“My god girl, you sang that almost better than Patsy herself! In years to come daughter, you and I might make a good team!”

Taking a dip in the little water hole was just what the doctor ordered for Celeste. And as the little tomboy splashed around to clean her muddy body off she grabbed one of the bullfrog’s with speed and began to have a heart to heart chat with the jumping object. “Listen here Mister Frog, if I kiss ya will I turn into a frog? I don’t want to be a princess mind ya, but I sure in the heck don’t want to look like you?” The bullfrog tried to wiggle out of her grip, while Celeste investigated every spec of markings upon his slimy green body. Celeste softly put the frog on the edge of the rim and went under water one more time before getting out of the trough.

She left her dirty clothes on the ground and quickly headed into the barn nude for extra clean clothing to wear. Since she had a knack of getting dirty, she began to store clothing in the barn so her mother would never know what she had done. Eventually, she would throw the clothes away, hiding the evidence away from seeing eyes all together.

Dripping wet the little girl dried herself off with a dirty horse hair towel and put her dry clothing on. She went outside to get her cowboy boots she had left by the stinky pig pen and quickly put them on. And as she got up off the dirt ground she wiped her rear clean of dirt and began to take on her evening tasks on the farm in a clean fashion. When she completed her chores for the evening, she was ready to head back to the farm house to see if her parents were finished yelling at each other.

The minute she walked into her home the aroma of dinner filled her nostrils. “There ya are little one, I thought I might have to come out and find ya myself. Hey…you weren’t wearing those clothes when you left here?” Her father asked her. Celeste didn’t answer him she ran and gave her father a hug. “Oooo, weee child you stink? What the heck ya been doing, wallowing with the hogs?” Celeste’s body tensed up after hearing she stunk from her father. “I was doing my chores papa and fell in the mud when I was feeding Miss Prissy. I better go clean up before mama smells me.” She left his embrace and ran to the bathroom to clean up for dinner.

The evening was wonderful for Celeste to have her family eat a good dinner at the table. Conversation and laughter flowed with ease among the little family until her father asked her about school. “Well I am a thinkin’ papa you might not want to know.” Celeste took a spoonful of mashed potatoes to show her father she was not going to talk to him with her mouth full. He gave her an evil eye demanding her to tell him when she finished swallowing. Her mother saved her the embarrassment, while giving Celeste a wink with her eye. “She is doing fine, now let her eat before dinner gets cold.” Celeste smiled at her mother.

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch. Celeste sat on the floor by her father’s feet to listen to him serenade her with his guitar. At times she would jump in and sing the tune out loud, but found her voice cracked several times. They both laugh until her father changed the song and started to pick a Patsy Cline song. Celeste love the song “Crazy.” So in perfect harmony while her father picked and grin his guitar, she completed the duet with her father to perfection. “My god girl, you sang that almost better than Patsy herself! In years to come daughter, you and I might make a good team!”

Her mother entered the living room while wiping her hands to dry with the kitchen towel. “No I do not think so! One musician in the family is enough don’t you think?” She didn’t wait for a reply from her husband she quickly stated to Celeste. “Time for bed daughter, your last day of school is tomorrow and I don’t want you running late. Besides you only have a half a day, so you will be back home before you know it! Now off to bed.”

Celeste got up off the floor and kissed both her parents good night. She quickly climbed the stairs to her room and softly shut the door, and then went to her top dresser drawer where her clean underwear was folded neatly. With care she moved the undergarments away and saw her little baby mouse sleeping in the little box she placed him in. Blessed the little mouse was sleeping and had enough food, she closed the drawer and went to bed herself, happy as a beaver.

3 thoughts on ““My god girl, you sang that almost better than Patsy herself! In years to come daughter, you and I might make a good team!”

    1. Phil my man…you make me purrrr with delight! Makes me feel I am doing something right! I DO DO DO love your writing too. I am having a dinger of a time unable to like on posts, but know I am with you El Wapo and love your site too!

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