A year passed the country girl by without causing any scenes living in Alabama. She kept her nose clean, along with her potty mouth. Life seemed to get back to normal for the tomboy, except the bullying in school, and her mother’s personality. In order to stay out of trouble in the sixth grade, Celeste made sure never to attend school without her shoes. She stayed intent on not misplacing them ever again; nevertheless, she slept with her shoes by her bed guarding the object diligently. She was happy to take note that Pecker Pete left their homestead, she thought maybe he had finally got eaten up by a wild animal, which made the tomboy happy to no end.

Her father’s consonant travels caused more of a depression to Celeste’s mother. After that horrible day when Ernie whooped her good, her mother hadn’t spoken. The little girl thought it was her fault for causing her mother to slip off her rocker, so she kept her distance and moved heaven and earth not to cause anymore trouble to tip her mother overboard. Celeste learned to distinguish her mother’s odd patterns in behavior. She observed her mother walking around the house all fired up, chatting and mumbling under her breath when her father left for another music gig.

Gone were the days when Celeste and her mother worked side by side as a team to care for the farm. Celeste took care of all the chores, cooking, cleaning, and making dinner. Their family eventually stopped talking all together, due to her parents constant fighting. Celeste would retreated to the barn for peace, and quiet in order to escape the drama in her household. Many times she slept out in the barn on the lush hay stack with Ringo the coon. Her relationship between her father became estrange, ever since she witness Ernie giving her father a heated tongue lashing. At one point, she was sure Ernie was going to knock her father out with his fist, but the confrontation never happened, nor did she investigate the reason why the too were arguing.
In the end, her mother became withdrawn with each passing day. Celeste watched her mother’s beauty change into someone she no longer recognized. At times she would worry that her mother was not eating enough, so the tomboy fed her mother small morsel’s here and there to sub-stain her withering body. Often she thought about picking up the phone to call her mother’s father, and tell him what was happening to his daughter, but she did not. She knew her grandfather didn’t like her father, so she stayed quiet about the topic. A few months passed her by in the heat of summer without mishaps, until one particular hot sweaty day when Celeste’s world changed for the worst!

“That’s the way love goes, babe…that’s the music God made.”

The breeze that engulfed the tomboy at Ernie’s house puzzled Celeste. She could have sworn she heard a voice telling her to behave. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to think, she was too exhausted from blowing her top. Celeste laid her body down across the geldings back as they wondered through the peaceful woods. She hugged her dear friend and let the tears fall for losing yet another person in her life. Eventually, the horse ride rocked the weary little girl to sleep, until they arrived at a slow flowing stream nestled in the heavily dense woods. “Thank ya boy for bringing me here, but I got’s to go home and face the music.” The forest meant peace to Celeste whenever she was in the woods, her problems seemed to melt away, but not this time.

Celeste slid off the back of Ghost, and to her amazement Ringo had followed the pair. “I can’t take ya home boy, mama will have a fit. Go back to Ernie’s now!” The coon didn’t understand her words, he began to make his happy ticking sounds. Celeste smiled at her buddy and said, “Okay, you can stay cause Ernie doesn’t love me anymore, so there is no reason for you to live with him anymore. You know you will leave me too one day Ringo, to find a mate.”

For over an hour the group stayed at the stream until Celeste knew it was time to head back home. When she arrived home and entered the quiet home, her mother was sitting silently rocking in her chair staring out the window. Celeste didn’t bother her this time, she knew her mother received a call today from the principal. It was her fault for causing pain to her mother, and from the last encounter with her mother, she was not going to rock the boat.

Celeste turned around and went outside to the barn and began her chores. Keeping her distance from her mother, the little girl finished her tasks before sunset. She was sitting on top of a wooden fence softly singing a song she loved dearly when Ernie quietly walked up, and stood by a tree behind her listening to her sing the beautiful song by Merle Haggard.

“I’ve been throwing horse shoes…over my left shoulder. I spent all my life…searching for a four leaf clover.” Since the little girl couldn’t remember the words she hummed the tune perfectly, and then added the words she knew to the song at the right time. Ernie smiled at the little tike as she tried to sing the song; nevertheless, he could feel the sorrow seep from her body with each word she sang.

