“Fairies, if you are out there can you take me and Ghost away from here? I promise we will be good?”


Celeste thought about the giggles she heard in the woods while she packed up the boxes with household goods. She spoke to herself privately, “I sure do hope I am ain’t goin’ cuckoo in the head like mama.  I wonder if it’s fairies?”  She pondered on the thought of fairies for a while; remembering the tale her grandfather told her when her mother interrupted her thinking process.

“Did you pack all the spices daughter?”  Celeste nodded yes without answering her mother with words.  “Let’s stop for the night Celeste, we packed up a lot today.”  Celeste didn’t answer and was going to walk away when her mother reached for her hand an asked,  “Has your father spoken to you about not taking Ghost with us this time?”  Celeste in a timid voice replied, “Yes mama.”  Celeste didn’t elaborate to her mother the hand slap she received from her father in the cellar for disrespecting her elders.  She could still feel the power of her father’s hissy fit against her cheek. Her face began to turn red in pique of the memory; nevertheless, she held her tongue like a good little girl.

“How do you feel about this daughter?”  Her mother eased into the question with care.  Celeste didn’t want to answer.  She lurched her shoulders like she couldn’t careless while keeping her vision upon the floor of the kitchen.  “Celeste you can not stay mad at me forever! Talk to me now!”  Slowly Celeste lifted her head and stared into her mother’s honey colored eyes with emptiness.  “It’s okay mama, you can sell him if you want.  Whatever ya’ think is best, I will obey.”  She cast her sad eyes back down to the kitchen floor.

“Awe baby, I’m sorry you sense that I sell everything.  I too must make wise choices for my family, and if that means getting rid of animals that you seem to acquire where ever we go, then I must do what must be done.  You understand?”  Celeste felt the need to shriek out, but held her tongue. “Yes mama.”  Her mother wanted to hug the little bug, but couldn’t find the will to make it happen.  She let her hand drop away from Celeste. “Go get washed up, and I will make dinner.”

Celeste left the kitchen and headed to the bathroom in defeat. Filling the tub up with hot water she lowered herself into the warm water to evaluate how she and Ghost was going to escape. Her thoughts were short lived when she heard her parents begin to argue again.

She took her fist that was doubled up and splashed hard on the surface of the water. “I’m sick of my family life! Fairies, if you are out there can you take me and Ghost away from here? I promise we will be good?”  Minutes ticked past without a reply from the fairies.  “I know something is out there watching me, so speak up now or forever hold your peace!”

“You okay in there darlin’?”  Her father’s voice called out.  “Who ya’ talkin’ to girl?” Celeste murmured, “No, I ain’t talkin’ to no one.”  “Well hurry up dinner is ready.” She slowly got out of the tub and dried herself off dreading the evening dinner with her parents.  Instead of feeling sad the little country bumpkin thought of the beautiful colorful butterflies she witnessed in the woods of Ohio, giving her a happy smile she so desperately needed.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=v-M6zwVG7tZvvM&tbnid=KvkATxG1e1BBUM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fcauldronsandcupcakes.com%2Ftag%2Ffairies%2F&ei=jWfVUuebBMLr2QXw0oF4&bvm=bv.59378465,d.aWM&psig=AFQjCNHllVnzAtM72bYZPHuaSmOQb_g36A&ust=1389803730131324


14 thoughts on ““Fairies, if you are out there can you take me and Ghost away from here? I promise we will be good?”

    1. How lovely to have you stop by Crysta. There are three stories in Slingshot. The one you are reading and I am posting on a daily basis under Poco Celeste is the early years of my spitfire Celeste. I am bless to have your lovely comment~ Thank You and DO read more~ 😉

  1. Boy Slingshot I am loving the younger years of your main character. Poor little Celeste no wonder she is a loner.

    1. Thank a kindly for stopping by Darling Reading Girl!~ There are three stories in Slingshot so have a go at it my reading blogger!~ You have given me a smile on my face with your lovely comment… MERCI…. 😉

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