“Eeekkk…Damn it pig, look what you have done!”


Celeste as a nine year old who did not have many human friends; due to changing many schools and different places to live, preferred the company of animals over humans any day.  Her heart was breaking in two knowing that her mother got rid of the precious liter of pups she raised.  Not only did she sell the pups, she sold their mother too.  Why didn’t she take her mother’s warning seriously earlier in the week as a sign she was going to sell them all one day?  

Unable to decide how to deal with her sadness when she passed the stinky pig pen by, she stopped dead in her tracks and smiled with thoughts of riding her favorite pig.  Quickly she took her shoes off, and with skill the little girl climbed over the wooden fence and stepped into the knee deep muck of yuck manure and mud.  Miss Prissy, the big sow had her rump facing towards Celeste as the little girl crawled over the fence.  The muddy pig was too busy digging her nose into the gooey substance when the little cowgirl jumped on her back and wrapped her long legs around the sow’s big belly.

“Git going you pig!”  Celeste barked out with glee.  When the sow did not move, the cowgirl grabbed the pig’s ears and twisted them into her strong grip, sending the pig forward in a fast pace movement to get the girl off her back. Bucking, kicking and squealing the sow ran around in the deep mud trying to unload the little girl off her back. Celeste held on for dear life while giggling with the thrill of riding by the seat of her pants. 

Nothing prepared Celeste when the sow finally ran out of breath.  The pig quickly laid her body down on the muddy surface and began to roll around.  Celeste jumped off the pig’s back in time; however she fell to her dirty doom planting her face into the yuck. “Eeekkk…Damn it pig, look what you have done!”  Celeste wasn’t mad, she laughed and picked herself up out of the mud while trying to clear the junk from her vision and mouth with her dirty stinky hands.  She slowly went over to the wooden fence and climbed over it to exit the muddy pen.

She knew the only way to get the mud off is to take a dip into the cow trough. With haste the tomboy began to strip off her dirty clothing while heading to the metal contained water hole. She put her dirty clothes on the ground and quickly jumped into the three feet deep water, sending the frogs to jump out of the water hole to sit on the three inch rim of the container while the little girl kicked and splashed with delight.  


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=M3unK-b-VGYnyM&tbnid=65gnY9lzERcFnM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.saddlebackpigs.co.uk%2Findex_newspage_2011.html&ei=oma4UsnmNOLM2AW9ioCYCA&bvm=bv.58187178,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGTrfrQmckzf-906g5k9D38qF1qEA&ust=1387902910241912


4 thoughts on ““Eeekkk…Damn it pig, look what you have done!”

      1. Never been able to ride on. My un cle pigs were of an agressive breed i think… Anyway, I was fast running !

        Shame on me : coward ! 😛

        Been “chased” by geese. Did you ?

  1. I use to have the time of my life when I grew up on a farm. My imagination was ENDLESS! However, I did have a few run in on some upset sow’s who didn’t take to kindly of me riding them. One sow almost took me down, but I jumped on the wooden fence in time and ended up ripping open a two inch gash on my knee and had stitches…Boy that was scary! But FUN as a young lass.
    No I wouldn’t say you’re a coward Coco…perhaps you think about situations before you act on them. That is my down fall I think and act immediately instead of pondering. hahaha As for GEESE you bet your skippy I have been nipped, chased and loved by the protective fowl. I no longer can keep them on my ranch here in New Mexico. The coyotes’ LOVE our bird friends….yummmm 😉

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