The last rays of the sun was slowly dipping down in the horizon when the light touched Celeste. It illuminated her body like a glowing bright orb. He caught his breath realizing the beautiful sight he witness. It confirmed his thoughts earlier, that God was blessing this little child with some type of magical love. Celeste began to cry while trying to say the beautiful words to the song. “Chasing my rainbow…Don’t ya know I love ya so, that’s the way love goes.”

Celeste stopped her singing when she felt a presence behind her. She snapped her neck around and stared at Ernie with empty eyes. Inch by inch the old woodsman walked up to her. Celeste climbed down off the fence and faced Ernie. His heart wanted to drop to the ground as he stared at the distraught little girl. Instead he softly began to sing the song she was singing…”That’s the way love goes babe…that’s the music god made..for all the world to sing. It’s never old, it grows oooooo….” Celeste joined in. “Losin’ makes me sorry,” Then Ernie sung, “Ya say, now honey don’t worry so much. Don’t ya know I love ya so much.” In unison they both finished…”Thats the way love goes.”

Celeste ran into Ernie’s strong arm, holding him tightly and begging him to forgive her. Ernie melted with the love she adored upon him. “Awe, little one I too am sorry for whoopin’ ya…I shouldn’t have gone and done that because I too am to blame.” Celeste immediately said, “No, I deserved the lickin’. I ain’t old enough to say nasty words like that, so I promise not to do it again. Just don’t leave me Ernie.” He strengthen his hugged on the little tomboy and said, “I brought over a rabbit for dinner, how about we git you’re ma to cook it up for dinner?”

Celeste stepped away from her friend and shook her head no. “I’m a thinkin’ that is not a good idea Ernie, mama is sick right now.” Ernie raised his thick bushy eyebrows at Celeste. “Hum does she need a doctor?” Celeste wasn’t sure how much information she should give out to her friend. She shrugged her shoulders as “I don’t know” not offering any more information on her mother. “Well that’s okay, we can skin it, and eat it here if ya build a fire for me. I can have this rabbit skinned in no time.”

The two worked together to complete their outdoor meal. Celeste was uplifted in soul having her friend come over and see if she was okay and say sorry. Nothing in the world could have dampen the ugly day she had as the two sat, and giggled the night away singing songs. Her mother never knew her daughter was home, she kept rocking the evening night away in her rocking chair lost to the world in spirit.  And when the time came for the friends to depart, Ernie walked Celeste to her home and said good-night.  She hugged him with all her might and said, “I love ya Ernie.”  Ernie replied, “I love ya too little britches.”  They separated and that’s when Ernie took note that Celeste’s mother was a blank page rocking in her chair looking out the window.  “Oh, good night her mother ain’t sick, she’s gone cuckoo in the head. Dear lord help this little one’s life, for no wonder she lacks love.  Damn cryin’ shame, down right wrong! When her papa comes home, I plan to give him a piece of my mind!”

He walked away knowing the little tomboy’s life was more miserable than she portrayed.  He was scared out of his thoughts walking down her driveway when Pecker Pete attacked him. Ernie waited for the foul to jump him, and as fast as lightening ended the rooster’s life by snapping his head, and took him home to throw his mean ass in a cooking pot.

Don’t Leave me, Girl!

What to do, What to do; Celeste was in a pickle with her emotions. She knew she deserved the paddling, she had no right blowing her top like that. Many times Ernie warned her he was going to wash out her potty mouth with soap; because of the foul words that came out of her mouth like poetry and with postulation. It wasn’t the soap that hurt her the most, it was making Ernie so mad that he had to do something about it and fast.

With her teary eyes and soapy mouth she gazed at Ernie’s home for a few moments. She dropped to the ground on her knees covering her eyes with her hands. “I messed up again, please God don’t let Ernie hate me. I can not bear life without him.” The ten year old had no clue how to deal with her emotions, instead she through a hissy fit! Pounding the ground with her fist, screaming out the unjust of her life until she was exhausted. She finally curled up in a ball crying out her distraught to the dirt. Her friend Ringo laid on top of her body trying to sooth the little girl’s pain.

