“Girl this is NOT the time for you to misbehave, you’re damn lucky I don’t beat the tar out of ya’!”


Celeste stood rigid when her father said she smelt like skunk. She didn’t want to explain why and how she had the funk of skunk.  Instead, her eyes planted themselves upon her mother and saw for the first time since the officer’s left their home, her sitting on the couch deep in thought while mumbling words softly to herself with tears in her eyes.  Sweat dripped down the side of her lovely face while she fiddled with her nervous shaking hands in her lap. No one realized having the police an emergency vehicle at their home would cause Celeste’s mother to relapse.

Celeste ran to her mother’s side, and with a concerned tone questioned her mother.  “Mama is you alright?”  The woman sat in her own turmoil paying her daughter no mind when the little girl became concerned.  “Papa, mama is going cuckoo in the head I think?  What’s the matter with her papa? Did Dale hurt her too?”  With speed her father knelt in front of his wife and began to coo to her softly.

The little country girl became worried for her mother.  Celeste was in the dark about her mother’s accident that happened a long time ago, so she did not understand why her mother suddenly withdrew into a deep sorrow mood.  “Mama I am sorry I caused you pain.  I didn’t mean for any of this shit to happen.”  Celeste’s father snapped his head towards his daughter and barked out.  “Go take a bath while I take care of your mother.  Also, I want ya’ to stop your cursing young lady! Now begone with ya’!” He flicked his hand in the air dismissing his daughter without care.

The cowgirl’s eyes began to tear up hearing her father bark at her in a dangerous tone. She turned on her heels and ran into the bathroom. “Slam!” the bathroom door bellowed out. The sound echoed throughout the spacious wash room when Celeste sat on the floor crossed legged worrying about what the heck took hold of her mother’s noodles.  Her mind immediately thought of Ghost.  “Oh no I forgot about Ghost!  I gotta go check on him to see if he is doing alright!”

Trying not to make a sound while she opened the window to the bathroom, quickly she jumped out of the window in the dark and headed for the pasture to find Ghost.  She didn’t need light to show her where Ghost might be hiding. Celeste trailed on the dark grounds sure footed until she came to a spot by the cow trough and softly let out a whistle.

“Ghost where are ya boy?”  Celeste whispered out with care. “Come on boy, I know you’re out there somewhere?”  She whistled a little bit louder.  Precious time ticked by without hearing a word from her friend.  She couldn’t wait any longer so she forged ahead into the darken woods whistling a few more times.  Still no word came as she wondered around in the dark whistling.

Fear crept upon her soul as she speedily thought of the police. “Those dirty pigs better have not taken my friend away and jailed him?”  Celeste stomped her feet hard on the ground while mumbling fearful words out loud when she instantly lost her footing and stumbled over a large rock.

Celeste began to cry out her pain of hitting her head on the cold ground. If it was daylight she would’ve seen the fallen tree that she came close of hitting with her head when she tripped over the rock.  She picked herself up off the ground and started to walk out into the night when she flipped over a fallen tree.

The tree bark scraped off the top layer of skin on her shins causing her to cry out in pain.  Instantly she curled up like a ball on the ground to control the excruciating pain to her legs. “Ghost I can’t find ya, please don’t leave me Ghost?”  She cried over and over until the pain subsided.  Slowly she got her shit together and stood up off the ground to get her bearings when she heard a crashing noise of thunder heading in her direction.

She saw the white horse appear out of the darkness to give aid to his friend.  The pain in her leg ebbed away when her friend stopped by her and blew a heated breath out.  He snorted out loud and began to prance.  “Easy boy…I’m here with ya’.  No need to worry boy…easy easy” She watched her footing this time in the dark as stretched her hand out until she touched the excited horse’s muzzle.  “Awe, there ya be boy, such a good boy ya’ are!”  Celeste cooed to him.

With care and slow in her movements she was able to hug the shaking fearful beast.  It took minutes for the equine to settle his bad self down when his friend hugged him with love.  “You’re the best friend in the whole world boy and I am proud to be in your life.” The horse nickered a response to Celeste.  “That’s right boy it’s only you and me against the world.  Come my beast, I will give you a treat if you walk with me to the barn.”  The horse shook his large head no and stomped a foot.  “It’s okay boy they took Dale away, so he can’t hurt us anymore!”  Celeste didn’t wait for a reply she grabbed the long white mane on the horse and lead him quietly to the barn.

The minute they got close to the barn Ghost began to shake again with fear.  “You don’t have to go in there, I will bring you a goody so stay here and don’t move.”  Celeste couldn’t move any further when she heard her father yell out her name in the dark.

“Shit…I am in a heap of trouble now.  I gotta go boy so you’re on you’re own!”  She quickly kissed and hugged the horse one more time and ran back to the bathroom window.  Only the window was closed, so she had no choice but to go through the front door to get back inside the house. The second she opened the door she was greeted by her fuming father with a belt in his hand.

“Girl this is NOT the time for you to misbehave, you’re damn lucky I don’t beat the tar out of ya’!  You’re ass should have been taking a bath not in the damn woods.”  Her father took note of her bloody shins.  “Go take a bath girl and get you’re ass in bed!”  Celeste cast her eyes down upon the floor and nodded her head yes.  She was afraid to pass him by thinking she was going to get the belt across her rear.  So slowly she side stepped across the wall covering her butt with her hands and when she passed her father, she took off at a run to the washroom and locked the door behind her.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=KhuHeOyGOSt5zM&tbnid=pAbtziMRXFE3iM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sodahead.com%2Ffun%2Fdid-you-get-spanked-growing-up%2Fquestion-3423671%2F&ei=BNfKUvDiGeih2AXW54G4DQ&bvm=bv.58187178,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNEpZA-rZ98uZTSfDmuLCuw4tVa1SA&ust=1389111384045179

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