“Can you imagine me putting a horse in jail for a crime he committed, or even try to frisk the beast for weapons?” Celeste lightly smiled at the silliness of the man and nodded no with her head.

Now that the holiday cheer is over let’s get back to the younger years of Celeste!~

Our story last left off when Celeste was almost in a pickle with one of the farm hands and with the help of her friend Ghost, she manages to escape.


Celeste stormed inside the house with speed using animated language with her hands and body.  She was unable to udder the horrible words out of her mouth once inside the presence of her parents.  Her face became red with embarrassment and frustrated over her tongue tied situation, she quickly stomped her feet.  “What in the tarn nation got’s you’re panties in a ruffle girl?  Her father quickly came to her aid.   Celeste’s mother came by her side and held her close to her body.  Celeste wiggled out of her embrace and blurted out her feelings.

“I think I killed Dale! He ain’t movin’ mama!  Come quick I show ya’.”  Celeste was going to turn around when her father grabbed her arms.  Celeste over reacted and ripped her arms out of her father’s hold and spit out…”Don’t touch me! That’s when shit hit the fan when Dale touched me!”  Celeste’s parents stood mortified. “What happened Celeste and tell the truth and please try not to use cuss words!”  Her mother had said in a concerned and motherly tone. Celeste didn’t want to say a word because they were wasting time. She was unsure if Dale was dead or alive when she ran out of the barn.

Celeste burst out of the house in hopes her mother and father would follow her to the barn. Thankful to see her father run past her to enter the barn before his daughter, her mother followed suit.  “Stay here Celeste. I don’t want you around here, go home now!”  Celeste’s mother stated in a scared voice. The little girl peeked inside the barn to see if she saw any signs of her horse he was no where in sight.  “Now Celeste, go back home!”  Her father yelled out.  “No papa I ain’t budging, Dale will get me.”  In a rush her father spoke out to her mother. “Head back to the house with Celeste and call the police.  Have them send an emergency vehicle, he’s not dead but sure damn close.”

Celeste stood shocked to listen to her father get really ticked off.  Her father quickly began to spew cuss words, deep heavy southern drawl words spit out of is lips with intense speed, causing him to muddle his words together into a different language she didn’t understand.  Her mother quickly grabbed her hand and said, “Come my baby we must hurry.”  Celeste obeyed.

In less than twenty minutes Celeste’s farm was littered with emergency vehicles. While she gawked out the dining room window of her home she watched the people cart Dale away. “Mama is Dale going to come back and kill me if he lives?”  Celeste spoke softly and timid.  Her mother was about to answer her when a knock on the door was heard.

She opened the door in haste an allowed the police officer to step inside the safety of the farm home.  The officer surveyed his surroundings and locked eye contact with the scared Celeste.  “Nice home you have here mam.”  Minutes ticked by without a reply from her mother.  He let his gaze ponder on the little girl a while longer before plunging into to his investigation.  Inside Celeste’s head, sentences were screaming out silently to run away, but the brave cowgirl strengthen her stance and said to the officer politely while stunning him out of his thoughts how to approach questioning the little girl.

“Okay you can take me away sir.  I didn’t mean any harm to Dale, but he had no business touching me.  In fact I was taught no means no, right sir?”  The young police officer smiled at the heroic girl and said, “Can you tell me little one how you put the hurt on Dale?”  Celeste scrunched up her brows in thought before answering the man.

She could not think of a quick response in time, but hid the fact Ghost was no part of almost killing the pervert who tried to have sexual favors with her.  So instead she blurted out with words mumbling together with speed.  “I hit him real hard with my fist, and then I kicked the shit out of him everywhere with my boots.”  Celeste knew that was a lame excuse but that was all she could think of at the time.

The officer knew she was protecting a horse who injured Dale.  The imprints of the horse’s kicks and stomps on Dale’s body were clearly visual to the naked eye.  He began to tell Celeste a story.  “You see little one, I think that man named Dale did something to you and a magical horse came around and saved you.  How’s that sound?  Am I close to thinking that is correct?” Celeste penetrated her glare into the young officer’s handsome face.

“No I killed him.  I gave him a good hard knock on the head with my fist so no body helped me knock him out!”  Celeste said with caution.   He knew differently, so he had to trend lightly with his questions.  “Wow I bet that bad man didn’t bank on cornering a wild cat like yourself, huh?” Celeste knew he was bull shitting with her.  “Cut the crap buddy.”  Celeste ripped out to the young man.  Her mother barked at her, “Stop that nasty behavior young lady and tell the man the truth.”

Celeste stayed quiet with tears in her eyes wondering how to break the news to the two adults that it was her horse that hurt Dale.  The officer saw her dilemma, “I bet your horse protected you from that man, so I think I will not jail the two of you.  Can you imagine me putting a horse in jail for a crime he committed, or even try to frisk the beast for weapons?”  Celeste lightly smiled at the silliness of the man and nodded no with her head. “Well I have never met a horse who loves a little girl as much as you to protect her from harm, until today.  Have you?”  Celeste nodded her head silently no.  “Well then I think if you tell me what really happen I won’t press charges on a brave little cowgirl such as yourself.”

It took Celeste about thirty minutes to tell the officer her side of the story and in the end the police officer thanked her for being an honorable soldier and telling the truth.  When all the officer’s left their home her father walked into the home and hugged his daughter tight with protective love.  “Celeste my little one you’re a mighty brave girl and I am glad Ghost saved you from a situation that could have scared you for the rest of your life!  You’re gonna be a force to be reckon with when you get older youngin’.”  Celeste smiled with happiness but it was short lived when her father said to her in a inquisitive tone.  “Celeste, I think ya smell like skunk?” Celeste didn’t say a word.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=se95aNk87Xf9zM&tbnid=Fc7WiGkpR3rsFM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Florcadamon.com%2F2013%2F02%2F09%2Fwtf-its-the-weekend%2F&ei=ZHHHUu3IJuSI2wWLkICwBg&bvm=bv.58187178,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFeGROQ6XTz9T3MhjQJQQqC81n7Kg&ust=1388888769123174


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