Several times Ernie peeked out the window at the cowgirl. His heart was breaking in two watching her explode her anger out to the heavens. To him he had no right giving her a whooping, but he was not going to allowed her to talk to him in such a manner. He knew she lied to him, and he also knew something happened to her in school. But the tough little girl never cried, or complained about her plight in life until now. He could hear the tender cries of Celeste begging him not to hate her. “How on God’s green earth do I handle the little bumpkin? I ain’t never had children before,” Ernie softly spoke to himself. For the first time in his life, a tear began to fall down his cheek when he watched the next move of the little girl.

Celeste uncurled herself and stood strong wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. The wind picked up and Ernie saw her long curly hair flow out with the strength of the breeze, and witnessed her lips move in whispers to the wind. “Lord my God, what is happening here?” Ernie murmured inside his home as he stared outside at Celeste in disbelief.  Celeste’s friends, Ghost and Ringo stood together beside Celeste in vigilante.

In a matter of seconds the wind stopped, and Celeste turned to look at Ernie who was peeking through the windows at her. “Don’t leave me papa, I’m sorry! I will never speak foul words to you again. Please forgive me.” Stunned, the old man couldn’t move when he heard the spitfire’s heart retching words. He watched her gently scratch Ringo and bent down to kiss his tiny fingers. In slow movement she stood on a stump as Ghost approached her in solemn stance allowing her to get on his bare back safely. Ernie beheld the lonely misfits leave his premises, and disappeared into the forest with Ringo following them. Ernie walked out of his shack and spoke out lightly to his little friends who did not hear his comment. “Don’t leave me girl, I forgive ya.”

“Ya spit that bar of soap out, I’m gonna give ya good ass lickin!”


Ghost and Celeste arrived at Ernie’s home out of breath.  The aged woodsman watched the tomboy slid off her horse’s back with ease and ran to pick up Ringo the raccoon.  She hugged him to her breast holding him tightly like he was her last friend in the world.  Ernie came out of his home and stood on the porch watching the spitfire.  “Isn’t ya suppose to be in school girl?” Celeste locked her eyes on Ernie and said, “Nope, no more school, I am out for the summer.” She lied to him.  

The tomboy had never told Ernie the teasing and bullying she received in school, so he would not know why she was upset, but he knew something was amiss with his little friend. “Does your mom know ya here?”  Celeste allowed Ringo to climb on her shoulders who then proceeded to check out her ears, causing the little girl to chuckle.  Her face lit up with joy, but then turned serious to answer Ernie’s question.  “Yep, mama knows I’m here,” again she lied to him.  

“Let’s go huntin’ Ernie!  I’m hungry for squirrel in a can!” Ernie scrunched up his face in thought and knew she hated eating squirrel. He gave her a beady eye leer, “I’m a thinkin’ something is not right here girl.  You’re either lying to me or you’re in a heap of trouble.”  She turned her back on him and took the coon off her shoulders while putting him down on the ground with care. The next thing Ernie witness when Celeste turned around to face him, her face spoke of dangerous things about to begin. He didn’t have to wait too long for the country girl to pop off. 

“It’s none of ya fuckin’ business old man! Ya ask too much questions, ya adults think ya know everything!” Celeste didn’t stop there, her foul cuss words erupted out of her little mouth with anger. Ernie was stunned to hear her nasty words, he recognized a few of his choice words he uses when pissed off come out of her mouth.  Celeste was on fire, and in a state of going bonkers while screaming out her frustration to the woods. Ernie stood quietly listening to her rant and rave on the porch, and when she finally finished yelling out, they both stood staring at each other.

Celeste turned her back on her friend in embarrassment, acknowledging she had blew her top to the wrong person. Ernie was madder than a hornet listening to the little girl’s filthy words. He went into his shack, and got a bar of soap thinking now was the time to nip it in the butt and discipline the foul mouth creature. Her back was still facing him when he walked out of his home, and stomped his feet towards Celeste.  

She was spun around with great force, and found a bar of soap shoved into her mouth, her eyes flew open wide. “Ya shut ya pie hole up woman! That’s enough of this garbage coming out of ya foul mouth. Ya spit that bar of soap out, I’m gonna give ya good ass lickin. Ya stop that nasty words and stop being disrespectful it’s not lady like, ya hear! Now ya sit down and shut up, and think about what got ya here in the first place! I will be keeping an eye out on ya.” She had never seen her friend mad, she gave him a defiant gaze. “I said, sit down NOW!” Ernie roared out. Celeste obeyed quickly, and sat down on a log by the open campfire with spit and soap suds dripping from her mouth. 

