“Well, mama one day I caught daddy scratching at his private parts, so I asked him what he was doin’ that for? He told me that he was scratching an adjusting his balls.”


The next morning, Celeste who usually gets up before the crack of dawn, stayed sleeping in her bed till mid afternoon.  Since school was out for the summer, she didn’t have to get up and start her day.  Slowly the little cowgirl woke up and stretched her sore body.  “Oooo, ouch.”  she quietly spoke out.  She pulled the covers off her long body to check out her skinned up shins. “Dang I took a ferocious scraping!” Immediately she thought of her horse, so she jumped out of bed with care, and headed downstairs in her jammy’s.

Celeste’s mother was no better, she sat at the table crying her eyes out with her father sitting next to her begging her to forgive him.  Celeste overheard her mother crying before she entered the dining room.  She waited behind the wall that separated the stairs from the dining room to listen what was happening.  “Please woman, I have to travel with my music.  You knew that when you married me my darlin’.”  Celeste heard her father gently say to her mother, but what stunned her the most is listening to her soft spoken mother become angry and spit out her venom to her father with flare.

“Yes I know what I was getting into by marrying you, but I think you don’t know how to keep your testosterone level in check! Do you not know that I am aware of the other women you have monkeyed around with? God knows how many bastard children you fathered out there! Anyways, were to be raising a daughter together; but lately, it seems I am doing it all by myself while I “let” you go and be who you want to be in life, and act like you’re not even married?  This is no way to raise a family moving to state to state, it’s crazy to have our girl go to many different schools.  Do you not think it’s hard on her to become sociable with other kids her age? Not to mention she has a potty mouth listening to you and growing up in the wild. What would’ve happen if you were not around here last night?  That man could have killed or raped our little girl!  It took a DAMN horse to save her…NOT you!  I am so ready to send her off to my father so she has some security in life and grows up to be a proper lady, and get the hell away from you!”

Celeste could feel the ugly energy floating around the rooms between her parents.  “Well I ain’t changing for no one woman, and my music is all I know in this world. Don’t you see now is a good time to leave and return back to Alabama.  Celeste will be safe there an away from harm. Dale will never hurt my girl again, I will kill him for sure with my own bare hands!  She is my daughter too and will be staying with the both of us!”  Celeste’s father fired out with anger.

Celeste didn’t want to interrupt her parents conversation, but her tummy growled for the need of food.  She rounded the corner of the wall that separated the dining room and faced her parents with sleepy eyes.  “Morning mama and papa.”  Both her parents looked at their daughter and responded with morning.  Celeste instantly said to her mother.  “Mama, you don’t have to worry about Dale, if I see him again I’ll kick him in the BALLS real hard with my cowgirl boot!”  Celeste acted out the way she planned her assault and kicked her leg high in the air.

Celeste’s mother gave her father a hateful stare.  Her father gawked at Celeste in confusion. “Where on earth did you learn to say that Celeste?”  Her mother blared out. Celeste looked at her father and cast her eyes down upon the floor. “Well, mama I do know the birds and the bee’s.  The boys at school always scratch their bumps, and one day I caught daddy scratching his private parts, so I asked papa what he was doin’ that for?  He told me that he was scratching his sweaty  balls  an adjusting his scrotum’s.  He also told me that they were the most important tender part on a man. Isn’t that right papa?” Her father’s mouth dropped open.  Celeste’s mother smirked and said, “See I rest my case!”

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=mx1pmahiryn0zM&tbnid=YPcDgXz01I7KDM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fstumblesthroughparenthood.com%2F2010%2F07%2F22%2Fon-guys-adjusting-the-package%2F&ei=Q8vOUu73MqOa2AX1kIHoBA&bvm=bv.59026428,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNEh6ssqx3y4SXtLtpXez3TUDnSsRQ&ust=1389370426979050


5 thoughts on ““Well, mama one day I caught daddy scratching at his private parts, so I asked him what he was doin’ that for? He told me that he was scratching an adjusting his balls.”

  1. OMG…How funny. The things we say when we are kids. Good post and love the picture! Also congratulations on receiving Blog of 2013. You deserve it and so does your character Celeste. BRAVO 😉

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