Celeste’s mother




Celeste got up and went to hug her mother before wanting to head back out to the barn to see her horse.  “Thank ya mama for the goodies and making me feel better. I am a good girl and I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I am getting tired of being picked on. Can I go back outside mama or do we have more to talk about?”  Celeste’s mother nodded her head in agreement and watched her little daughter walk out of the house.

As she sat at the dinning room table pondering how her daughter finds herself in all kinds of trouble, she softly stated to herself. “She is so much like my father and her Cherokee grandmother.  Maybe I should let her go live with my father.  They get along so well, perhaps he can reach her where I can not? God knows her father is never around enough to help me raise the tomboy. Besides, he is probably out fornicating with other women, which is nothing unusual.”

Celeste’s mother was a humble looking lass, with long curly brown hair, tall in height and slender in body frame.  It was her gorgeous large almond shaped hazel color eyes that made her pretty to look at. She was full blooded Scottish and took after her mother in looks. But she was not a sociable person and preferred to stay a lone in her own little world.

Both her parents were an odd couple.  Her father was a very tall man who stood over six feet tall and was robust in body.  He had green eyes and red hair, and was a superb huntsman.  On his spare time he adored working in his barn with different kinds of tractor motors, and love to do woodcarving.  He was born and raised in Ohio and had lived off the land all his life.

Her mother was a sickly woman.  Kind in soul and loving heart, she always gave unconditional christian love to anyone less fortunate.  She was small and round in body frame, with light brown hair and beautiful almond shape hazel eyes. She loved growing herbs and produce, and enjoyed storing the food for winter.  Due to her being a sickly person most of her life, she was seldom seen and had died at an early age. 

Celeste’s mother never learned to drive; because of being in a horrible auto accident with her teenage friends that scared her to death. The accident left her mentally unstable for the rest of her life.  One day, she was picked up by her girlfriends to go to the quarry.  The teenage girls tried to find relief from the hot humid Ohio weather, so they all piled into a car and went swimming for the day.

After being at the quarry all day swimming and playing in the sun, they all piled into the car to return home.  The driver behind the wheel simply fell asleep while all the other passengers were resting.  The next thing Celeste’s mom knew, she woke up in a daze from being thrown out of the car in some bushes.  As she picked herself up and got out of the bush she saw the burning auto and slowly started to walk over to the smoldering automobile with deep cut and scratches upon her face.

The emergency people and police who surrounded the vehicle were amazed to see the bashed up girl walk up to the auto in a daze.  They were astonished to see she was the only one who survived the deadly crash.  When Celeste’s mother saw her burnt friends it forever changed her mentally, causing her mother to faze in an out of forget fullness for the rest of her life.

Celeste’s mother was interrupted out of her thoughts when Mrs Sutherland the next door neighbor knocked on her door.  She got up and opened the door to the smiling elderly woman who had one of her delicious pound cakes. The elderly lady was the only woman Celeste’s mother would talk too, other than that she stayed to herself and very rarely was sociable.


2 thoughts on “Celeste’s mother

  1. Wow I have wonder about her mother. Thank you for all your stories Slingshot. Not to mention me stumbling on an interesting love in a story true or false.

  2. Awe Cherri, you might be the only one who has been privileged to know if it is true or false! But I will keep you in the dark a little while longer. 😉 Yes Celeste’s mother was never completely right in her mind; but there is more to come so keep reading. Thank you Cherri for stopping by everyday! Wishing you a great Christmas season!

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