Fifteen minutes past by as Ernie sat in his rocking chair on his porch watching the soapy drool drip from her mouth.  It broke his heart to see the little one suffer, but someone had to do something about her mouth before it got out of control. Celeste was suffering dearly, unable to swallow she let the spit drip upon the dirt.  Tears streaming down upon her cheeks from her distress, she stayed strong not letting Ernie see how much he hurt her feelings. A few more minutes ticked by when Ernie finally got up and pulled the bar of soap out of her mouth.

“Well now girl did ya learn a lesson?” Celeste didn’t speak she was too dang busy spitting out the yucky taste of soap in her mouth.  He walked away from her to return sitting in his chair to watch the spitfire’s next move.  When Celeste got her composure together, she bored her hate into Ernie’s soul. He watched her eyes become dangerous, and in one fall swipe Ernie was out of his chair faster than lightening, and picked up Celeste like a sack of potatoes and turned her over his knee for a good ass paddling.

Celeste screamed out her dislike of being spanked by her friend.  It only took a few good cracks on her ass to stop her yelling.  She halted her loud voice and let the old man spank her without uttering another word in pain. Ernie pushed the child off his knee onto the dirt and walked away from her. She watched him enter his home slamming the door shut leaving her to her own misery alone. Celeste hiccuped and to her amazement, a big bubble floated out of her mouth. 


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“Why me Ghost, why do I get myself in trouble all the time! Run boy run, for I will be damn if the devil will catch us!”


“How dare you ride your horse to school young lady and with no shoes on!”  Celeste stared at the ground looking at her dirty toes as the stinky old fart principal scolded her to no end.  “This is the twentieth century girl, proper attire is to be always worn to school. Several times now you have entered this building without wearing shoes, it is not acceptable in my school.  Get to my office young lady I have a method that will stop you and your heathen ways.”

Celeste didn’t understand what he meant about a method? She followed behind the tub a lard nervous to no tomorrow.  Students were filtering around the hallways and stopped what they were doing only to stare and snicker comments about the cowgirl.  Celeste was embarrassed; nevertheless she took the punishment with a strong heart.

The two sat in his office staring silently at each other for several moments.  He cleared his throat and opened a drawer to his desk and pulled out a long wooden paddle.  “You see this girl?  Do you know what it is?” Celeste nodded her head yes, she wasn’t afraid of the board. She had many run in’s with a paddle from her mom or father.  “I spank mean disrespectful students who don’t follow school’s policy.” The authority figure began to slap his hand with the piece of wood.  He took note Celeste was not scared at all, she sat inconversable and gave him an evil eye, daring the man to spank her.  The principal became uncomfortable when an overwhelming feeling of fear took hold of him. He noticed her two different color eyes were beginning to swirl into one color.  He cleared his throat again covering up the strange feeling of fear that enveloped him.

“We have two more days of school left before summer break, if I have to use this paddle on you I will. Do I make myself clear Celeste!” She nodded her head yes and didn’t utter a word. “I will be calling your parents today to make sure you never return to school on a horse, or not wearing proper attire to a place of education.  So with that being said you will wear these shoes for the day.”  The principal spun around in his office chair and grabbed a pair of tennis shoes to give to the tomboy.  Celeste cast her eyes upon the floor in embarrassment, calming her bad ass down. She knew he was right, but he didn’t know what she went through to get to school on time, and she was not going to tell him.  She stayed humbled feeling her rage disappear.

“Get out of my office, and if I see you once again I will use this paddle understood?” Celeste softly said a faint yes to the man.  The bell rang for all students to be in their class when Celeste left the office dishearten.  Unexpectedly, the minute she stepped outside the office and shut the door, she was bulldozed down by a male student.

Celeste caught off guard tumbled to her doom on the hard floor of the hallway with the fugitive on top of her staring into her eyes with terror.  The tall lad couldn’t say a word, he bounced back and quickly bolted the scene yelling down the hallway sorry to Celeste.  She sat up cross legged and pushed her hair out of her face watching the retreating boy turn the corner in haste.  “Sheesh, what got his gizzards on fire?”

