Don’t Leave me, Girl!

What to do, What to do; Celeste was in a pickle with her emotions. She knew she deserved the paddling, she had no right blowing her top like that. Many times Ernie warned her he was going to wash out her potty mouth with soap; because of the foul words that came out of her mouth like poetry and with postulation. It wasn’t the soap that hurt her the most, it was making Ernie so mad that he had to do something about it and fast.

With her teary eyes and soapy mouth she gazed at Ernie’s home for a few moments. She dropped to the ground on her knees covering her eyes with her hands. “I messed up again, please God don’t let Ernie hate me. I can not bear life without him.” The ten year old had no clue how to deal with her emotions, instead she through a hissy fit! Pounding the ground with her fist, screaming out the unjust of her life until she was exhausted. She finally curled up in a ball crying out her distraught to the dirt. Her friend Ringo laid on top of her body trying to sooth the little girl’s pain.

Several times Ernie peeked out the window at the cowgirl. His heart was breaking in two watching her explode her anger out to the heavens. To him he had no right giving her a whooping, but he was not going to allowed her to talk to him in such a manner. He knew she lied to him, and he also knew something happened to her in school. But the tough little girl never cried, or complained about her plight in life until now. He could hear the tender cries of Celeste begging him not to hate her. “How on God’s green earth do I handle the little bumpkin? I ain’t never had children before,” Ernie softly spoke to himself. For the first time in his life, a tear began to fall down his cheek when he watched the next move of the little girl.

Celeste uncurled herself and stood strong wiping her cheeks with the back of her hand. The wind picked up and Ernie saw her long curly hair flow out with the strength of the breeze, and witnessed her lips move in whispers to the wind. “Lord my God, what is happening here?” Ernie murmured inside his home as he stared outside at Celeste in disbelief.  Celeste’s friends, Ghost and Ringo stood together beside Celeste in vigilante.

In a matter of seconds the wind stopped, and Celeste turned to look at Ernie who was peeking through the windows at her. “Don’t leave me papa, I’m sorry! I will never speak foul words to you again. Please forgive me.” Stunned, the old man couldn’t move when he heard the spitfire’s heart retching words. He watched her gently scratch Ringo and bent down to kiss his tiny fingers. In slow movement she stood on a stump as Ghost approached her in solemn stance allowing her to get on his bare back safely. Ernie beheld the lonely misfits leave his premises, and disappeared into the forest with Ringo following them. Ernie walked out of his shack and spoke out lightly to his little friends who did not hear his comment. “Don’t leave me girl, I forgive ya.”


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