“So if my parents want to blow smoke out of their butts so be it, cause I’m sick of their fightin!”


Celeste’s father had taken some time off out of his music travels to be with his family, which lighten the tomboy’s chores.  However, Celeste wished he return because him and her mother fought constantly; especially more now than ever. For some reason her mother pulled out of the depression when her father returned home. At times, Celeste observed it was not only her, but her father’s fault who triggered her mother’s mood swings.  So when her parents began their daily yelling at each other, Celeste never stuck around to listen, she would escape the cool indoors for the solitude of the moist hot forest with her slingshot.

Today, it was hot and muggy allowing Celeste to wear her bathing suit on the farm.  She hated feeling her body covered up with material on hot sweaty days.  To her the less clothes she wore the better she felt!  The only problem she had wearing the suit, was the mosquitoes had clear range of bombing her exposed body.  They would leave huge bumps on her skin from their intense blood sucking.  Many times she would head to the stream in the forest and frolic in the water and mud to cool the bites down.

Since her chores were completed and her house became a hostile environment she treated her day like no other.  Celeste had finished cleaning her bedroom when the fighting commence in the house.  She didn’t want to disturb her parents, so she crawled out of her bedroom window and headed for the barn with slingshot in her hand.  Every day Celeste would practice with her home-made slingshot her grandfather made, she loved the weapon dearly and was becoming a pretty good marksman. The tomboy became sure footed when she practice fast movements while hitting her objects. Her targets were grasshoppers and insects she didn’t like.

Celeste whistled softly for Ringo to appear, the coon immediately came to her calling.  She had manged to keep the coon at the farm hidden from her parents.  Many hours the two would play in the barn together.  Ringo would follow his buddy everywhere she ventured.  When Celeste milked the cows he would line up with the wild cats for their daily nourishment of fresh squirted milk from the tit. Celeste would cover the critters with milk and giggled watching them lick each other clean. The cats eventually began to lick Ringo, he in returned would do the same.  The only place she would not let the coon follow is the chicken house.  The vermin would eat all the eggs if Celeste allowed him, so she kept him waiting outside and gave him one raw egg a day.

As the two friends were heading to the barn, Ghost was in the pasture biting his tummy.  Celeste watches the equine and recognized wet bit marks on both of his furry sides.  “Hang in there boy I will get some fly spray and squirt ya down.”  The eleven year old was quick about it and rubbed her friend down with the liquid substance.  Ghost bumped Celeste with his muzzle and the tomboy gave the horse a hug. Something didn’t feel right when she hugged her horse she could feel he was not his usual self. “What’s wrong boy?  Maybe it’s too hot today for ya.” Ghost nodded his head yes and brought a smile to her face.  “Well let me and Ringo do a few things in the barn, and then you and I and he can go to the stream and play today, okay boy?” Ghost didn’t respond he immediately began to bite his stomach.

When Ringo and Celeste entered the barn the first thing the little girl did was climb the tall ladder to jump in the large mound of hay, Ringo followed.  Jumping in the hay became Ringo and Celeste’s favorite thing to do.  The minute she stepped on the top of the rafter to jump off and land in the hay, Celeste would grab the coon and hold him tight to her breast.  She would let out a screeching yipee and fall into the hay with her friend enfolded in her arms. Like routine the two spent time playing in the hay, but on this particular day her and Ringo had just finished flying in the air and landed on the hay stack when the door to the barn opened up and her parents were yelling at each other.

Celeste was scared to pieces that her parents were going to see Ringo, the pair covered themselves with hay to stay hidden from her parents viewing.  Ringo knew the drill, he laid dormant until the coast was clear.  “I am sick of your fornicating with every woman who spreads her legs for you.  You make me sick!  I give you space in your life to be the person you want to be and this is how you repay me?  I have women calling day and night for your dick from different states too.  You’re a dumb ass man who thinks that his wife would never find out.  And now you have the gall to say you want to move again?  I believe you run to save your fucking skin, because these women fall in love with you and you can’t handle the bad karma that bites you in your ass when you make stupid choices! Get this straight, I AM NOT MOVING NO MORE…Go if you want, but I am tired and want to be free of your wicked ways, not to mention we are no longer a family.  I can’t raise our daughter by myself, she is running wild and causing mischief throughout the days.  I can’t keep up with her anymore, and with you acting just as bad as a child, I am at my end of my rope!”

Celeste didn’t dare move a muscle, nor did Ringo they both had to stay where they laid until it was safe. This was the first time the little tomboy found out why they always fought.  She still didn’t quite understand the conversation, but knew her mother was becoming madder than a hornet and stung her screaming words to her father.   “Awe, me darlin’, don’t hurt me like this, I ain’t done nothin’ wrong.  And for those women who are callin’, they are a lying!   I don’t have sex with them, they all wish I did. So you can believe me or them, I don’t care but I am not quitting what I love to do, and we need to leave soon if I am going to make it in time for me next gig.”

Of all the times Celeste heard her parents bark at each other this was the worse one.  Her mother busted loose and ripped into her father with venom.  “You son of a bitch, haven’t you heard anything I said!  I am not leaving…GET THE FUCK OUT and leave me alone!”   With that being said her father tried to touch her mother.  “Don’t you touch me with your filthy hands!”  The next thing Celeste knew her mother ran out of the barn with her father in tow.

Celeste sat up to see if it was safe to get the heck out of dodge.  With speed her and Ringo snuck out of the barn and ran to the stream. Celeste whistled for Ghost to come but did not see the gelding where she left him, she kept on her course and knew the horse would follow eventually.  Crazy thoughts screamed through the tomboy’s mind while racing through the woods.  She was trying to piece together her parents conversation, when she remembered her mother’s statement.  To know that your only an object that keeps your parents together brought deep sadness to her soul. Her mother hated her, and the thought made her sick to her tummy.  She stopped and grabbed hold of a tree for support, her body began to shake.

Celeste threw up all her contents of food in her stomach, what sicken her more is the coon wanted to eat her mess up.  She kicked out her foot scooting the raccoon away from her bile.  “What’s a matter with me Ringo, I don’t feel so good.”  Ringo kept his distance and followed her when she began her journey to the stream.  Celeste sat in the middle of the stream when she arrived at her hide a way spot in the forest.  The cool water cleared her head, but her tummy began another bout of twisting and turning.  Sharp pains poked at her gut, until she threw up again.

It took the little girl over an hour to start feeling better.  While she was lounging on the embankment by the stream she finally understood her parents yelling.  “I ain’t movin’ again, nope nope…that ain’t gonna happen!  I can’t leave Ernie behind, he needs me!  Anyways, my parents don’t care about me so I can take care of myself if I have too, and I do have Mother Earth to help me out if I get myself in a pickle. So if my parents want to blow smoke out of their butts so be it, cause I’m sick of their fightin!” The minute she spoke her words she realized Ghost had not come, she whistled out loud and waited.


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