“We did you Heinz 57.” Celeste in haste snapped her head towards the speaker.  It was no other than three of the worst school bullies. The seventh grade boys all smiled at the fifth grader ready to make her their target for the day.  She pierced her dangerous eyes upon the boys without perplexity.  “Oooo we have a live one here boys…watch out the half-breed is gonna shoot us with her bow and arrows. Or maybe she will kill us with a beam of electricity with her two color eyeballs.” The other two boys laughed. Celeste didn’t blink an eye, she was ready for whatever came her way.

The time to act was now, but Celeste waited it out until one of the boy’s grabbed her by the head of hair and began to drag her down the hallway.  That was all the cowgirl needed to defend herself.  She didn’t hold on to her hair; instead she grabbed her assaulter’s leg and tripped him up sending him splatting on the floor.  His goonies quickly picked up where their friend left off and grabbed her head of hair again. Only it didn’t work out quite that way.  Celeste spun around on her butt, and with great force kicked the boy in his berries with her long leg.

The boy fell to the ground screaming out his pain while holding onto his nuts. The other boys were ready to pounce on the tomboy when the door to the principal’s office opened.  Celeste was not going to stick around and take the blame for the crazy confrontation, so with speed, she got up and ran for the safety outside of the school.  She heard the principal yell out her name when she hit the doors with vigor.

The loud whistle she blew brought Ghost out of hiding, he met her at the edge of the woods alert and ready to go.  “Celeste you get back here right now girl!” The principal bellowed out.  Celeste didn’t listen, she ran inside the woods to the stump of a tree that allowed her to jump upon Ghost’s bare back, and fled the scene in haste. “Why me Ghost, why do I get myself in trouble all the time!  Run boy run, for I will be damn if the devil will catch us!” She didn’t expect a reply from her companion.  The two raced through the hollers heading to Ernie’s home for safety.,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNGcpY6wcdLN_NgNIc4HpHfu2zwSVw&ust=1390836717731052

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“I swear Ghost when I git home, I am going to pluck the shit out of that bird!”


Many days had past by in the spring time when Celeste woke to the sound of good old Pecker Pete the rooster. They acquired the foul when it showed up one day in the morning hanging around their free roaming hens.  Celeste disliked the chicken the minute she lay eyes on him. Pecker Pete was one of the meanest chickens she had ever come across.  She wanted to take him to Ernie’s and pluck the crap out of him, but her mother told her to leave him alone.  Many times when Celeste would try to go outside to catch her bus for school, the rooster attacked her.  So in order not to get the crud pecked out of her, she carried her slingshot to ward the nasty one away.

Several times she had missed her school bus while fighting for her life with the rooster.  She would run as fast as she could to escape his sharp spurs down her driveway, and in the end would have to ride her horse to school.  Celeste stretched her long figure in bed to awaken her body for the day.  “Cock-a-doodle do,”  the rooster announced in the early morning light. “Celeste you awake darling?” Her mother called out to her.  “Yes, I is mama.” Celeste replied. “Well you over slept baby and must hurry before you miss your bus.” Celeste jumped out of her bed quickly and dressed herself for the day. She ran down the stairs without her shoes on.  With speed she tried to find her shoes, but couldn’t remember where she left them. “Ma, have you seen me shoes?”

“I have told you many times daughter to stop laying you’re shoes around the house.  Keep them in your bedroom!” Celeste thought she was doing that, but strangely and some how they never were in the spot she left them.  “Damn fairies, I’m gonna catch you one day, you wait and see!” Celeste mumbled out while looking under the couch.  “You’re gonna miss the bus girl, get moving.”

“Here is you’re lunch hurry go now Celeste, you’ll miss the bus!” Celeste decided not to wear shoes once again to school, she grabbed her lunch and ran out the door without her slingshot.  Like clock work Pecker Pete was waiting for Celeste the minute she stepped out of the door. The tomboy ran with all her might down the gravel driveway without shoes on, while Pete was close behind.

The bus arrived at the end of her driveway beeped his horn once and when he did not see Celeste, he took off to the next pick up. Celeste screamed out to the bus driver to wait but knew it was futile. She looked back to see how close the rooster was and suddenly lost her footing falling to her peril. With speed the little girl got up collected her lunch and knew she was doomed the minuted she picked the sack of food up.  Pete gave her the evil eye, Celeste shivered with fear when she turned around feeling Pete’s ugly energy.

