“Why me Ghost, why do I get myself in trouble all the time! Run boy run, for I will be damn if the devil will catch us!”


“How dare you ride your horse to school young lady and with no shoes on!”  Celeste stared at the ground looking at her dirty toes as the stinky old fart principal scolded her to no end.  “This is the twentieth century girl, proper attire is to be always worn to school. Several times now you have entered this building without wearing shoes, it is not acceptable in my school.  Get to my office young lady I have a method that will stop you and your heathen ways.”

Celeste didn’t understand what he meant about a method? She followed behind the tub a lard nervous to no tomorrow.  Students were filtering around the hallways and stopped what they were doing only to stare and snicker comments about the cowgirl.  Celeste was embarrassed; nevertheless she took the punishment with a strong heart.

The two sat in his office staring silently at each other for several moments.  He cleared his throat and opened a drawer to his desk and pulled out a long wooden paddle.  “You see this girl?  Do you know what it is?” Celeste nodded her head yes, she wasn’t afraid of the board. She had many run in’s with a paddle from her mom or father.  “I spank mean disrespectful students who don’t follow school’s policy.” The authority figure began to slap his hand with the piece of wood.  He took note Celeste was not scared at all, she sat inconversable and gave him an evil eye, daring the man to spank her.  The principal became uncomfortable when an overwhelming feeling of fear took hold of him. He noticed her two different color eyes were beginning to swirl into one color.  He cleared his throat again covering up the strange feeling of fear that enveloped him.

“We have two more days of school left before summer break, if I have to use this paddle on you I will. Do I make myself clear Celeste!” She nodded her head yes and didn’t utter a word. “I will be calling your parents today to make sure you never return to school on a horse, or not wearing proper attire to a place of education.  So with that being said you will wear these shoes for the day.”  The principal spun around in his office chair and grabbed a pair of tennis shoes to give to the tomboy.  Celeste cast her eyes upon the floor in embarrassment, calming her bad ass down. She knew he was right, but he didn’t know what she went through to get to school on time, and she was not going to tell him.  She stayed humbled feeling her rage disappear.

“Get out of my office, and if I see you once again I will use this paddle understood?” Celeste softly said a faint yes to the man.  The bell rang for all students to be in their class when Celeste left the office dishearten.  Unexpectedly, the minute she stepped outside the office and shut the door, she was bulldozed down by a male student.

Celeste caught off guard tumbled to her doom on the hard floor of the hallway with the fugitive on top of her staring into her eyes with terror.  The tall lad couldn’t say a word, he bounced back and quickly bolted the scene yelling down the hallway sorry to Celeste.  She sat up cross legged and pushed her hair out of her face watching the retreating boy turn the corner in haste.  “Sheesh, what got his gizzards on fire?”

“We did you Heinz 57.” Celeste in haste snapped her head towards the speaker.  It was no other than three of the worst school bullies. The seventh grade boys all smiled at the fifth grader ready to make her their target for the day.  She pierced her dangerous eyes upon the boys without perplexity.  “Oooo we have a live one here boys…watch out the half-breed is gonna shoot us with her bow and arrows. Or maybe she will kill us with a beam of electricity with her two color eyeballs.” The other two boys laughed. Celeste didn’t blink an eye, she was ready for whatever came her way.

The time to act was now, but Celeste waited it out until one of the boy’s grabbed her by the head of hair and began to drag her down the hallway.  That was all the cowgirl needed to defend herself.  She didn’t hold on to her hair; instead she grabbed her assaulter’s leg and tripped him up sending him splatting on the floor.  His goonies quickly picked up where their friend left off and grabbed her head of hair again. Only it didn’t work out quite that way.  Celeste spun around on her butt, and with great force kicked the boy in his berries with her long leg.

The boy fell to the ground screaming out his pain while holding onto his nuts. The other boys were ready to pounce on the tomboy when the door to the principal’s office opened.  Celeste was not going to stick around and take the blame for the crazy confrontation, so with speed, she got up and ran for the safety outside of the school.  She heard the principal yell out her name when she hit the doors with vigor.

The loud whistle she blew brought Ghost out of hiding, he met her at the edge of the woods alert and ready to go.  “Celeste you get back here right now girl!” The principal bellowed out.  Celeste didn’t listen, she ran inside the woods to the stump of a tree that allowed her to jump upon Ghost’s bare back, and fled the scene in haste. “Why me Ghost, why do I get myself in trouble all the time!  Run boy run, for I will be damn if the devil will catch us!” She didn’t expect a reply from her companion.  The two raced through the hollers heading to Ernie’s home for safety.



6 thoughts on ““Why me Ghost, why do I get myself in trouble all the time! Run boy run, for I will be damn if the devil will catch us!”

  1. Poor little Celeste no wonder she is a pistol, she takes her happenings in silent stride. But is wise beyond her years. Great postings Slingshot

    1. The sad thing is Cherri, that most children are not as strong as cowgirl Celeste. Her problem steams and escalates in not telling an adult about what she experiences. Even if she is in the wrong and thinks she can carry the load by herself. She should have help, but she trust no one accept her animal friends? 😦 Thank you so much for following my post Cherri!~

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