“I will be keeping an eye out on you, so I think you better watch your P’s and Q’s girl. Do I make myself clear?” She quickly stated firmly, “Yes sir!”


The next day Celeste got up early enough to do all her chores.  She was ready in time for her bus.  As she waited for the bus to stop to pick her up, she got nervous knowing she was going to be chewed out by her teacher and principal for what happened to Jimmy.

When the bus finally stopped, she placed one foot at a time slowly onto the steps of the bus and sat in the front seat.  The minute the bus driver shut the doors she could hear everyone’s whispers about the incident at school.  The ride was unbearable to Celeste; but at least she had put her hair up into a pony tail so no one could see the bald spot Jimmy created.

She was ready to bounce off the walls with nervous energy when the bus pulled up to the school.  Embarking off the bus she headed straight inside the school’s building.  Usually she would play outside looking for bugs and cool insect before the bell rang and school was in session, but not today.  She headed for the principal’s office to get the situation over with like a responsible big girl.

She was quickly greeted by her angry teacher the minute she opened the office door.  “How dare you not stay after school Celeste! I want you to go and sit into the principal’s room before you decide to take off again.”  Miss Hodge escorted Celeste into his room and said before she closed the door.  “You should have told me your mother does not drive Celeste, then I would have understood why you couldn’t stay after school; nevertheless you knocked out Jimmy’s tooth so that is another story!  Do I make myself clear young lady?”  Celeste nodded her head yes and didn’t say a word except to look down upon the ground with guilt in her heart.  Miss Hodge closed the door knowing Celeste would not say a word.

Celeste sat in a chair shuffling her feet with anticipation, her stomach was feeling sick with fear. Time seemed to tick by slowly when the door finally opened up. Mr Hanna didn’t utter a word when he walked into his room, he quickly took note how guilty the little girl looked.  To Celeste, his boots click on the floor hard like an Elephant as he stomped around his desk to sit in his big chair.  She could feel he was ready to give her a tongue lashing when he sat down and stared at her for a few moments silently before speaking firmly to her.

Mr. Hanna cleared his deep throat, “I heard you disobeyed your teacher yesterday Celeste?” Celeste kept her eyes on the ground not answering his question.  “Also, I heard that you knocked out a boy’s tooth by tripping him in your classroom.”  Still she didn’t speak up to give him an answer, she sat silently with her hands in her lap. “I will not stand by and let you torment our students like this young lady.  I looked up your records and found that you are a good student when you apply yourself, but your out burst of meanness is unacceptable in my school.” He waited to receive an answer but none came.  “Since there is only two days left of school, I really can’t do anything about it.  Know this, I will kick you out of school if I have anymore trouble with you the next coming school year!  Bullying is not allowed in our school Celeste.”

Celeste began to mumble under her breath.  “Right…Mister, tell that to poopy head Jimmy and all of his Goonie’s.”  “Did you just call me a Goonie young lady?”  Celeste slowly lifted her head high to look at the principal.  Mr. Hanna was shocked to see the dangerous look the fourth grader gave him. In reality it scared him to see the dark side.  He wanted to blink his eyes when he could vividly see her angry eyes swirling with different colors of green and gold, and the power he felt from her essence began to fill the room to explosion.

As she sat for a few seconds staring at her principal, and daring him to say another word, thoughts began to explode inside her mind.  She showed no backing down when a voice inside her head said softly, “Control little one!”  She listened and took a deep breath, slowly releasing the air to get her crap together to speak.  She said with stern conviction in her voice, “No, sir sorry sir, I did not say that about you.”

Mr. Hanna was still stunned to silence regarding what he felt and saw with the little girl’s energy. He blinked himself to awareness when he saw her cast her eyes back down on the ground.  “I will be keeping an eye out on you, so I think you better watch your P’s and Q’s girl.  Do I make myself clear?”  She quickly stated firmly, “Yes sir!”  “Go back to class and behave now,” Mr. Hanna responded with haste.

Getting out of the chair of doom, she headed to her classroom that was already in session.  No words were uttered when she entered the class; unfortunately, she noticed all the snickers on her peer’s faces.  She immediately went to her desk and stayed quiet for the rest of the day. She was so happy to see Jimmy did not show up today, but she scowled at his friends before she sat down and started to pull out her English book.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=LQabD_-rlXLd0M&tbnid=zRBZcxidBu2LEM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.heraldsun.com.au%2Fnews%2Fnational%2Fkids-listen-to-mum-dont-lieunless-youre-at-work%2Fstory-fndo48ca-1226516715001&ei=_hqzUp-OKc6J2AXB-IBY&bvm=bv.58187178,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFl6xto0xGq_wRddwnDX8OMAx6hmA&ust=1387555920191019


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