The only thing she could think of was killing Pete.  She shook her bag of lunch at him and yelled out. “Come on ya pecker head, give me you’re best shot!” Pete didn’t wait, he skyrocketed forward to attack Celeste. She stood firm and when the bird was close enough, she kicked out and caught the rooster in the head with her bare foot; sending the foul flipping backwards in mid air with velocity.

Swiftly, Pecker Pete forged forward to begin another assault.  Celeste threw her lunch at him and whistled loud for Ghost.  Pete tore up the bag with gusto and left her alone, giving Celeste enough time to run for safety.  She finally made it to the end of her driveway when Ghost came to her rescue.

“Let’s go Ghost, I need a ride to school.  If I miss another day I am going to be in a heap of trouble.” Ghost nodded his head in agreement to his friend.  Celeste immediately jumped on his bare back and took off through the hollers. “I swear Ghost when I git home, I am going to pluck the shit out of that bird!” Ghost didn’t reply he ran with intense speed to get his friend to school before it started for the day.

When the two arrived at Celeste’s school, she left the gelding in the woods and ran for the school. Smiling to herself she made it to school in record time.  Her smile was short lived when she took notice the principal was waiting for her inside the building by the doors staring at her with disbelief.  Celeste stopped and stared at her principal for several long moments.  She shook her head in defeat and knew this day couldn’t get any juicy-er!

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“Girl, ya talk to me like that again, I will give ya a good ass lickin’ with me belt!”


When Celeste got off the school bus one fine spring day, she was so happy to see that her father had returned from his long tour of music.  The day at school left her upset after being bullied once again; but the minute she saw their auto in the driveway her mood lighten. She ran into the house and yelled out. “I’m home, papa and mama.”  Like routine the little girl set her backpack on the floor and started to scan the quiet home.  “I betcha they’re out in the barn.”

Celeste left her home and headed to the barn.  The minute she was almost at the barn’s door she heard the heated confrontation of her parents.  Unable to entered the barn she left on foot back to her home and got her slingshot her grandfather made for her.  It was a birthday present two years ago, and she loved it to pieces. Nothing gave her the greatest pleasure than walking through the dense woods shooting her slingshot at insects.  Celeste loved to smell the earth and trees, at times she dreamed of being a tree but knew that would be impossible. When she hugged a tree her soul hummed with vibrancy and could swear she heard whisper greetings from the solid mass. She skipped her way through the woods hearing the rustle of leaves with her slingshot, heading to Ernie’s house to see her raccoon, Ringo.

“Well hello little britches, what do I owe the honor of your visit?”  Ernie and Ringo were skinning fish together.  Ernie skinned while Ringo ate the leftovers.  Celeste smiled at her little friend as she watched him licking his fingers clean and making his ticking sound. She took the time to sit down beside Ernie and didn’t say a word, but watched his skill of peeling off the skin of several fish. “I’m a thinkin’ you’re papa returned home.”  Celeste nodded her head yes silently. Ringo jumped with excitement onto her lap and gave her a lick on the lips, and began to pick her nose. “Stop that vermin…I will eat you myself.  That’s a nasty habit picking someone’s boogers but your own.”  Celeste smiled with love at the rodent and put him back on the ground.

Ernie chuckled, he loved watching animal and human battle for dominance; but these two were hilarious at times. He spied the critter immediately start untying her shoe laces.  “Ernie, how come adults fight and what does a manual mean?”  Ernie didn’t want to talk about why adults fight.  Instead, he told her softly in his southern drawl.  “A manual youngin’ is a book with instructions how to educate ya’.  As for the adults why they fight, it is one reason I prefer to be by myself.  No one controls me, I like being free to do what I want and when I want!”  Celeste gave Ernie a odd look and pondered on his comment about control.

“Does everyone control each other when they get married?”  Ernie didn’t want to tell the already smart country girl his way of thinking.  He quickly changed the topic.  “How was school today little one?”  “You’re not answering me buddy?” Celeste sang to him in a teasing voice.  Ernie smiled and completed his task with the fish.  “Help me git this shit cleaned up girl, and then we can sit and talk about the man in the moon.”

