“You’re the best friend I have ever had boy, but I got to save you! Please go my friend, hide!”


“Oh my heavens, you scared me Dale!” Celeste told him in a shocked voice.  Something is wrong with his eyes?  She thought to herself.  “Dale is you okay?  You look awful weird and you stink too.”  Celeste pinched her nose with her fingers the minute Dale stepped forward.  “You’ve been drinking moonshine again Dale, so you better stop right there mister!” Celeste knew Dale was not in his right frame of mind when he drank alcohol.

There were times she stayed hidden and watched Dale drank himself three sheets to the wind. Which of course allowed her to torment him while he slept the brew off.  Her favorite time she remembered was when he passed out in the hay last summer.  She was sitting up in the rafters of the barn eating her fill of fresh picked blueberries, when Dale came into the barn all liquored up.  He climbed up on the mound of hay and passed out snoring with his mouth open wide.  For some reason the little cowgirl had a wicked thought and began to drop smashed blueberries on his face while he slept. She giggle with mischief as she watched his face become stained by the berries that slapped him on the face while she tried to drop blueberries into his open mouth, missing her target all together. What made it more funny is Dale would wipe his face in a stupor and smeared the berry juice deeper into his skin. It took Dale a week to get the blueberry stains off his face, but he never knew it was her.

“Hey, listen here little one, I saw you swimming yesterday and you looked mighty fine!” Celeste was knocked out of her thoughts when Dale grab her arms. “Dale let go you’re hurting my arms.”  Celeste tried to wiggle loose out of his strong man hold, but he was too strong for her to set herself free.  “Not this time girl, you’re mine!”  Celeste didn’t have time to react when she was pushed down on the ground and Dale jumped on top of her little body pinning her to the floor with his weight while he began to touch her body everywhere with his large hands.  Dale planted his sloppy lips upon her face and started to kiss her hard.

Celeste’s body became rigid with fright.  “What is he doing to me?  This is wrong and I don’t like it!”  She stated to herself in distress. Her little mind snapped and yell out her feelings. “Git the hell of me you bully, you’re hurting me…STOP IT NOW!” Celeste yowled out a blood curdling girly girl scream and began to punch him with her little fist when he didn’t listen to her pleads. Dale could careless about Celeste, he kept on his sexual assault and finally ripped her t-shirt a little then touched her crotch.

Things were happening to fast for the little girl to figure out what he was doing to her.  Her immediate reaction was to try and get him off her before he did anything else. She hollered out loud piercing Dale’s ears, “Mama, Papa, someone help me!  HELP!”

Suddenly, Celeste’s wind was knocked out of her from a heavy impact to Dale’s body upon her’s.  She instantly heard a loud noise of grunts, hoof stomping and whinny’s.  She closed her eyes and then reopened them to Ghost kicking the shit out of Dale and dragging him off her little body with his teeth.  The horse didn’t wait, he began to rear up and stomp onto Dale’s body with great force while crying out his battle cry to the heavens.  Celeste could hear the impact of each hoof hit Dale’s body.  The white horse was ferocious in his aid to help his friend, until the cadaver body was bleeding profusely from the head.  Celeste, by this time was huddling into a corner watching the scene play out.  Her eyes were wide with fright, “Ghost no boy!”  She wept.

The horse stopped and turned his massive body towards his little friend.  The two locked their eyes together and slowly the gelding walked over to Celeste quivering and shaking.  The beast softly nudged his partner in crime with his muzzle.  Celeste immediately crawled on the floor and hugged his front legs to her little body for reassurance. Ghost nickered and rubbed her hair with his nose.

“My hero…Ghost we got to get out of here before he wakes up.  Run boy run!”  Ghost didn’t leave his companion until she got up and slowly walked over to the lifeless body of Dale. She clearly could see the hoof print on the side of Dale’s head when observing the damage. “Oh my god I get dad and mom, you got to run boy now before mama sells ya!”  Celeste held her friends head and kissed his head with tears in her eyes.  “You’re the best friend I have ever had boy, but I got to save you! Please go my friend, hide!”

Ghost shook his head no…She had no choice she had to run to get her parents, because there was no way she could clean this mess up alone.  So without thinking she ran to her home blaring out her mother and father’s name. For Celeste, this day will always be remembered as the worse day ever in her lifetime!

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=DKaomTZJYa7y2M&tbnid=U8apiYLdz6a2NM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwarriorcatsrpg.com%2Findex.php%3Ftopic%3D1097142.0&ei=34nBUvnxAofi2gXb_IHIBA&bvm=bv.58187178,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNER4dFu1gqfOs1FJDbj6XWdY6WdqQ&ust=1388501838332848

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