all that is happening. Why didn’t you tell Miss Hodge what really happened?”  

“I ain’t no snitch mama!  Why should I defend myself when other’s will believe what they want too?”  Her mother looked at her daughter sternly.  “Daughter it is important to tell your side of the story no matter what!”   Celeste didn’t answer her, she kept eating her cookie and then took a sip of tea.

“What does karma mean mama?”  Celeste finally replied.  “It means daughter, when someone’s bad energy forces them to do things that are not healthy, and by their actions they tend to have bad things happen to them later on in life.  It may not be now, but it is sure to creep up on them later in their life.  As for the good, when you do good things, good stuff comes back at you and rewards you with the splendors.  I think it’s call positive thinking and energy.  Do you understand?”  She softly asked her daughter.

“Yes mama I do, so maybe that is why Jimmy’s tooth was knocked out?  Serves the poopy head right doing bad things like that to people.  I promise I won’t ever be like that mama, okay!  So now that we got that out, I am not going back to that school again!”  Celeste said in determination.

“Daughter you know that is not possible.  You must face the music of your actions and deal with them with your head lifted high; even if no one listens, at least you spoke your peace.”  Celeste hung her head down and whispered to her mother. “Yes mam I understand.”  


picture by:  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=RNe6PvjsLdAq1M&tbnid=EnY0yUcgME5Q0M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.allposters.com%2F-sp%2FMother-Scolding-Daughter-6-7-Posters_i8004302_.htm&ei=_DqvUoyMAcjx2wWBrYHQCQ&bvm=bv.57967247,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHhkD1q4hGyuZ3AfDeioDAZZNncCw&ust=1387301913624454





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