Celeste got up from sitting on the log when she tripped over her untied laces. “Mother F&*^%^ damn pest!” The tomboy bellowed out.  Ernie raised his eyes in surprised how she ripped it out with flare. “I’m a thinkin’ little britches you shouldn’t be talkin’ like that.  Where you learned that from?” Celeste stood up and spit out the dirt from her mouth,  Ernie laughed. “I learned it at school, and I hear you and papa say it.  You say it more when you been drinking.”

Ernie didn’t laugh, he wanted to kick himself in the butt for not watching out what he said around the little girl. “Well I think you’re mama will wash out your mouth with soap if she heard ya, so don’t be saying it again.”  Ernie was more floored when she replied in a nasty tone, “You’re not the boss of me!”  He could feel the boiling heat rise to his face.  “Girl, ya talk to me like that again, I will give ya a good ass lickin’ with me belt!”

Celeste could feel she messed up, she didn’t want Ernie to be mad at her, so she offered a peace statement.  “Well Ernie, you told me you don’t like to be controlled. So I am a thinkin’ I too don’t like to be controlled!” There was nothing worse in this world having a smart ass little girl use your words against you.

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“I got’s to keep ya a secret boy, so I will take ya to Ernie’s when I get back home from school.”


The white gelding blazed through the hollers while Celeste pondered on Ernie’s statement, and when they were almost home Celeste spoke out to her friend. “Ghost how come adults say the same stuff? I remember Mama saying something about using a manual before? I don’t know what a manual is, but I guess I will figure it out another time.  Let’s hope ma is in a better mood.”  The little country girl slid off the horses’ back and lead him to the pasture.  “Thank ya boy for always being here fer me. I owe ya!”  She kissed the beast and went to see if the coast was clear in the house.

With caution she entered and saw the table set for two people with two candlelight’s lighting the small room. “Is that you Celeste? Where have you been young lady?” Her mother calmly asked when she came out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a towel.  Confused and stun that her mother acted like nothing happen, she didn’t utter a word except give her mother a dumbfounded gaze.  “What the heck is the matter with you?  Why you looking at me like you’re confused?” Celeste shook her head and said, “I’m sorry I thought…Oh never mind.  I was at Ernie’s helping him skin a possum. The table is pretty mama what we havin’?”

“Go wash up you’re just in time for spaghetti.”  Her mother returned to the kitchen and Celeste obeyed her command. The evening turned out to be very pleasant.  Celeste didn’t want the mood to change if she asked her mother why she called her a bitch.  She let the sleeping dog lay and lived in the loving moment of being with her kind mother once again.  Several hours had passed by as the tomboy sat listening to her mother’s herbal lessons while eating her dinner. She loved watching her mother’s face become free without stress when she spoke dearly of plant life. So Celeste absorb the information and retained the priceless information.

“I gotta go to bed mama, I’m tired.  Thanks for a good dinner, I love ya mother.”  Celeste said to her mother after helping her clear the table.  She slowly went to hug her mother and realized she was the height of her boobies.  “My god child your growing like a weed. I think you might get as tall as my father one day?”  Celeste smiled and snuggled deeper into the embrace of her kin.

The winter months flew by in a hurry for the little tomboy. Her mother never again displayed the ugly side of her to Celeste. So each day became a joy to watch the cowgirl flourish in a happy family love environment. However, during those months, Celeste found a baby raccoon one day on the side of the road when her and Ghost were returning from a evening ride.  The poor little booger’s mother had been squashed to death by a passing automobile.  To sweet Celeste could not leave the tiny animal all alone, she quickly took off her heavy jacket and through the material over the little rodent, and carried it home scratching, growling, and screaming.

With care she placed the critter into a cage and locked the door.  The wild little critter went crazy in confinement and began to bit the metal bars. “I’m gonna git ya some food and water for the night.  I got’s to keep ya a secret boy, so I will take ya to Ernie’s when I get back home from school.”  The wild animal could careless what the girl said, he was too busy growling out his displeasure, until Celeste gave him a few raw eggs to eat.

In the end, she left the raccoon at Ernie’s home. She was adamant about Ernie promising her he would not skin or eat the poor sucker.  Her hickey friend obliged and taught Celeste the art of taming a silly raccoon throughout the year of 1966.

