“OH HELL NO!” Celeste screamed out while trying to back away.


It was the last day of school for Celeste when she woke up in the morning.  “Yahoo buckaroo!” She screamed out with glee to the sunlight out her bedroom window.  She quickly got up and decided to jump on top of her bed with happiness.  “Celeste are you up?”  Her mother called to her from the stairway.  “Yep I is, mama.”  Celeste replied in her southern tongue while taking a large leap off the bed and landed on the floor with a loud thump.

Like routine the little girl dressed herself and gathered her backpack, and then raced down the stairs to meet her parents for breakfast.  “Mornin’ y’all.”  The little girl spoke to her parents in a happy tone. “Thank ya kindly papa for doing my chores.  It sure is nice having you home.” Celeste pulled a chair out to sit upon and gave her father a smile that melted his heart.  Her mother served her a hard boil egg peeled with toast an a cup of tea. She quickly began to wolf down her breakfast with speed.  “Slow down little britches your gonna make yourself sick.”  Her father said in a concerned voice.

“I can’t papa, don’t want to miss my bus today and get myself into trouble.”  Her father watched his daughter shoved her breakfast into her mouth.  “Have you been gittin’ yourself into trouble at school these days girl?”  Celeste almost choked up her half chewed egg when her father asked her the question.  She didn’t want to answer him, so instead she briskly took a sip of her tea and grabbed her backpack ready to fly the coop.  “See ya later gator’s.”  Celeste kissed her father and mother and ran out the door to catch her bus.  She glorified in the peaceful stillness morning air while she hurried to get to the end of her driveway.

It was the best day Celeste could hope for not seeing Jimmy again when she arrived at school. Thankful he didn’t return, the time sped by and before she knew it, school was out for the summer at noon time. Rapidly, she gathered her school belongings and ran out to her waiting bus, only to stop dead in her tracks when she noticed Jimmy and his mother were waiting for her by the bus.

Scared out of her wits on how to handle the confrontation, she pulled up her pants and held her head high an approached her bus with dignity.  She could clearly see the swollen bruised lip and the missing spot of his tooth. Jimmy pointed his finger in her direction when he saw her approaching her bus.  If she thought Jimmy looked like an ugly circus character his mother was no different.  She too resembled her son; unfortunately, she was taller in height and fatter than a walrus with buck teeth and had a nasty aura that surrounded her body.

“That’s her mom right there see her?”  Jimmy balled out.  Celeste usually was shy, but not this time.  She approached the two with grace.  “How dare you knock out my son’s tooth. I will be talking with your parents and they will be paying for my son’s missing tooth you little half-breed heathen!”  Jimmy’s mom had both of her hands on her hips yelling at Celeste with all her might. She could see the mother’s fat jowls jiggle when she yelled at her.  The little girl took the tongue lashing without blinking an eye at her assaulter.  She was ready to explode her thoughts out to the crappy nasty family when her bus driver saved the day.

“Hey what’s going on here Mrs. Holt?”  Celeste’s bus driver came to her defense. “I can’t have you talking to our students like this woman.  Let me tell you something if no one has already, you’re son is a bully here on campus and probably deserved what he got by this young lady. So if you have a problem take it to the office, because I will not let you badger this young gal any longer.”  The bus driver stretched his hand out to Celeste and told her to get on the bus.  She quickly obeyed grateful to leave the scene behind.

“How dare you protect that creature.  She….”  The bus driver stopped her in mid sentence and fired back at her.  “I’m sure she has been talked to by the principal in this matter, so leave her alone.”  Mrs. Holt became red with anger in the face when she heard him scold her in front of her son.  “You’re no better than her right now and I will be damned if she gets away with this crime.”  Mrs. Holt screamed out at him.  “Well lady it’s the last day of school and I say let it be. Now if you don’t mind I am leaving, and hope you have a great summer.”  He turned on his heels and entered his bus and closed the doors.

Celeste breathe a sign of relief when he closed the bus door’s and proceeded to put the bus into gear.  He looked at Celeste in the front seat behind him with his big viewing mirror and gave her a wink with his eye. She smiled and kept her eyes on the floor of the bus until he dropped her off at her driveway.

“Thank ya sir, I appreciate your help but I hope I didn’t git you into trouble for defending me?”  Celeste lightly spoke to the bus driver.  “Awe, no worries little one.  I think he deserved it if you ask me.  What a brave young lady you are to handle this by yourself.  See ya next year girl and just to let you know, I needed my shorties ruffled up today!”  Celeste smile and ran off the bus the minute he opened the doors.

Life was great again as Celeste took off down her dirt driveway with speed.  When she got close to her home she saw two black and white wild kitten’s run across the driveway into a pile of tall weeds. She threw her backpack on the ground and was bound and determined to catch them. Slowly she scanned into the tall pile of weeds to see where they had hidden.  She could see the black spots huddle together, so she separated the tall weeds to get a better view and to her amazement they were not kitten’s, they were a pair of baby skunks!

Unable to react fast enough she was bombed with the stinky liquid they squirted out from their rear ends.  “OH HELL NO!”  Celeste screamed out while trying to back away.  Wrong move on her part for screaming out an opening her mouth.  The aim of the little skunks were true.  Their funk hit her square in the mouth and all over her clothing before she could back away any further.

Choice foul words echoed out of the little cowgirl’s mouth like poetry.  Spitting and gagging she tried to get her composure together from the invasion of stink and being fooled.  She watched the two vermin’s high tail it out of the weeds and run into the pasture in haste.

She sat down on the dirty ground and began to wail out to the calm heavens.  “Why me? Why don’t I think things through before I do something stupid! GRRRRRR……”  She roared out loud. Celeste was at her breaking point sitting on the ground in discuss when she heard a few sounds of giggles from children being carried out with the blowing wind that suddenly sprung to life.  She silenced her crying and listened.  For a few moments she sat on the dirt trying to fathom what she just heard while moving her head to and fro to see if anyone was hiding.  No one in sight, she finally came to the conclusion she was hearing things that were not there.

The wind softly caressed her tear stain stinky face into peacefulness.  Celeste suddenly felt her hairs on her back rise in unison with the creepy feeling she was experiencing. She stood up and bellowed out to the fading wind.  “So you think that was funny huh….well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”  The little country girl shook her fist at the blue skies and picked up her backpack and headed for the barn.  There was no way in hell she was going to enter her house smelling like a skunk!

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=tHOapOhgXE2b-M&tbnid=JLWVq8I71_6l2M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailycamera.com%2Fci_22987130%2Fskunk-between-longmont-and-berthuod-tests-positive-rabies&ei=Mgy_UqOHKrSA2QWwp4GIDw&bvm=bv.58187178,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGvyxrLs86iyAFWEfy0t0gm2AvcRQ&ust=1388338577916096

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