“Ya spit that bar of soap out, I’m gonna give ya good ass lickin!”


Ghost and Celeste arrived at Ernie’s home out of breath.  The aged woodsman watched the tomboy slid off her horse’s back with ease and ran to pick up Ringo the raccoon.  She hugged him to her breast holding him tightly like he was her last friend in the world.  Ernie came out of his home and stood on the porch watching the spitfire.  “Isn’t ya suppose to be in school girl?” Celeste locked her eyes on Ernie and said, “Nope, no more school, I am out for the summer.” She lied to him.  

The tomboy had never told Ernie the teasing and bullying she received in school, so he would not know why she was upset, but he knew something was amiss with his little friend. “Does your mom know ya here?”  Celeste allowed Ringo to climb on her shoulders who then proceeded to check out her ears, causing the little girl to chuckle.  Her face lit up with joy, but then turned serious to answer Ernie’s question.  “Yep, mama knows I’m here,” again she lied to him.  

“Let’s go huntin’ Ernie!  I’m hungry for squirrel in a can!” Ernie scrunched up his face in thought and knew she hated eating squirrel. He gave her a beady eye leer, “I’m a thinkin’ something is not right here girl.  You’re either lying to me or you’re in a heap of trouble.”  She turned her back on him and took the coon off her shoulders while putting him down on the ground with care. The next thing Ernie witness when Celeste turned around to face him, her face spoke of dangerous things about to begin. He didn’t have to wait too long for the country girl to pop off. 

“It’s none of ya fuckin’ business old man! Ya ask too much questions, ya adults think ya know everything!” Celeste didn’t stop there, her foul cuss words erupted out of her little mouth with anger. Ernie was stunned to hear her nasty words, he recognized a few of his choice words he uses when pissed off come out of her mouth.  Celeste was on fire, and in a state of going bonkers while screaming out her frustration to the woods. Ernie stood quietly listening to her rant and rave on the porch, and when she finally finished yelling out, they both stood staring at each other.

Celeste turned her back on her friend in embarrassment, acknowledging she had blew her top to the wrong person. Ernie was madder than a hornet listening to the little girl’s filthy words. He went into his shack, and got a bar of soap thinking now was the time to nip it in the butt and discipline the foul mouth creature. Her back was still facing him when he walked out of his home, and stomped his feet towards Celeste.  

She was spun around with great force, and found a bar of soap shoved into her mouth, her eyes flew open wide. “Ya shut ya pie hole up woman! That’s enough of this garbage coming out of ya foul mouth. Ya spit that bar of soap out, I’m gonna give ya good ass lickin. Ya stop that nasty words and stop being disrespectful it’s not lady like, ya hear! Now ya sit down and shut up, and think about what got ya here in the first place! I will be keeping an eye out on ya.” She had never seen her friend mad, she gave him a defiant gaze. “I said, sit down NOW!” Ernie roared out. Celeste obeyed quickly, and sat down on a log by the open campfire with spit and soap suds dripping from her mouth. 

Fifteen minutes past by as Ernie sat in his rocking chair on his porch watching the soapy drool drip from her mouth.  It broke his heart to see the little one suffer, but someone had to do something about her mouth before it got out of control. Celeste was suffering dearly, unable to swallow she let the spit drip upon the dirt.  Tears streaming down upon her cheeks from her distress, she stayed strong not letting Ernie see how much he hurt her feelings. A few more minutes ticked by when Ernie finally got up and pulled the bar of soap out of her mouth.

“Well now girl did ya learn a lesson?” Celeste didn’t speak she was too dang busy spitting out the yucky taste of soap in her mouth.  He walked away from her to return sitting in his chair to watch the spitfire’s next move.  When Celeste got her composure together, she bored her hate into Ernie’s soul. He watched her eyes become dangerous, and in one fall swipe Ernie was out of his chair faster than lightening, and picked up Celeste like a sack of potatoes and turned her over his knee for a good ass paddling.

Celeste screamed out her dislike of being spanked by her friend.  It only took a few good cracks on her ass to stop her yelling.  She halted her loud voice and let the old man spank her without uttering another word in pain. Ernie pushed the child off his knee onto the dirt and walked away from her. She watched him enter his home slamming the door shut leaving her to her own misery alone. Celeste hiccuped and to her amazement, a big bubble floated out of her mouth. 


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=FTPYC3cyxKB_qM&tbnid=Z_4bXzsRQeAHUM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmomisalwayswrite.wordpress.com%2F2011%2F11%2F09%2Fpotty-mouths%2F&ei=IIvmUpO-Icbq2gXi0YHIDg&bvm=bv.59930103,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFd6CHA8tFT25E8TZJ1Y9cm9aW5Ew&ust=1390926906270173




17 thoughts on ““Ya spit that bar of soap out, I’m gonna give ya good ass lickin!”

          1. … Errrhhh… I hope you don’t mind if i stick with lavender !!! 😯

            Which (lavender) i try to grow in summer ! 😛

          2. Errhhh… I’m Gemini…

            As for “memories of Arles” i was refering to the french city, i visited some years ago. Would like to live there. 😉

            The air is impregnated with lanvender parfume. 🙂

            The sky is of a “blue hue” i’ve never seen elsewhere.


          3. Awe…as a Gemini you are a collector of information and I think if my memory is correct, you are not a boring person and you have Yin and Yang..the twins? HAHAH funny how I misunderstood your Aries comment…eeekk sorry

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