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“Y’all suck that’s it…y’all have to much shit in your life that it hurts other peoples feelings. I’m a thinkin’ you y’all are the kings of fooked up shit!”


Ernie didn’t know what to think or do when Celeste ran into his arms.  The woodsman had never married nor bared any children of his own; so henceforth, he was foreign to this new feeling he felt while holding a crying little girl.  In an awkward tone he softly spoke in his heavy southern drawl.  “Now, now little one, whatcha ball guttin’ fer?”  Celeste strengthen her hold on Ernie letting her tears fall freely. Patiently, Ernie allowed the cowgirl to hug him while she processed her distress emotions.

Ernie knew shit hit the fan in her homestead, why else would the tomboy be crying and holding on to him like he it was her last thread of life. “Come over here and sit on this here rock, and let’s see if I can make things better fer ya’ child.”  Celeste released her hold on Ernie, and with turtle steps she obeyed his offer to sit on the rock. Ernie sat across from Celeste on a large boulder waiting for her to spill the beans.  Celeste sat on her rock quietly mumbling her words out in confusion. “Well I can’t hear ya’ girl if ya’ mumblin’…what the tarn nation is got ya goat?”

Celeste raised her head to Ernie ex acknowledging his statement with sorrow written upon her tiny face. Ernie felt a strange angry force invade his body when she placed her gaze upon him. His eyes flew open with recognition when her energy assaulted him.  He stayed silent and watched in dumbfounds how the tomboy’s eyes change from two colors into one deep emerald green. Granted the minute he had captured the little shit shooting her handmade slingshot at him, he figured out the Gods graced her with a essences of a strong spiritual light.  He didn’t have time to think it through regarding the magical way her eyes changed when the tomboy spit out her venom with scorn.

“Y’all grown ups stink!…Damn it, what is that word daddy says when he gits piss off?…Fook, that’s it!”  Ernie wanted to laugh at her but held his laughter.  The way she said the nasty word made him ponder on the choice of words he uses when speaking to Celeste. “Y’all suck that’s it…y’all have to much shit in your life that it hurts other peoples feelings.  I’m a thinkin’ you y’all are the kings of fooked up shit!”

Ernie tried with all his might to control his glee, but it was darn hard not to stare with amazement as he watched the swirling color of greens in her lovely almond shaped eyes speak out her resentment. For over an hour he listen to Celeste’s rantings about life and her dysfunctional parents. And when she finally spilled out all her beans with exhaustion he gently spoke to her.

“It’s a damn cryin’ shame my little red neck, that you are havin’ a pickle of a time with ya’ folks…Awe darlin’, there is no manual on God’s green earth that helps us adult’s raise our youngin’s.  You will see when you grow up and have ya’ own family.” Celeste started to calm down while listening to Ernie’s wisdom. In soft words she replied, “I ain’t ever havin’ kids Ernie.  I ain’t ever growing up either!  I will live in the woods like ya’, and be happy if I never see another person’s face again.  Well except you Ernie, you’re my friend!”

The mountain man smiled at his friend with love.  “I wish we all never had to grow up, but the good lord has plans and path’s that we all must follow little britches. I’m sure things will settle down give it time.”  He viewed the cowgirl for a while and watched her eye color change back to their usual two colors. Celeste didn’t reply she knew her time was up to return home to do her chores before sunset. Celeste picked herself up off the rock she sat on and went to give Ernie another hug.

“Thank-a-kindly papa for listening to me, I ain’t never balled like this before.  And from this day on, I will never cry out my pain again!  I gotta go home now Ernie, I have chores and homework.” He watched the girl pop onto the back of her horse from a stump of a tree with skill. His heart flowed with ever lasting love for the little girl. “Later gator, and Ernie my man…I love ya’.”   Celeste kicked Ghost into a run Ernie watched the two disappear from his sight in no time at all.  “Good-bye little Indian, I love ya too.”  He got off his rock and headed for home to make his possum stew for dinner. “Jesus in heaven, guide this little tough one to greener pastures.”  Ernie stepped on to his porch and looked into the direction Celeste took off in.  “Weee doggie, I swear who ever marries that girl will have a seriously mean tiger by it’s tail! Oh lordy, lordy I do believe she is the last of her breed!”  He shook his head and opened his screen door to his hut, remembering her glowing green orbs.

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